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  1. There isn't much going on this time of the year so I figured I would post. There are going to be some interesting position battles this year. This is what I currently see as the final 53. (I know people will be upset I put Corral behind Walker but ya know "Temple" and such). Some of the top battles this year will be: CB Will likely keep 4-6. Current CBs are-Barnes, Harper, Henderson, Horn, Jackson, Melvin, Taylor, Thomas-Oliver, Westry. Safety Will likely keep 4-5. Currents Safeties are-Woods, Robinson, Franklin, Chinn, Chandler, Burris. Offensive Line Will likely keep 8-10. Current OL are-Bozeman, Brown, Christensen, Corbett, Daley, Ekwonu, Elflein, Erving, Horton, Jordan, Mays, Miller, Moton, Pleasants, Tecklenburg. Defensive Tackle Could keep 4-5. Current DTs are- Brown, Hoskins, Roy, Ioannidis, McCall, Nixon, Tuioti-Mariner. Wide Receiver Could keep anywhere from 4-7. Years past have kept 5. Current WRs are-Zylstra, Wright, Smith, Saunders, Roberts, Rambo, Parchment, Moore, Marshall, Limu-Jones, Higgins, Henry, Anderson. Not much competition at LB or DE which is scary.
  2. Oh, wow. I thought it had been 2-3 years. I know it rotates, around but we typically end up facing a NFCS opponent the last week. Probably Tampa again to end the season
  3. I doubt we will see Corral until later in the year. If they match a 3rd round QB out there at the beginning of the season it’s going to be Pickles all over again. There’s no Urban Meyer to cloud the dysfunction this season from the entire NFL. All 31 teams will mock them about as bad as their own fanbase does.
  4. I’ve seen these so far. Week 1 @ Falcons/ Vs 49ers ? Week 7 Vs Den Week 14 @ Seattle No clue if any hold water. We have played Tampa the last couple years as the last game so I wouldn’t be surprised to see that switch to Atlanta or NO
  5. I wanted a 1 year rental on a Vet against Darnold. I would have been okay with Jimmy, Baker, or Cam. Didn’t want to invest in a QB in this draft for him to be Will Grier’d by the next coaching staff.
  6. Not really trying to be pessimistic but does anyone here actually think this kid is going to be really good or decent for that matter? Or are they just happy he isn’t Sam Darnold? I am very underwhelmed with this class and I had Corral tied with Howell for 4th best in the group this year.
  7. I’m fully expecting an all 1pm schedule with maybe a 4pm against LA or Seattle since it’s out west and a Thursday nighter against somebody in the basement with us.
  8. They are saying Denver week 7, SF week 1. Only “leaks” I’ve seen. I don’t put much stock into it
  9. I think our best bet for Corral’s development and potentially leadership for the locker room would be to sign Foles. Foles had a similar skill set as Corral and while his career has been up and down there have been more highs than lows. Foles is a better day 1 starter than Darnold. Corral likely won’t be ready by week 1 or even week 10. I really don’t think throwing him out there like Fewell did Grier his rookie year is going improve his development or build confidence. I think letting Foles compete (Almost certain he will win) with Darnold and placing Darnold as the back up is the best option for Corral’s future. You also shouldn’t have to worry about giving up resources like you would for Jimmy or Baker. Thoughts?
  10. As somebody who goes to AA, has been sober 6 years, and has dealt with depression and Bi-Polar disorder. It was funny. No need to be self-righteous or morally superior. It was a joke, we don’t need pity.
  11. For how long? 2 years. Then nobody would touch him until the jags needed him 3 years later. Then he was shitcanned after a season and was a “consultant” for the Cowboys. Talk about a “rockstar”.
  12. They probably aren’t that off. We still have Rhule, our OC is known for being a jackass, our DC is on life support and his defense is good until it matters. Corral is a 3rd round QB in a shallow draft, Darnold is still taking snaps for a while. We are a 7 win team max. Every year the past 3-4 years during the off-season we get super excited and think we are world beaters but we never really solve real issues and the season goes to poo and everyone is super toxic by December.
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