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  1. Woah woah woah. He played nickel because Bouye was suspended the first two games. Bouye is wayyy better than Hartsfield. Easy on the Temple/Baylor expectations, starting to sound like Matt Rhule.
  2. From what I’ve been reading there’s not really anyone for us to tank for. Most of the top QBs this year (including rattler) would be low 1st-high 2nds any other year. Most top OL this year are projected to start going around 12-18. Looks like another infamous 7 win season.
  3. Its gonna be close to 20 if not slightly over. Watch
  4. Giants 22-20. I can just see a scenario where Graham Gano kicks the game winner against us. I give Hubbard 126 yards and 2 TDs. Panthers have over 200 yds rushing but no passing game. Darnold 14/19 134 yds 1TD 1 INT Panthers get 3 sacks, 1 INT
  5. What I want. LT Moton LG Christensen C Paradis (Elflein if healthy) RG Miller RT Scott
  6. I talked to an old man I used to watch football with when I lived in NC. Haven’t talked to him much since the season started but his opinion of Darnold was “his ceiling is higher than Teddys but his floor is much lower”. Sam could be Brett Favre or Jimmy Clausen. It’s still too early.
  7. I’m not advocating for him to leave, I could just see a Saban like exit. Really it depends on what the owners expectations are regardless of record. If they were pounding their chest in meetings all offseason and then deliver 7 wins, Tepper may start feeling like the rebuild isn’t going in the right direction. “Is this going to be the story next year” so to speak. And let’s not forget, Tepper isn’t know for being rational. The key indicator will be Rhule taking duties away from Brady or letting Blackburn go. That will be an indicator that Tepper is living in his colon.
  8. Well I think his statement this week about the offense makes me think somebody crawled up his ass. I have no proof but that’s the feeling I got. I think if it gets to the point where Brady’s play calling duties are taken away, Matt is in the hot seat. At that point I think he leaves. Don’t really matter about the money. He was supposedly making 4-6 million per year at Baylor. He would be able to get out of the NFL spotlight and coach his alma mater for a couple million less per year. He would take it.
  9. He was released by the Colts today. Considering our QB had a good 3-4 weeks before he’s hurt for the season, might not be a bad pick up to compete with PJ.
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