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  1. Nah, you shut the fug up and go sit your weak ass down somewhere. I dont try to rile anybody up, I just speak on what every set have eyes have seen. Just because YOUR coward ass live in an alternate reality from people with real football knowledge don't mean anybody is talking out of both sides of their mouth.
  2. I said its "la la land" if someone think their team is better than they really are. The mirage-like 3-0 record against bad teams had a few people here in "la la land". People who were really honest with themselves didn't take too much from a 3-0 start against bum teams, they waited to see more from the Panthers before they got too high or too low. When the Cowboys game came along and were the first "real" NFL team the Panthers played, they were exposed.
  3. I dont believe they are being negative, they are just giving honest assessments. The eyes don't lie. Some of you like dwelling in the land of fairytales instead of looking hard-core reality in the face.
  4. Its surprising that the Panthers loss to the Eagles. They're a sorry team. The Panthers benefited from beating sorry teams like the Jets, Saints and Texans, now they're losing to them??? Ouch!!
  5. Its more than contract related. He's out of position too often and he's lost one of the things that made him special... his speed. He was a liability to the Cowboys and im not surprised they cut ties with him. This was a smart move on their part because he definitely was overpaid.
  6. What is a pressing situation to a "good team"?? Yall feel that the Panthers are a good team, correct??? Or were they over-inflated with a 3-0 record due to playing against three bad teams??? If you are a good team, then those weren't pressing situations.
  7. If Dallas is mediocre at best, then the Panthers are in trouble. How do you let a mediocre at best team whoop your ass like that??? Dallas loss a close game to the Superbowl champ Buccaneers, beat a very good Chargers team in LA, and slaughtered a very bad Eagles team. The Panthers beat three weak ass teams.... Jets, Saints, and Texans. So yeah, if Dallas is mediocre at best and owned the Panthers the way that they did, then the Panthers are really in trouble and may be picking in the top ten in the draft.
  8. Was it the refs that threw 2 ints and a potential 3rd that was dropped??? Was it the refs that allowed 5 or 6 sacks??? Which ref did that, because last I checked those were Carolina Panthers players who got beat and loss the game. But get back to me with the name of those refs that threw ints and missed blocks that got your qb floored. I'll wait....
  9. Well I'm not a Cowboys fan, im a Raiders fan, and most of the Cowboys fans i know or have encountered are very knowledgeable about their team and what's going on with their team. The Cowboys fans i know personally are very critical of their team. Maybe you've met some different Cowboys fans who are delusional, but name me one fanbase who doesn't have delusional fans??? Hell, I was reading some of the posts by fans on THIS site and a few of them are dangerously delusional. You had one guy who wrote a post before the Cowboys game claiming that he believed that the Jets were better than the Cowboys.... Then you had a couple people who said that Cowboys fans whine about the refs when they lose.... but as soon as the Cowboys beat the Panthers what happened... Panthers fans whined about the refs. Talk about hypocrisy at its finest!! When I think of bandwagon fans, I think of the Patriots, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Chiefs and teams like that who get on a two or three year run and all of a sudden they have fans all over the country. These are the same teams who barely had a following outside of their regions for decades and now you'll see apparel all over the country while they're WINNING. Cowboys, Steeler, Packers, Raiders, 49ers, Eagles, and teams like that have fans all over win, lose, or draw. So I respect fans of the Cowboys because they haven't won big in over 2 decades, but they still wear their apparel and they still show out well in opponents stadiums no matter what their records are. That's not bandwagon fans thats faithful fans.
  10. I'm saying that the Panthers loss the game by throwing ints and allowing sacks.... NOT the refs. So many people are trying to say the Panthers loss because of the refs which is a total lie.
  11. You've made great points, I respect that.
  12. If the league and refs cheat for Dallas, why haven't they been to a Superbowl in over 20 years??? Bandwagon fans only hop on to winning teams... if thats the case, the Cowboys haven't won in over 20 years so how can their fans be considered "Bandwagon" fans?? With that said, there are Panthers fans making excuses as to why they loss today.... the same thing you've accused the Cowboys fans of doing when they lose. Do you care to explain these baseless accusations??? I'll wait....
  13. When you tell me which ref threw 2 ints and a potential 3rd... when you tell me which ref that allowed multiple sacks by missing blocks, then I'll agree with you. But last I checked, the Panthers got outplayed by a better team.
  14. I cant argue with you there, but missing 2 starters compared to missing 6 or 7 starters is a lil different. Missing CMC is quite a blow tho.
  15. The Saints loss to the sorry ass Giants. That says it all.
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