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  1. " They had one starting-caliber corner in Donte Jackson, and if Bouye's arrival was the last of the key additions to the secondary, they'd have still been better than they were a year ago. (Bouye) was a second-team All-Pro pick in 2017, so it hasn't been that long since he was considered one of the best cover men in the league.... While (Bouye) had success playing outside, he's smart enough to play in the slot, where they could maximize the skills of Jackson and Horn. That's not an inconsequential move. While the slot corner is often considered the "third guy," it's not nearly the third-most-complicated role to play.,,, Bouye has also taken on the role of teacher, and the Panthers have been extremely pleased with how quickly he's taken to that part of the job... "I want to be the guy who is watching in five years, and sees an All-Pro cornerback out there, collecting all those honors. He can do that. If I can do anything to help him get there, that's my job now." "
  2. I agree that our focus was on fit and flexibility. I agree with that pff is hit and miss, but the other stats weren't great either. I do agree that they appear to be trying to scheme around the talent.
  3. I guess we're hoping his experience with zone blocking, his high run blocking grades, and improvement in performance over the course of 2019 at LG could lead to better production than what we have had or he has ever done.
  4. The sacks, penalties, and pff don't support the idea that Elflein is an upgrade though. Reed looked better on paper.
  5. I hear you. I'm a little surprised that we let Reed go, as he signed a less expensive 1 yr contract with the colts and was not bad last year. I actually understand the Erving move better than this one.
  6. I was curious on why Fit snatched Erving and Elflein in FA. I already did a post on how Erving had fewer penalties and sacks per snap than Okung last year with only 8 pressures in five games. So now it's Elflein's turn. With the Vikes, Elflein started at center in 2017-18. He switched to left guard in 2019 and moved again to right guard in 2020. Elflein played in the opener and was hurt in practice the following week. He was then waived and picked up by the Jets where he started 6 games at LG. What if Pat Elflein Turns it Around This Season? | Zone Coverage " Even in a down year (2019), Elflein ranked in the middle of the pack, 42nd out of 83 qualifying guards in overall PFF grade, and an impressive 18th in run blocking where his mobility is a natural fit for Gary Kubiak‘s beloved zone blocking system. Elflein’s pass-blocking grade, higher than just 10 other qualifying guards, was the anchor to his overall score. But consider that 2019 was Elflein’s first as an NFL guard after two seasons at center. As the season progressed, improvement was apparent in his PFF grades, as four of his top five pass-protecting grades came in the Vikings’ final eight games (including playoffs). It wouldn’t be out of line to expect a continued uptick in his performance. " He had a real bad 2018 at center as well with 7 penalties and 4 sacs on 863 snaps for 41.9 PFF. For the Panthers in 2020, Denis Daley was going to start at LG until injury before the first game. Schofield then started at LG for the first 2 games. Game 3, Chris Reed took over and did well for a backup. Elflein had 1 penalty and 2 sacks on 419 snaps with a pff of 48.0. Schofield had 3 penalties and 4 sacks on 270 snaps with a pff of 50.3. Reed had 3 penalties and 1 sack on 892 snaps with a pff of 63.0. Daley had 1 penalty and 0 sacks on 135 snaps with a pff of 64.7. His up and down pffs makes him look like a below average, inconsistent olineman who can also play center. If he can win the starting spot and repeat his 2019 season production, LG would be on par with last years performance. His drop-off last year could be related to his injury, switching teams mid season, and well, the jets. With plenty of competition at guard (Dennis Daley, David Moore, Deonte Brown) , Elflein will need to work hard at camp.
  7. Great OP. This is really an in depth piece on Burns' chase, chop, ghost and spin techniques. Best I've seen.
  8. " His 1st year to his second in his rookie season he had 7.5 sacks and 16 quarterback hits Last year he had nine sacks and 21 quarterback hits In 2020 alone he had the third most hurries in the league and the third fastest average time to pressure amongst all defensive linemen. Just 2.45 seconds, .3 faster than the nfl average He had the fastest time get off of point-blank anybody in the nfl: ¾ of a second is all he needs to cross the line In 2021 he is gonna break out "
  9. This is my favorite episode of my favorite podcast so far. I love PNP, and this one has reps from other excellent casts, like 4MR,Tmo,Pat Coletrain and DuncOnDemand. These Panthers fans know their stuff and just sound like good, genuine people. This particular pod cast is like a microcosm of the huddle. At 1:59:13 the conversation turns to Darnold, the line, Jets, BC, Brady and Rhule. It discusses the whiplash us fans have had over the past few years. At one point it takes a hilarious turn. If you have a time today, take a half hour to watch, If you have time for all 2.5 hours, I'd do that too. I normally surmise stuff, but this one is fun to watch. Let me know what you think.
  10. BTW, I'm not pie-ing that sht. Someone check the balls.
  11. I used to get nervous when we approached the RZ/EZ. They are not stopping us this year.
  12. Would someone please knock him on his ass. Derrick Brown, I'm talking to you.
  13. " He's the guy who has become a mentor for a young defense, while still young himself at 27. So if you see him in the store, be nice to him. He's earned that much. " Have people been mean to Shaq in the store? It seems that he played with two awesome LB's in Davis and Luke, but just hasn't stepped up, but is being paid very well. In the Jermaine Carter interview he talked how he learned how to study Os from Luke and he really showed out last year. Did Shaq not learn those study techniques, did he not implement them, or is it just not something that he's really good at? Because I don't think his play was because he was 10 pounds too light.
  14. " "But this year, let's come together as a defense, let's be more than just playing as teammates, let's play for each other. Let's play as brothers" ... He also played through some shoulder injuries that kept him from being the best version of himself. Now healthy, he was able to spend enough time in a weight room this year to add 10 pounds, after playing in the 225-pound range last year. "
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