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  1. It would be great for a first down or a touchdown to be immediately known. Keep the game moving and reduce number of reviews.
  2. The second hour of Rich Eisen Tuesday May 4th featured an interview with John Pollard from Zebra Sports. They put censor tags in shoulder pads to measure speed, run efficiency, etc. Which I knew. But he also said they put censors in the football to measure velocity of the ball. I would love for the day to come where spot of the ball and determining first downs is automatically detected by field and football censors that can match up with the sound of the whistle. Rich asked him that very question. There are tags all over the field apparently.
  3. I was happy to hear him say that. Overly involved owners are a huge problem and I feared Tepper would be that guy.
  4. He went into pretty good detail about why he thought Sam Darnold can work in Charlotte. He talked about how his defensive staff first came to him and really loved what they saw, that every single game he made numerous big time plays. He went back and watched college games, his Pro-Day, and Jets games and really liked what he saw. Then the price got right and they went out and got him.
  5. Why Jaycee Horn over Surtain? He was the perfect player for us. They loved that his dad played in the NFL. Why not Justin Fields? I believe in Sam. He deserves the opportunity to go out there and play for us. The hit rate on QB's in the first round is not very high.
  6. Rich Eisen show starts at noon (now) and Rhule is his first guest. You can stream it live on Peacock: https://www.peacocktv.com/watch/playback/live/7938226791344603117
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