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  1. I’m glad. 15 minutes from the house.
  2. Holden’s Ranch is where it’s at.
  3. Benjamin/Moore over Muhammad/Proehl? Hardy over Johnson, Greene or Rucker? Turner over Donnalley? Moton over Stuessie?
  4. I’m laughing at how many people forgot Bates, Witherspoon, Grant,Muhammad, Jenkins, Rucker, Johnson, Greene, Stuessie, Garcia, Campbell, Mangum, Poole, Davis, Doug Evans, Jeff Mitchell, Buckner, Walls, and even Kasay.
  5. QB-Cam Newton RB-Christian McCaffrey FB-Brad Hoover WR-Steve Smith WR-Mushin Muhammad TE-Greg Olsen TE-Wesley Walls LT- Jordan Gross LG- Travelle Wharton C- Ryan Kalil RG- Kevin Donnalley RT- Todd Stuessie DE-Julius Peppers DT-Kris Jenkins DT-Kawaan Short DE-Charles Johnson OLB- Thomas Davis MLB-Luke Kuechly OLB- Will Witherspoon CB- Chris Gamble CB- Eric Davis FS-Deon Grant SS-Mike Minter K- John Kasay P- Todd Sauerbrun LS-JJ Jansen GM- Bill Polian HC- John Fo
  6. Dude did you just start watching the Panthers in 2017 or something?
  7. What did you expect his dad to say? “My son has been eating Doritos on the couch all year and is entirely out of shape”
  8. Would only do it to keep him from going to New Orleans. He wouldn’t make it with the fans in Philly.
  9. We got him. His name is Paddy Fisher and will start in the next 2-3 years.
  10. 1. Probably gonna be battling Erving. 2. It’s probably in the Panthers and Christensen’s best interest to let him sit a while like we did with Taylor Moton.
  11. Smith was 89. Olsen was 88. Also being the greatest Panthers QB is nothing spectacular. He had to beat out Steve Beuerlein and Jake Delhomme.
  12. Gonna go with a wild card here. My guess is a division opponent. I think we open against Atlanta
  13. He’s gonna be number 8. Take that to the bank.
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