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  1. Who the fug was going to catch it? Then you’d just bitch about his decision making.
  2. Then stop giving one man the credit
  3. Baker didn’t fuging rebound with him. Sick of this false narrative. Baker only ever played poorly here.
  4. You gotta relax and worry less. These are professionals. They can snap a ball bruh
  5. It means teams have gotten lazy and desperate when it comes to drafting QBs
  6. Calling it historic before games are played is bold
  7. What did you expect Young to do with WRs who couldn’t get open?
  8. People are justified to feel however they want to feel, that doesn’t mean how they feel isn’t dumb. Putting on weight might not be the best use of his time. He’s a heisman trophy winner and just saw one of his best friends win rookie of the year. I have no doubt that he’s motivated and will/has put the work in. But working hard and gaining weight don’t make you a good QB.
  9. Who the fug here defended Cam more than I? For YEARS. What is wrong with you bro, seriously. Has my name and avatar changed in a decade?
  10. He was an MVP in year 1? Don’t make me do the thing where I have to state the fact that Cam walked into an offense with two established RBs, a hall of fame WR, and two very good TEs. Combine that with the fact that he’s Cam Newton yea things looked a little differently his rookie year.
  11. He ain’t have a weight problem last season. He missed one game due to an ankle. He had problem correctly identifying coverages and a hesitancy to pull the trigger. You can say he has a height issue, but that ain’t something you can work on.
  12. So your argument is that the GM that got fired said some poo? The fug is wrong with you
  13. It’s not about an offseason program. It’s not about weight. It ain’t even about height. People here are miserable. Cam was one of the biggest mfs to ever play the position and they found things to bitch about with him too.
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