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  1. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2023/03/02/panthers-all-in-anthony-richardson-espn-scott-fitterer/?utm_campaign=trueanthem&utm_medium=trueanthem&utm_source=facebook Getting a sense Panthers are all in on the young stud.
  2. I don't think he's nearly as good a runner as Cam. everything else he does as well or better. But running ability pure speed and even power...No.
  3. I am all in on drafting Richardson at 9 if we stay at 9. High upside develop him for a year or hell even let him get some playing time running rpos and such in packages. Sign a vet or even keep Darnold. Keep all those CMC picks and fill out the roster.
  4. He has been gaining steam to go number 1. his vegas odds have went up a lot. https://247sports.com/Article/2023-NFL-Draft-Anthony-Richardson-usurps-Bryce-Young-CJ-Stroud-as-No-1-QB-in-latest-CBS-Sports-mock-205147850/#:~:text=The Indianapolis Colts select Anthony,board in his most recent i
  5. He's a tackle by craft...But so was Brady Christensen...
  6. Even so I can't see this happening. Where is this kid going to play? we going to release Moton? seems like wasting draft capital to me. If we dont go Qb i would think Edge or TE maybe even linebacker before tackle.
  7. well looks like we finally landed our franchise tackle....
  8. are we going to compare Bijon Robinson to Clyde edwards elire in terms of talent. people like to say RBs are a dime a dozen but those who are more than just a RB cant be haf outside the first.
  9. You dont get quality waiting on guys to fall. Robinson is an eliye talent and legit top 10 prospect. look what we have donr with second 3rd and so on picks the last decade even. most of them are bad to bust. quality over quantity.
  10. This is a bad draft. Most say there are only about 14 true first round picks in this draft with Robinson being one of them and a top 10 pick. yeah you can get fine and decent production from other guys. This isnt a question of that. It's do you gamble on elite production.
  11. Your talking in terms of contracts? yeah sure it was awful. But im speaking in terms of draft capital and return. You got arugably the best rb in the game who redefines the position. An all time leader for our franchise in a franchise that has invested heavily in the position historically. On the back end of that you were were able to trade him for a 2,3,4,5 i think which is of huge value for a rb on his secone contract. Rbs this day and age never return a second. you got almost 1st round value for a guy you rode into the ground.
  12. I'm sure you could say the same of most franchises right up til say mid Payton Manning Era. It was a rushing league now its a passing one. I agree off the ball linebackers are not great investments but those who rush the passer are. 2 different things. Just like RBs who can be a aasset in the passing game(like CMC) guys who are special are exceptions to the rule.
  13. I will never get the huddle logic of trying to shop at dollar tree and saying these shoes are just as good as the 100 dollar shoes that nike makes. Yeah you can get a guy between 3-5 who could be good. he can go out get you 100 yards every 3 games or so. But the guys who are special... guys you have to gameplan for and account for every snap are different. If you can get a top 8 player in the entire draft at say 20. you cant compare him to a guy you get in the 3-5 range. A guy who is is unquestionably the number 1 player at his position in the draft. something that cant be said for any other player in this class is of great value.
  14. What are you talking about.. I been a fan probably longer than you... Are we going back to Stewart D'Angelo days or before? because what does that have to do with the rain in spain? It was a different league then... What we did 15 years ago doesnt apply to the current climate of the league?
  15. Thats kind of my point. They are all in the all RBs are equal and you can find the same guy in the 5th round category. Guys who are special and worthy of trading up for arent the same guys we can get in the 5th or so. These guys can carry an offense and dont come around every year. Robinson is the only one I would even consider in the 1st since say cmc or Barkley.
  16. Contracts is a different matter. If you eant to extend a rb and pay him tons of money thats a separate debate. But as far as draft capital we drafted CMC top 10(which no one is questioning now top rb in league) we got a decent return with great seasons and picks after. next we took what Hubbard in the 5th or so? I dont think we have spent a lot at the position beyond that?
  17. I think we only treated the position as a premium when it was warranted. McCaffrey was warranted. payed off and then some. sure you can get guys mid round and so on but not all RBs are interchangeable and of equal value. Guys who can carry a offense like say a barkley are special. We arent going to have a top 10 offense passing the ball. You have a question mark at the starting postion at RB so i think the question needs to be asked. Your returning solid options at wr and still developing Marshall and possibly Shi Smith. Yes i am on board with drafting a TE but I think Robinson is head and shoulders better than all options available at 20.
  18. I mean if your fine with Chubba Hubbard being your starting RB. There are exceptions to the rule. Barkley was one of them. when you get one of those guys at their best look what he did for the Giants carried their offense single handedly. I think you look hard at special talents. only reason he would be available at 20 or less is hes at a position thats undervalued.
  19. We did trade away the best in the NFL and a lot of people are saying we didnt get enough for CMC. He helped carry the 49ers in the playoffs and the best friend of a young qb is a strong running game. I'm not saying trade up for just any RB. this is one of those Generational talents. Getting a sure fire stud at the position where we only have hubbard returning is very viable.
  20. Not top 15. I'm saying he slips to say 20 or so. we keep number 9.
  21. Huge hypothetical here. It's a given QB is our biggest need and many things can happen there from a Carr signing to a Fields trade all the way to us moving up for Stroud or so. but say wr stayed at 9 and selected say Richardson, and kept all our ammunition. Would you be on board with selecting bijan robinson if he slipped into the 20s? Let's remember Hubbard is the only other returning option as our current starter isnt under contract. RB is a need. Guy is hugely talented being compared to Barkley and given our questionable returns at RB i think it could be considered. What say you? https://youtu.be/5Mmtfmqb0MI
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