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  1. By mid season y’all will we be blaming him still.
  2. Y’all aren’t beating NE sorry.
  3. You think the locker room (some who are fighting for their jobs every day) likes someone just given a spot?
  4. God don’t have poo to do with winning football games on Sundays. In fact you could argue it runs counterproductive to his mission.
  5. LOL. This why y’all be so mad during the season.
  6. Dont bring facts and logic into the conversation. They’re mad Cam won more games on another team with a worse roster.
  7. Late in responding here but you know that’s not even fair. Technically he started every game last year and only missed time for a no symptom covid positive test. The games he missed last year were due to a once in a generation pandemic protocol and not injury.
  8. Y’all really think this team is going to win anything with Sam? What a delusional fan base man.
  9. Seeing as Rhule is tied to Darnold’s success or lack their of, you could certainly say that the coaching staff has mortgaged their careers on Sam Darnold. Which should be pretty damn scary seeing as he hasn’t been able to save any of previous coaches with his play.
  10. He wasn’t “benched” they were getting blown out. Noticed how he went right back to starting without controversy.
  11. This year is going to be 100% on him. We’ll know all we need to know about if he’s done or not. What most panther fans don’t want to admit is that we would have been a better team with him on the roster last year.
  12. He rushed for 12 tds last year. He’s plenty healthy and only missed games due to Covid. Y’all gotta stop with the Cam false narratives. Worry about the QB1 here who’s never played a full season in his career.
  13. 0% chance Cam doesn’t start all 16 games this year. They’ll give Mac a chance, but Cam would have to be god awful for him to get on the field this year. My guess is that he spends most of the year inactive as QB3.
  14. I actually like this pick and I haven’t liked anything the Panthers have done in two years.
  15. We are the panthers. Don’t matter who the owner is. Don’t matter who the GM is. Same ol poo.
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