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  1. not a bad thought. I don't disagree. I do believe it may be time to draft a center tho. Last center we drafted was ryan Kahlil. so yeah... take that with a grain of salt rounds 4-7
  2. I am not saying thow in the towel on bryce at all. But I think the smart money would be to invest in some developmental guy who could provide a potential back up option should bryce falter. This is exactly why no one is making a fuss over Trey lance trade up in SF. He broke even their mistake. In a deep class with guys like spencer rattler and Joe Milton, guys like jordan Travis floating around in day 3 i think its smart money. what say you?
  3. Thats funny i just saw a laporta comparison for FSU jahiem Bell. 6'3 239
  4. Agreed there needs to be a medium.. but Chark was always hurt for most of the year seems like he was a stud in practice and camp. the number 1 wr then the season came...
  5. This is kind of the opposite problem we have right now. we have bigger guys but none of them are fast. We cant stretch the field. We have thielen who is a route guy but nobody to threaten deep so we get squated on. I like Ladd but if he doesnt run atleast a 4.4 we dont need him.
  6. Anyone following the senior bowl? This is where you might be able to find a few gems outside the first round. I know Xavier Leggett from south carolina is a name to keep an eye on is participating in the senior bowl as well as FSUs Johnny Wilson and Georgia Ladd Mcconkey. Just thought it would be nice to start a thread and maybe start posting some tweets.
  7. We not paying a franchise qb yet. and with restructures we could have 40 million in cap space for this coming season. yes we can afford 2 keep him and then some if thats what we decided to do.
  8. Your asking him to live by your standards. 1 year 16 million is great but signing a 5 year 107 million with 68 guaranteed is a huge difference in security. I'm not saying His play helped his cause but being healthy is a huge worry for NFL players on a 1 year deal. your risking generational wealth.
  9. Whatever the board thinks of him. The NFL reguards him as the number 2 available pass rusher behind only Josh Allen who was drafted ahead of him who will likely not hit the market.
  10. No its not. Once you have signed your 107 million dollar deal with 68 guaranteed your a lot mote secure in your future than playing on the tag.
  11. Double edged sword. you go out there with no secure future you could end up with 0 million a year.
  12. This if anything hurts his ability to demand top teir edge money. If he settles for 20 or 25 mil i call that a win. That said he himself said he was scared to play on the tag and didnt want to risk injury. Why blow out your knee for a 2 win season?
  13. Every team needs allstars. Who is more highly motivated than Burns? guy who plays without a contract and didnt hold out like Bosa when everyone was calling for him to do so. SF needed bosa, Detroit needed Hutchinson, Chiefs,Jones, Edubika for the Ravens. you dont get there with Jags. Do I see the logic in trading him for offensive assets to help bryce? absolutely. But then you still have to replace him.. we have no one close to his level out of all the picks we sunk into that area from Gross,DJ Johnson, Amari so on. We even tried jags like Justin Houston. Fact is Pass rush is hard to come by cause the good ones dont make it to free agency. best you coulr hope for would be like a Clowney or if SF lets Chase Young walk.
  14. That was before this season which clearly lowered his value.
  15. If that is true that also hold true in other areas. If Burns only had 8-9 sack how many times did he blow by tackles and force qbs off their spot and comfort zone.. disruption is production.
  16. This fine.. he generates pressure at an abnormal rate. disruption is production. and for 20-25 mill a year thats what i want him to do.
  17. Hes not going to demand 30 million his value at this point is 20-25 million and we can absoutely afford to pay him that.
  18. The Burns bashing is way beyond the levels of crazy. Did he have a down year by his standards yes, but so did the entire team. Being the sole pass rushing threat on the defense teams must account for is difficult enough. Not to mention playing on the tag risking serious injury or financial ruin. When other held out for contracts Burns showed up to camp ready and excited to join his teammates. Despite what the huddle thinks hes still well regarded around the league and would still demand a first round compensation. The problem with trading him is you have to replace him, and replacing his first round pedigree with anything other than a first round talent(dj johnson and gross) is near impossible. You would have to burn another first and hope he becomes a top 10 presence. I mean look at the pressure generated by the defense and if you listen to the way fans tell it Burns is the problem.
  19. I really dont blame him. especially playing for nothing at that point. for a 2 win team you want me to go full throttle and give up my livelyhood for nothing?
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