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  1. Shenault. and he’s not, it’s a grab.
  2. When I was growing up, we didn’t have much and my brother and I used to experiment with ramen noodles. ( I think it was oodles of noodles then) We used to put craft singles in ours when it was hot and melt it in to try something different. It was absolutely horrible, but the change up was nice. You just had to add enough hot sauce.
  3. I went on a dark beer kick for a few years and got tired as well. I drink Coors occasionally when I do, guess my taste buds changed.
  4. I mean that is a legitimate concern. Not the line part, but how well his body holds up at this level.
  5. I imagine everyone but Reich is on the hot seat in the NFC South. Arthur Smith hasn't exactly done a lot either. I imagine sticking with Ridder will make or break his time there. Rivera, Staley, McDaniels, Stefanski, all have pretty hot seats. If the Jets can't figure out a way to win with Rodgers I'm sure Saleh's will start to heat up as well. As for us, McCown and Staley are obvious Thomas Brown replacements, many of the defensive coaches came with Evero so we would probably go outside for that.
  6. Every year people get on here with their excitement and start talking about how we are X wins minimum this, and that. Then reality sets in and they are the most toxic ones on the board. Reality being injuries and other intangibles people over look. - New Coaching Staff -Rookie QB - No CMC/DJ Moore -Entirely new scheme We are probably a 7-9 win team. Injuries could take us 4-13 but I don’t see us winning more than 10-11 if everything goes right.
  7. Floor: 4-13 Ceiling: 11-6 This season is going to be about growing and transitioning.
  8. I kinda think it moves around but within the same groups. In the division in the 90s it was the Falcons, Rams, and 49ers. After the realignment TB kinda became the main rival for a few years, then during Cam’s time it was us and New Orleans. I guess overall it has to be Atlanta though just off of geography and history. We have had quite a few non-division rivals through the years but they change as the teams change. Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, St Louis, Arizona even at 1 time I remember NYG fans hating us.
  9. Big city/media market with historically terrible results. Just trying to squeeze money from those fans while they have hope.
  10. If we can go into the bye week 3-3 or better we probably in the playoff mix come December.
  11. We haven't been on SNF since 2016 at Seattle during the infamous "Cam was benched over a tie" situation. Thats 7 fuging years.
  12. Yeah but fair for back up guy. Still better than Greg Little, Dennis Daley, and John Miller
  13. Was still worth sweeping the Saints.
  14. Shenault would be so much better as a change of pace back. Especially short yardage stuff.
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