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  1. We just caught a bad break honestly. There was no indication of this. At first his injuries seemed like a fluke. But not anymore.
  2. Some of you get it, some of you don't. He's injury prone and likely never plays a full season for us. Wasted pick IMO and one of our franchise biggest 'what ifs' considering his talent when on field and the players we could have picked instead (Surtain was a better prospect though).
  3. I'm a Young fan, but we'd be dumb not to hope Corral isn't successful here, whatever that is. Either a very competent backup or trade bait. Odds are against him though and a good chance he is cut.
  4. He's not a power back. He has good vision and just enough size to get some YAC. If he had a better speed/burst he would have been a draft pick. Hopefully he can put behind his injuries that slowed his development the last couple years.
  5. I happy about Cam. If he can stay healthy he has a real chance to make the roster. I wish him the best.
  6. I guess the theme of Day 2 is low production college players with boom potential. Ravens know how to draft LBs and took Simpson. This is who we should have been trading up for. We are not in the position to take swings like this with so little picks and needing to find depth.
  7. I guess the theme of Day 2 is low production college players with boom potential.
  8. Did they have inside info this guy wouldn't last till 93? I sure hope so.
  9. I've never turned down a BJ, but I like Mayer.
  10. I would call Pit and trade up to get Mayer ASAP.
  11. I'm not sure how you'd pass on either Kincaid or Mayer if they are anywhere near 39. I'd go up and get one if needed.
  12. Please Adam Schefter, announce the pick tonight and end this hell.
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