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  1. I apologize for posting something not on-topic, but I can't create posts, I can only respond. Anyone know why that is?
  2. I've heard pretty consistently that the uniforms will get an overhaul for the 2022 season.
  3. That's legit the first prototype of what the Panthers logo was going to look like in the infant stages of putting the expansion franchise proposal together for the NFL.
  4. Told you I did. You must unlearn what you have learned.
  5. I was literally talking to my buddy about this today. What if the Panthers went with the original concept design as a throwback before we re-design the unis and will have legit throwbacks.
  6. This. Bill still lives in Charlotte. Make the call Panthers org.
  7. Back the Brinks truck up to Gus Johnson's front door and let's be done with this.
  8. No Ron Rivera is the one who acted like a child dumping all his Panthers gear on his front yard before he moved away from Charlotte.
  9. Did Rivera require Luke not wear anything with a Panthers logo on it. I mean Ron did dump all his Panthers gear on his front lawn before he left Charlotte and called it a yard sale. What punk. I don't miss his ass one bit.
  10. Makes no sense. His first season calling games wasn’t great, but he’s been good since. Not great, but good. Rosinski is forever the voice of the Panthers. Would love him back.
  11. Anyone think Rosinski would take the gig back? I would love to hear the gang back together, Bill, Eugene, and Jim. He never left Charlotte - resides here to this day.
  12. Belichick loves these scenarios like Randy Moss.
  13. I can't stand Ron Rivera. So glad he's gone. And so glad he acted like a child and got rid of every single item he had with a Panthers logo on it. SMDH
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