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  1. lol. So because I am optimistic that Sam will play well for the Panthers, I need to justify it by making a stupid-as-F prediction for a long-time troll? GTFO of here with that garbage.
  2. How many games did they win with Flacco? *crickets* Thank you. And what's with this with obsession with Cam again? Cam is long gone. Get over it.
  3. I am realistic. I am realistic to know that Bowles and Gase were fired because THEY were bad, not because Sam was. I know this because I had watched Bowles first several years prior to Sam even becoming a thought in the NY Jets minds and watched Adam Gase be the disaster everyone expected him to be.
  4. Why not? It's not like the Panthers were winning anything with Teddy.
  5. Well then you can follow his ass right to Denver then since he's no longer here. You don't need a lawyer. You need to just leave.
  6. From someone (ME) who had watched the Jets the past 3 seasons, you're full of sh-t. Todd Bowles got Todd Bowles fired for his years of mediocrity prior to Sam being drafted by the Jets. Hell, he was a Lame Duck coach (and everyone knew it) during Sam's rookie year even before the season started. Adam Gase got fired because he deserved to get fired. He was a moron who did not know how to Coach.
  7. Says a Troll who does nothing but give out Poop reactions to those he doesn't agree with.
  8. You're a colossal failure to this board and I haven't been around for much long.
  9. Chuba's got a set of wheels on him when he runs.
  10. You mean the "He had to slow up a little" part? Didn't look like he slowed up a lot there. It was in fact, a little.
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