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  1. Howell will be a career backup. Nothing wrong with that, but not our franchise QB, that was Fields.
  2. Tepper realizing he's losing the fan base, fast. Quickest way to reverse course is to bring back a popular fan favorite. Any wins we get out of Newton along the way is just a luxury, but not the #1 reason behind this. This franchise is a joke the way it's been ran in regards to personal the last few years.
  3. It's not 2015. It's a PR move to invoke images from that year in our pea size brains.
  4. Trading for Sam backed us into a corner on draft night. No pun intended. Make no mistake about it, if that trade is not made, Fields is a Panther. Who ever is responsible for the Sam trade needs to go. Its going to set us back 2 years.
  5. LOL. Don't worry, we got a DB instead in a DB deep draft. Shades of young Cam with Fields. poo like this is why we will be losers.
  6. I've had a tough time letting go of taking Horn over Jones or Fields since draft night. I now have 0 doubt this was a terrible choice. Fields would at least give us someone to build around and hope. Jones with this defense would be in playoff contention.
  7. So we won't run the ball but 10 times next week, got it. Rhule thinks hes playing 3D chess with these comments.
  8. He can GTFO. Not leaving extra blockers for Darnold is damning enough.
  9. As it turns out, CMC is our entire offense.
  10. Yes, two. It sounds like it's contract related and fall out with Dan Quinn.
  11. Cowboys are pretty deep here, but still a surprise. Could be worth a look here considering lack of LB depth on our side.
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