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  1. Of course we will still be underdogs. Sam will be the QB after all. meh.
  2. You know...to be fair, they did recoup most of those draft picks back except for one.
  3. THAT right there shows he indeed is a very smart young man. He sees the flaws in Sam and will make sure he takes away what little Positives he can find that would serve him well in the league while at the same time ignoring the rest of Sam's suckitude.
  4. Or "Sam will be our starting QB because I said so....buuuuttt....if there was a better option we can acquire, I'm down with it"
  5. You better give a poo because with Matt Rhule still being the Coach, it's almost a guarantee that Sam Delusional takes another snap as Starting QB.
  6. BTW, did you see this part in the latest Panther-Bot News link? https://www.panthers.com/news/minicamp-wrap-roster-competitive-ekwonu-darnold-jaycee-donte-corral — It's tempting to dismiss the praise of Darnold as coachspeak, but he's clearly had a better offseason. Part of that stems from him spending more time here, absorbing new coordinator Ben McAdoo's playbook. It's not that he didn't study a year ago, but this work has been more focused. Darnold has always had the talent to play the position, but on the field (in shorts and against a defense that doesn't get to hit), he has been better. Specifically, he connected on more deep balls as the sessions wore on. There was more of a sense of presence from him. One day during OTAs, when practice got a little loose, Darnold called the team to huddle up, and they responded. It was the kind of thing a leader does. Rookie Matt Corral also said Darnold had been a good mentor for him, helping him understand the (vast) differences between the college game and his new role. Darnold still has a lot to prove. But to dismiss the progress he's made would be unfair. I dismiss the progress because, like I CORRECTLY pointed out : It's a controlled environment. Hell...even in the article, it points out "in shorts and against a defense THAT DOESN'T GET TO HIT". So I take any so-called "Progress" with a microscopic grain of salt here.
  7. You and me would both have their jaws permanently dropped to the ground if that happened, that's for sure. lol
  8. Sam is only good for Practice reps for the Wide Receivers, Tight-Ends, and Pass-Catching Running Backs, it seems. If he doesn't have to read the defense, he's golden. Unfortunately for him, in the NFL, reading defenses is one of (if not, *THE*) top requirements of being an NFL QB. He said that he's growing in confidence under McAdoo's system....it's easy to do that when all he has to do is just throw the ball in a controlled environment. But who knows? He might shock the world this season if he even starts looking "competent" when he's out there. Maybe McAdoo dumbs down the offense to the point where even Sam could resemble an NFL QB? (not holding my breath but....at the same time, I'd rather not throw Corral out there just yet)
  9. Because Matt Rhule is a reject himself.
  10. Imagine we had to deal with what the Browns are dealing with now....Yikes.
  11. Pardon the bump but... Not going to pretend I can predict the future here but thus far, if we go by what we've seen from Sam, it could end up being more of the same even if he has all day to throw. I would be stunned (Pleasantly so, mind you) if Sam managed to look like a "competent" QB after what we've witnessed last season when he had a clean pocket.
  12. So we would go from a nice guy who can't play QB for sh*t to a guy who is "competent" at QB but is a fk'n asshole on the field and off it. Say what you will about Sam Delusional but at least he doesn't "rock the boat" so to speak. Baker would capsize it after running it into an iceburg.
  13. A very expensive space-holder. Good thing it's only for one year.
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