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  1. Do we know if Nash Jensen is starting at Left Guard?
  2. Love Four Roses. Try the Basil Hayden small batch for a change of pace.
  3. I couldn't really tell what he said. Thought I heard bingo. Glad you picked up what he actually said.
  4. You've never had a chicken filet and egg bisquit.
  5. I dont know about that. Whichever qb we take is gonna have a lot of interest as long as they are on the field. Especially the Young Vs Stroud narrative. Just about guaranteed to keep both teams relevant.
  6. Ive heard so many criticisms about what it cost the Panthers to swap first round picks with the Bears. Too many picks in return, 25yo WR in his prime, ect. No clear number one QB. Since the trade, 90% of news about the NFL in general and 100% of draft coverage includes the Panthers. You cant buy that kind of publicity. 100% worth it to me.
  7. Agree hes not the right guy for the Panthers, but I like his potential. Hope he goes where he can develop.
  8. The Panthers need positive media attention. I can count the prime time games the last three seasons on three fingers.
  9. The Panthers owned this off-season. Trading up was costly but its paying off in spades.
  10. He's playing to his strengths. Makes sense to me.
  11. So whats your point, man. Dont be lazy.
  12. Any player can get injured. That's why you dont want to throw $50+ mil at one player.
  13. I agree. Richardson and Stroud may or may not be ready to take on an NFL offense. The consensus is that Young is.
  14. He has elite processing, reactions, and ability to avoid contact. Have you not been paying attention?
  15. The Panthers value players on rookie contracts. That how you win in today's NFL. Young will step in and play right away. You get 4 to 5 years of a starting QB on a rookie deal and you have enough resources to put talent around him and also build depth. Successful teams have depth, and the Panthers have not had it the past several seasons. Young's intellect and processing suggest that he will learn the offense and be able to apply those skills to the NFL right away. He's done it at every level so far. Additionally, the Panthers will continue to have QBs on the roster (Corral, Eason, draft) to develop behind Young and provide insurance. $50 million is a lot of cap to dedicate to one player. Its ok with me if we get 4 years of top level play out of Young so that we have options when its time for him to get paid the big bucks. The Panthers will have someone ready to step in and start on a cheaper deal if they can't keep him on a reasonable salary.
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