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  1. Certainly helps when your QB had already gone through 3 years of Growing Pains (Of Hell) in NY before coming here. These other QBs are just beginning their journey and I'm sure many a coach will be gone by Year 3.
  2. It's basically at a point where we should just let them have at it with the verbal BJ's toward every other f--king team aside from ours, and in the meantime we'll watch them take care of business.
  3. Yeah...I was referring more or less to the 2nd half as a whole. When they lost CMC, they were out-of-sorts and almost everything went wrong.
  4. We talk about Young QBs with their growing pains.... ....well I think we're lucky enough to have one (still young) who went through 3 seasons of "Growing Pains" already....
  5. Mac Jones just tossed one up there like he was Lameis Winston... He's lucky that wasn't picked off and that the Pats WR was alert enough to come down with it and somehow stay inbounds and stretch the ball over the endzone. Not impressed by him in the least. And he's looked the "best" of the others today.
  6. maybe the reason he was walking with his head down was more that he was disappointed that he was taken out of the game?
  7. I really hope that the focus during these 10 days is Ball Security for Sam 'cause aside from that, he's done pretty well.
  8. I don't think it's a case of him not seeing wide open receivers downfield. I think it's because he knows, sadly, the "capabilities" of the O-Line in front of him so he has to work a bit more quickly than normal so he doesn't get decapitated. Otherwise, he would've had time to look down the field for Robbie or something.
  9. This is essentially his first true Rookie season since he's getting some actual DEVELOPMENT for the first time ever.
  10. I think the key will be Sam moving the chains like he has and getting the team into position near the redzone. He's capable of doing that but it needs to result in a TD whether it's through his passing or his legs. If there's a shootout, it's TD or bust 'cause FGs won't cut it.
  11. "I bet she's like.....an expert on the Breaststroke" "Uh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh..."
  12. What about AJ Bouye? How big is that signing right now?
  13. Which would make it critical that Sam convert EVERYTIME the Panthers are in the Redzone. 'Cause you know that Dak can put up points himself. Of course he could get mauled by Burns and Company, while Sam tosses 5 TDs and runs for 2 more but we'll see.
  14. Keep an Eye on the Cowboys and see how they do and what to expect next week from them. Also watch the Jets for the Lulz.
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