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  1. Either way, he needs to be gone. His O sucks.
  2. I blame Rhule for keeping Brady. I see the logic of the hire, getting the passing coordinator from the LSU record setting pass offense based on the Saints successful pass game. But it didn't pan out. Rhule is probably waiting until the end of the season to see if Brady can get work elsewhere. If not, and Brady is still here next spring, I'll be calling for Rhule's head with the rest of the mob. The offense has been mediocre to bad under Brady and Brady rarely takes responsibility. We don't need that poo.
  3. Joe Brady in action:
  4. Joe Brady will get ruin a lot of panthers careers.
  5. Joe Brady is killing this team
  6. It was Teddy's fault, then Sams Fault, then Cam's fault, then Pj's fault. We cannot run we cannot pass. 5 plays for 4 yards--Blocked Punt 7 plays for 31 yards--Int 3 plays for 1 yard --Int 5 Plays for -2 yards -- punt 6 Plays for 0 yards--Punt 6 Plays for 13 yards --Punt 10 Plays for 29 yards-- Punt 6 Plays for -14 yards -- Punt 6 Plays for 4 yards --Int 12 Plays for 57 yards---Turn over on downs Cam was 5/21 for 92 yards for a 5.8 passer rating. That is not a typOo. FIVE POINT EIGHT passer rating We rushed for 64 yards today avg 3.6 a carry. THIS IS SYSTEMIC. JOE BRADY DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING. I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP LICKING JOE BRADY'S BOOT.
  7. When we are on our 14th QB, maybe people realize that Joe Brady is the worst OC we have had, possibly ever.
  8. Studesville/Godsey>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Joe Brady Joe Brady is going to ruin a lot of Panthers careers.
  9. I agree that Cam carried Shula. So far, Cam+CMC+DjMoore couldn't carry Brady. The point isn't to say how good Shula was, its to say how BAD Brady is. His checkdown offense sucks. He has never been a good OC anywhere and needs to be fired.
  10. My gut reaction is to agree, but Shula took us to a SB with less.
  11. Ignore him He just follows me around trying to argue every little point We had more sacks, more hits and more hurries, but he wants to believe our OL performed worse. He's a Brady lover. Its hard to understand what he is saying sometimes because his voice is muffled by Brady's cheeks.
  12. Oh I agree that Cam>>>>>>>Darnold. I don't want to go back. We had the better performing OL, better QB, better RB and as good or better receivers and yet they had more yards rushing, passing and more points. We had two clear attempts at a game winning drive and Joe Brady was hiding under the table cowering. We need to part ways with Joe Brady.
  13. As I said, you can't name a single game where the O saved us. You can blame the OL in many games, but not today. They did better than the WFT OL who allowed more sacks, hits and hurries than ours today. Turner did more with much much less. Joe Brady is a child looking lost.
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