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  1. Start Will Grier for the season. If he does well you have a QB, if not you have a good draft pick to get Howell or Rattler.
  2. I didn’t see a Chris Orr thread, but that was who we released to get Caraun Reid. Kinda surprised out of this roster of 90 that was who we let go of especially considering no depth at LB. Wasn’t they hyping this guy up towards the end of the season?
  3. He’s gonna run the 4-3 hybrid. Base 4-3 with specialty 3-4 packages. 4-3 DE: YGM DT:Brown DT: Jones DE: Burns OLB: Thompson MLB: Perryman OLB: Carter 3-4 DE: Fox NT: Brown DT: Jones Edge: Burns ILB: Thompson ILB: Perryman Edge: Reddick
  4. Don’t forget Morgan Fox. He is ideally a 3 technique that can occasionally play on the outside.
  5. Will Grier is Matt Moore at best. BEST. I actually think Moore may have had a better career if they supported him and didn’t tank in 2010. Grier is a career back up.
  6. Probably the most honest comment on this thread. Darnold has upside and I support him but everything else is garbage. No, I wasn’t on the Watson or Fields train either.
  7. Don’t think he will make it on the 53. PJ is Rhule’s guy and Stevens has multiple uses. Will have to have a stellar training camp and/or PJ will will have to get hurt.
  8. These Teddy Bridgewater burner accounts are getting intense.
  9. He reminds me more of Jim Carrey from Me, Myself, and Irene. Also checked out the staff page, don’t look like any of the coaches. We must be working somebody out.
  10. Could contribute to the conversation instead of jizzing your opinion into a thread that clearly states isn’t Will Grier.
  11. Cool story but that’s not Grier. This is Grier at OTAs
  12. I just looked, it’s not the 8 year college guy. His face is too skinny to be the mystery guy.
  13. Ah could be, but I didn’t think we signed him.
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