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  1. Disagree with the Brett Favre comparison but I do think he stays cool when pressured. I mean...he wouldn't be able to make ANY of the throws on the run that he did on the Jets if he wasn't able to stay cool. The key is "make good choices" aka Decision-making. Like...know where to throw and WHOM to throw it to. With the Jets he had close-to-zero options. With the Panthers, he will have options up the wazoo. It's going to be up to him to pick the appropriate target and make a good throw.
  2. Get to the Playoffs first. That is the first goal.
  3. Actually, pantherj : The Bolded is correct. I think the Defense is going to be the Key here.
  4. Nah. Sam would be more upset if he didn't receive the 2nd half of his couch.
  5. Exactly. Sam doesn't play Cornerback, Free or Strong Safety, or Linebacker.
  6. What will a week 1 loss to the Jets do to Darnold? Nothing. Sam doesn't live or die according to whether he beats the Jets or not. Does he want to beat them? I'm sure he does. But it's not life or death like it is for some panthers fans here it seems.
  7. I think Sizzle is upset. Was it something FACTUAL you said?
  8. Kungfool then goes on to argue with YOU and then claim he didn't realize you were citing my post later on. This guy is too much. (oh and he has me on Ignore, he says? Great. Of course...for him to try to reply to what I pointed out earlier kind of defeats the whole "ignore" thing but to each his own.)
  9. I'm getting pretty good use out of this meme for posts like this.
  10. I don't know how he will shape out but with a team like this, he has a much better shot at winning a playoff game (provided he balls out and makes the playoffs) than Andy did.
  11. I don't believe it's much of a tall order when his INTs have dropped every season. And that's with the garbage he had to deal with in NY.
  12. Welcome, my friend. Be careful around here, though... Certain posters will say you're obsessed with Sam just because you're rooting for him. Pay no attention to those losers.
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