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  1. I’ll admit I’m wrong the day he’s on the roster. Will be happy to do it.
  2. Then should be pretty easy to get him then no? Have fun speculating why we didn’t.
  3. It’s really not. I don’t think he wants to play here, but have to leave that door open in the chance we’re his only option and he wants out of Houston that bad. We are a long way off from that or he’d be here already.
  4. That is what I’m saying. That Carolina would be a last resort for him. Again this is what I believe. Feel free to have your own opinions. If the so called reports and “sources” are true then we should have no problem getting him. Hell why isn’t he here already?
  5. How is this any different from what I’ve been saying? Come and find me when he suits up for Carolina and stop wasting my time on anonymous click bait.
  6. Has it though? Eh. I told you him coming here will come down to Us vs Houston. Definitely not changing my stance on that based on a post from Espn Upstate. If you asked Deshaun right now would he turn down a trade to any team his answer would be no and that’s all you need to feed a report. Wake me up when he’s in a panthers uniform. The only way that happens if other teams say no and he’s stuck between returning to Houston and coming here. A long way off from that.
  7. Deshaun is the only quarterback in the NFL that I root for that’s never played for the panthers.
  8. I said he’s not coming here. I told you why I don’t believe he’d be open to playing here. Until he’s in a Panthers uniform that hasn’t changed. You can go back and read through everything I posted. I told you when/if the Panthers would be in the mix and again that hasn’t changed.
  9. Oh not at all. You aren’t idiots. But he won’t be playing here. I’m standing by it.
  10. Damiere Byrd was his #1 WR...ain’t really matter how good the line was
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