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  1. Probably a second. He looks like he has a good arm but a bit of a statue like Stroud.
  2. What you mean? We had drunk Kerry Collins and Jake Delhomme who had never started a playoff game. He had been a back up for 5 years?
  3. Depends. If Darnold plays good and isn’t replaced before the end of the year, Wilks probably keeps him on a cheap deal, PJ on a cheap deal, and Corral. Maybe add another guy in the draft or FA. If it’s another head coach, doubt any of them stay except Corral because he’s on his rookie deal
  4. I always heard it had something to do with UNC and Duke, and it’s supposed to be a hybrid between the two colors.
  5. I would be happy with a division title. Because it’s one the Saints, Bucs, and Falcons will never have. You guys have forgotten about all the beat downs we took from these guys the last 7 years? Getting swept by the saints 3 times in one season in 2017? Cam Jordan mailing Cam Newton a broom after. I don’t understand how exactly winning the division title sets us back. Nobody will fugging post what player in the draft will be there that we will miss out on that can change this franchise forever? Stroud? Levis? Who are you all so committed on that you won’t pull for your fugging team to win the division. Somehow we turned into a bunch of fugging whack ass Lions fans.
  6. Actually I predicted 7-10 at the beginning of this season and 6-11 last season and half the board pooed me for not saying 9-12 games. I have been around this bored plenty. Glad you are trying to make up a false narrative so you can justify wanting your team to suck so you have something to bitch about on here and at work. Those teams that always want to tank to get that draft pick never seem to get it. 1 year turns to 2 and 2 turn to 10 and you spend a decade or two in the basement. Win now is the only option, always is for great teams.
  7. They are in the dance every year. But I guess you’re right, they have won as many as the Chargers, Cardinals, Packers, Bengals, and Saints in recent years. Rams D won the Super Bowl as did the Defense for the Bucs.
  8. I’m not boomer but it’s working for this Dallas team y’all are terrified of. It’s working for Tennessee and SF. Y’all act like every team has to be like Chiefs or the season isn’t worth playing. “Damn still no Mahomes in the draft, should just cancel the season this year”.
  9. How about a division title. We haven’t won in so long it’s like if we start winning y’all won’t have anything to bitch about anymore and you’re scared of it.
  10. Nobody thought we would beat Aikman, Irvin, and Smith the first time or Parcells the second time and we did. Those Dallas teams would stomp McCarthy’s frauds.
  11. -Panthers win first division title since 2015. -Panthers host first playoff game since 2015. -Panthers sign go to playoffs for first time since 2017. -Panthers sign Wilks who is an actual NFL coach. -Wilks gets to assemble an actual coaching staff that isn’t infested with Rhule’s guys. -We draft AR or developmental QB and avoid the Levis, Young, Stroud busts. -Extend Sam on cheap contract until young QB develops.( In this scenario he took us to playoffs) -Use money from not trading the farm on a QB for other key positions (WR, Edge, MLB, TE) -Use picks from CMC trade for key depth players. - Develop a physical ground and pound offense to compliment a strong D and dominate a division that is crumbling at the right time for a number of years.
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