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  1. TEAM matters. SCHEME matters. And yes the QB has to perform when those are good enough.
  2. QBR is an awful stat created by ESPN for the purposes of debate television.
  3. Never forget that that Jimmy G was once made the highest paid player in the NFL after 10 games….
  4. Bryce probably middle of the pack. Like I pointed out in the game day thread, the team gave him a chance to shine and he didn’t.
  5. There’s no way she would have traded CMC.
  6. Tepper is a finance guy. He has to find a way to maximize his investment. Not saying that should be the move, but if we aren’t going to get any of the hot shot young coordinators then what’s the alternative?
  7. Could be a situation where he’s strictly tied to the future of Bryce. If it works great. If not they’re both gone in a few years and we hard reset.
  8. Bill O’Brien is a name to watch out for. Not saying I agree with it, but makes sense for several reasons. The last person to have success with Bryce. O’Brien the coach was actually successful with the Texans. Has experience working with Tepper type personalities.
  9. Don’t let anyone here fool you. The offense did look better/different yesterday. The rain limited both teams in the first half. I expect a more obvious leap next week. If Bryce can take advantage of the opportunity then it might be a fun watch.
  10. Pretty sure he led a few scoring drives today
  11. Cam really one of the best players of all time and just got stuck with Ron Rivera.
  12. Like I said he did a lot of good things today. If this was game 1, different story. But he missed so many opportunities today. What was really disappointing is that I thought TODAY he had a competent team around him and he didn’t take advantage of it. WRs weren’t great but they were good enough. The line wasn’t great, but was good enough. Defense gave him chances. Chubba balled out. This game was a team just waiting for their #1 pick and he flashed but never quite showed up.
  13. No the fug you did not think we had a shot because we had Sam fuging Darnold. Stop it
  14. It’s still Andy Dalton. Wouldn’t be sure about that. I remember when people here used to call for Derek Anderson. I bet you they wouldn’t call for Jameis
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