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  1. I was on vacation for two weeks, you knuckleheads!! I thought I made it clear then in the last thread I posted. Jesus Christ... So anyway...I just got back tonight. So...let's get this out of the way first : The Canes kicked the ever-loving poo out of my Devils last round. No arguments....No Doubts. It was basically Classroom-in-Session with the Teacher being the Canes and the students being the Devils on how to actually COMPETE in the Playoffs. Hopefully my Devils actually learned something during those beatdowns (Game 3's chaos, and the finally-competitive clinching game for the canes notwithstanding) about Playoff-Level Hockey. Canes dominated (for the most part) and were the better team. End of Story. Now...as far as the so-called "receipts" that a certain someone said there'd be.... Listen bud, I never said that the Devils WILL defeat the Canes. I said verbatim that you better hope the Canes win the series or I'll have a ton of fun when I get back. And guess what? The Canes DID win the series. So you can keep your receipts in your back-pocket. See ya next year.
  2. You guys better hope the Canes win the series 'cause if not, I'm going to have a lot of fun when I return...and I'll just leave it at that. Thank you for the "well-wishes" on my trip. See ya in two weeks.
  3. Anyway, I'm sure USDepartmentOfSavagery will be sooooo upset to hear this but I'm not going to be in the country for the next two weeks (starting tonight) so I won't be able to follow the series and trade barbs with you guys. Even if this series went 7 games, I'd still get back after it was over so I'll just be keeping track of it via the final scores. Since I won't be able to even watch the games, I only hope the Refs don't continue to fk the teams over (though considering last night, that's wishful thinking). Anyway, I would wish you guys luck but you're facing my team so... LGD!
  4. Good win for you guys tonight. Got to Akira and Vanacek was total ass. My Devils were out of sorts (maybe it was fatigue from just playing a Game 7, I don't know) but one of them (Jesper Bratt) was absolutely horrific and you guys took full advantage. Canes drew first blood. I hope my Devils get the next one as they will almost certainly play better than they did in this one. (oh and the goddamn refs reared their fugly heads again....missed slashes, missed trips, etc.)
  5. Because we have a GOON (George Parros) as head of Player Safety (if that isn't a massive dose of Irony).
  6. He pulled the same sh-t prior to Game 7 and went with Akira anyway. He always does this.
  7. I swear that schnozz should be registered as a lethal weapon. lol
  8. speaking of Timo, just an FYI for most here : He looks like he could play for the Panthers now.
  9. Canes should also not worry about any Devils player purposely trying to injure a Canes player. Timo is more a pain in the ass and a troll to get the opponents off their game...he sure as hell pissed off Shesterkin. But aside from that, not even he does what cheapshot sh*tstains like Trouba do. This series is going to be won through Speed, Skill, and Goaltending.
  10. What's so glorious about the Devils? "glorious" were the Rags and they got their "glorious" asses kicked out of the arena and onto the Golf course. Make no mistake...the National Media HATES this matchup because there is no BIG Market to leech money off of.
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