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  1. But if he went to little brother Carolina, he'd be 2nd coming of Reggie White.
  2. Clowney makes some sense. Just not sure what type of $ he's expecting.
  3. Rambo is a really sweet pickup. I thought he'd be drafted so happy when I saw him as an UDFA for us. He isn't flashy or elite in any one thing, but will find a way to stick around, I think. Reminds me of a WR the Patriots would turn into their slot guy.
  4. Nobody cares, delete your account.
  5. Some names I'd like to see for us Calvin Austin III WR Isaiah Likely TE Zach Tom OG/C D'Marco Jackson ILB Justyn Ross WR Hassan Haskins RB
  6. Its like that moment when you are a kid and sit on your parents lap and they let you hold the steering wheel of a parked car in your driveway and you think you are driving.
  7. Hodl. Draft your QB next year with a new coach. Rhules biggest accomplishment will be getting us a top 5 pick in a legit QB class.
  8. Lol he will be drafted. I mean, a smart team could use him as a gadget QB.
  9. 4corners biggest mental midget on this board, which is pretty lofty title here.
  10. He has no business being here. He can only do harm at this point. This isn't some random AWOL regional scout or something, it's arguably the most important employee of the franchise. He should be fired if we start off 1-4 or something. Do not give him any more rope, he'll just hang the rest of the good apples this franchise has.
  11. I think if we find a way to come out of the weekend with either Baker or Jimmy we have a real shot at a wild card spot.
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