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  1. Tepper is turning into a nightmare owner. What have we gotten ourselves into here?
  2. If the Panthers are legitimately looking at Baker Mayfield they can save themselves a lot of heartburn by just trading down and picking Howell. He’s effectively the same player as Mayfield with a better head on his shoulders.
  3. That’s the best angle I could get without being obnoxious.
  4. Picture now posted in thread. Validated.
  5. Video won’t load. See pic below.
  6. They did seem to be having a pretty serious conversation. When I went to the bathroom Luke and I made eye contact and he gave me an up and down twice. If I hadn’t just peed I might’ve peed my pants.
  7. Are having dinner at Leroy Fox Cotswold right now. Not sure if there’s anything to read into that, but these are the facts.
  8. Gotta move on. Rhule is not NFL material. Tepper waited way too long to cut from Rivera. Don’t make that mistake again.
  9. I'm almost speechless. We talked about this at the game Sunday. I said no way in hell Cam would even take the call, let alone sign. Goes to show what I know.
  10. There is not a chance in hell Cam Newton would sign with the Carolina Panthers.
  11. The booing yesterday in the stadium was rough. I agree with it. There seems to be a frantic concern emanating from the sideline. Rhule running in a 12th man against Dallas, the timeout before the half against the Eagles that cost us a first down via penalty, and Sam's two consecutive timeouts yesterday. Tepper seems to be pretty calm; I thought he waited way too long to pull the string on Rivera and Hurney. Afterall, I'm pretty sure he didn't become a billionaire by being hyperbolic.
  12. This is the worst coached game in Panthers history. The 54 yard field goal. Not dropping the red flag when you’re about to call a timeout to discuss going for it on 4th down. And then our head coach literally sent a 12th man on the field to effectively allow Dallas to milk the game away.
  13. Donte probably got called out in the film room Tuesday for that.
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