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  1. Darnold to Arnold is going to be a thing. I can feel it. You're right we didn't do hail marys, we did more hail mary kicks.
  2. Great short article on Tremble Panthers OC Joe Brady says Tommy Tremble is not ‘just a run blocker’ (usatoday.com) “I think Coach Ang (tight ends coach Brian Angelichio) has done a great job of working with him in developing his game in the pass game. . . I don’t see Tommy as a guy that’s just a run blocker. I see a guy that I think ‘Is he gonna be a complete tight end?’ So it’s our job right now, OTAs and training camp, to just find out exactly what he can [do] and just kinda evolve and roll with that.”
  3. Yep. I think Rhule agrees with you which is why we gave away just a future 2nd and 4th and this years 6th. We recouped this years 6 in the Teddy trade. Conventional logic says future picks are the equiv of subtracting a round, so a 2nd next year is the same as a 3 rd this year. Matt and Fitt felt by trading down and adding 3rd and 4th round picks we've already recouped the total cost of Darnold. That's debatable, but its better than the Jets who gave up the 6, 37, 52, 169 and the following year 34 to move up 3 spots to get Darnold in 2018. I think by giving away all that d
  4. The kid looks hungry and and eager to learn.
  5. link:Jaycee Horn talks to the media after signing rookie contract (panthers.com) Feels good to get the contract done. Ready to get back to playing football and focus solely on football. Did you miss last week because of the contract? Following the advice of my people, my agent. My job is football, I leave all the other stuff to the team and my agent. I get here when they tell me to. On training and minicamp I'm getting better everyday. New situation, new coaches, new teammates and biggest thing new playbook. I'm trying to get better in all those areas everyday and it gets
  6. Hey thanks. I enjoy it. I know not everyone likes to watch or can watch and would prefer the cliff notes. Also mics this time were bad or off. Its also easier to refer to for the conversation here. Certain things jump out when its in text. I have some free time presently so I can do it.
  7. The kid is tough as nails. I loved the line from the mic'd up video after some contact. That's right I hit like a tight end.
  8. Its like the press forgot that OTAs were optional and vets often don't attend, but they kept asking about his absence. I know we were all interested because of the trade rumors, but at this point it seems like there is nothing there. David Newton did have a good question on being reunited with Sam. My jaw dropped.
  9. link:Robby Anderson shares his first impressions on Sam Darnold in Carolina (panthers.com) Going on my 6th year, I know how to get myself ready. Nothing against the team or nothing like that. The work I was putting in with my trainer, I was on a good program. I didn't want to step away from that. My coaches and nobody had a problem with it. I was working. What did you focus on? --- I don't want to disclose my personal goals, I'd rather show. Another question on his absence At the end of the day, the season is the real goal, that's where we win at. I knew mandatory m
  10. Yup. I haven't written that one up yet.. Jaycee was surprised, kind of blind sided to hear something negative out of the gate and reported in his press conference. Jerk question for the press conference really. Don't know what Rhule saw. "Need to kinda get his wind back a little bit." ...could have meant getting back into the swing of things? I'm sure Jaycee will find out what it was and improve. He's that type of player.
  11. I was impressed with Cam Erving. We talk about these players like they're pieces on a board and their effectiveness, but the stories of injury and perseverance and opportunities and challenges are really fascinating. Cam Erving may surprise us y'all. He seems hungry. Game on.
  12. link:Cam Erving expects to be fully healthy for training camp (panthers.com) Dealing with injuries, just the offseason, trying to make sure I'm ready to go for the season. Feels good to be competing for LT. Nothing is given. Everyone is competing for everything. LT is where they told me I'm going to play so. Looing forward to getting out there and competing. Good to know what they want me to do, how they see me. In my career I've been labeled a jack of all trades. Now I'm getting an opportunity to play a position that I feel I can excel at. There's ups and downs all the ti
  13. Love that they are looking at adding Sam and Robbies vertical element. They don't know who the oline will be either. He talked about 2 min drill a few times. We're going to really practice that.
  14. Link:Matt Rhule talks defensive performances at practice, minicamp schedule (panthers.com) This is practice for coaches too, reacting to 2 min situations, we debrief on how things went Great having Robby, he brings energy to the practice field. Can tell he's been working hard. Explosive playmaker, he's tough-catches balls across middle...hoping to add a vertical element that him and Sam had in NY DJ and Robby 1&2...who will be 3,4,5, great competition here. Sam did great. Will review protection issues. He did a nice job in 2 minute. Don't want great days, want
  15. Mics weren't working. I had to keep turning volume up and down.
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