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  1. Because if we’re going to lose we might as well lose with our guy. And if Cam isn’t your guy despite raising this franchise out of the gutter and making it relevant, then you have to look yourself in the mirror and ask why that is.
  2. No it’s his last game of the season. Meaning he played a full season and somehow his shot arm was still capable of that stat line. According to yall he gets worse as the season goes on because his arm is shot. But hey have fun being the Jets of the South.
  3. Again Cam’s last regular season game: 21-32 | 242 yds | 3 TDs 11 Carries 79 yards 1 reception 19 yards TD
  4. This is a must win/no excuses game against a bad team.
  5. We should have stayed with Cam and drafted behind him. Hell the Patriots just did it. No reason we couldn’t have had Cam and then drafted Fields and let him sit for about two years. Even if you got rid of Cam there should have been a clear plan and there never was. I’d take an injured Cam over Teddy/Darnold.
  6. Is that’s what we’re calling him? I mean we had a racist and sexual predator as a owner for 25 years and didn’t win poo.
  7. Only because of poor decision making.
  8. If Darnold is gone then this coaching staff should leave with him. You don’t get to keep experimenting with QBs.
  9. Funny how quickly y’all turned on Joe Brady and Rhule. Told you when they hired both of them that neither were qualified for their jobs. Guess you needed to see it to know it.
  10. He’s been in the league 3 years. He’s a veteran that ain’t good.
  11. Nah y’all want Cam to be done. Last time he played in a regular season game: 21-32 | 242 yds | 3 TDs 11 Carries 79 yards 1 reception 19 yards TD
  12. That’s because he’s routinely been part of the problem his entire career.
  13. I mean a lot of it is. Aint no debating that.
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