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  1. Yup. I liked that we schemed him in for more touches in that game.
  2. Jets and Bears are saying the EXACT same thing.
  3. WTF is the guy behind the camera doing in that picture? He's right there and sees the kid.
  4. I love the trade dude. I just don't think Arnold's pass reps are going predominantly to Tremble.... not at first anyway. I think we're going to see more of Robbie, Marshal, Thomas and Tremble.
  5. Arnold didn't start playing in the nfl 3 games ago and yes he had multiple conversions in those 3 games, some at crucial points. Tremble did just start playing in the NFL 3 games ago and Tremble wasn't drop free in college. Arnold's hands were more proven than Tremble, or Ian Thomas. If Arnold was on our roster last year he would have been 2nd in touchdowns. He was the Cardinals 3rd leading receiver in 2020 with more yards than Larry Fitzgerald. I love Tremble and think he'll do fine and he will probably surpass Arnold.
  6. Oh. Sorry about that, I guess it is lose lose. I thought I had it bad because my wife doesn't like football.
  7. Ahh. Well, love has no bounds. You could look at it as, either way you win? Happy wife, happy life...that sort of thing.
  8. I don't play fantasy. If I did, I'd probably suck cause I'd load up on Panthers players and we are not a high scoring offense.
  9. And that's fair. Our schedule is backloaded. This Sunday should give us a good idea. If we win this Sunday, the math becomes much easier. Still not a guarantee, but it makes it all the more likely.
  10. We started this year's draft with 7 picks and left with 12. So those five picks could grow to 8. We should have fewer holes to fill as well.
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