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  1. How many points will the Panthers score against the 49ers defense Divide By Zero
  2. ah I see and Sam was having none of it? First smart thing he's done since he's a Panther.
  3. Still confused as to who said this. Sam or Baker? That damn tweet really is confusing.
  4. They're paying Sam Darnold an incredible amount of money (this year). He's currently riding the bench. (my point is "his contract isn't the reason CMC is being overused") Anyway, it's a good idea to play other RBs to, at the very least, give CMC a rest before they end up putting him on the IR....again. EDIT : Just saw the report he has a quad injury. well s--t.
  5. Which is more important, an elite QB or a good Coach? Yes.
  6. Predict: Which Week Sam Darnold will be inserted Starter by? I'm still looking for the option : No More Sam Darnold Threads!
  7. I bet this QB Competition nonsense was All-Rhule without Sam's input. He's already gotten his money so he wouldn't give a sh*t if he's the Panthers waterboy at this point. Although I think he may even f*ck up THAT job, too.
  8. What sort of offense are we running? A very OFFENSIVE one.
  9. You're probably right. although....and this is a BIG although....Sam started going down the toilet after CMC went down. Just saying....
  10. What does he mean by "OUR"? Didn't know Rex worked for the team.
  11. Just a little. But it's nice to see someone's optimistic prediction come true once in awhile.
  12. Took awhile, didn't it? That convo between you and Scot seemed like it would last a lifetime. lol
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