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  1. It takes a special fanbase to look at what happen to the Bucs last year with Tom, and go "NO, I WANT DARNOLD". Absofuginglute koolaid drinkers on this board.
  2. Man, I'm going to have so much fun posting in November and December. Same thing last year. Same bunch of idiots circle jerking and shitting on anyone's opinion they don't share (which they just derive their opinions from a holier than thou, above it all, the front office is always right). Then November reality hits, same morons that post 200 times a day disappear, go on a "break", suddenly are busy, and "realize that football isn't as important to them" anymore. Again, reality is they talked mad poo all off-season, all early season, and can't take a hit back when reality smacked them in their Walmart sized foreheads. But of course, they came crawling back when the front office gave them the signal it was okay to not support Teddy. This place is so foolish.
  3. He's right, but the dumbshits on this forum are blindly loyal to whatever the front office does, even though the Panthers have never won anything. It's extremely unlikely the Darnold pans out. This place is bliiiiind.
  4. They did though. Hardy was a 6th round pick because of off the field issues. This isn't that different from before. Late round picks with off the field issues were taken then, and now.
  5. Guys, I hate to break it to you but he's not a rookie, and his contract is going to be a real problem next year. The Panthers don't have time to treat him like a rookie. He either improves next year and gets a massive starting QB salary on a year of a massive cap space increase, or he plays poor and the Panthers cut their losses. Worst case scenario he "improves" to become mediocre and the Panthers have to decide how to handle giving a big contract to a guy that's been dreadful for 3 years, mediocre for 1, but looks like they're improving. He's not a rookie, and the biggest reason why is his impending contract.
  6. that poster must have watched it with the sound off, because the video creator mentions Gase's plays, tendencies, and explains why the redzone play should work very well. that was a very weak critique. there's a reason Darnold was traded for cheap, and it's not because he's a franchise QB just waiting for the right team. I thought you guys would know this considering how poor of an offense Cam played in for years, and the bad players surrounding him. Cam still was great, it didn't matter.
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