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  1. LOL This defense is so over hyped. #2 my ass. Always choke when it matters most.
  2. Not even gonna bother watching next week, gonna be like the Chiefs/Raiders game rn. Maybe worse.
  3. Can’t wait for us beat the Taysom Hill led Saints and beat up on the Bucs 3rd stringers, Rhule keeps his job and we end up picking like 11th, then we pass on 2 or 3 lineman for Kenny Pickett. It’s gonna happen.
  4. The prospect of Evan Neal in a Panthers uni is fun tot hunk about
  5. If we start Sam the stadium will look like this: Well, there will still be about 30k Opposing fans, but you get the idea
  6. At this point just trot Sir Purr out there
  7. Hey, at least we have all those draft picks right guys?
  8. Now that they have a real coach and didn’t blow their draft picks, yeah they are.
  9. It’s quite fun when the team is actually good Watching this panthers team is like watching a bunch of cars collide on the freeway.
  10. You guys should watch a canes game sometime. At least we have one well coached, well disciplined team in the Carolinas. Hell I’d rather watch the Hornets even than this high school looking team.
  11. They should just play that at BOA when the team comes out in introductions.
  12. Yeah that was Brown. Sad that it takes injuries to get him playing time.
  13. Always making stupid snarky comments. Hate when he and Kenny “snooze fest” Albert call our games.
  14. Lol of course. Most indisiplined team in the history of Pro Football
  15. Defense has collapsed Hasn’t been the same since getting raped by WFT
  16. The saddest part is last year, at least we showed promise. We hung in there against top teams, NO, KC, GB all down to the wire. I could at least see what the vision was, what they were trying to do. This year is just depressing. We are getting blown out, out coaches by bums like Joe Judge and out coached by our former HC that we replace with Rhule. The coaching staff has completely lost the team and the fan base.
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