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  1. Lol please don’t include Cam in the same sentence as Sam Darnold. Cam is the active leading rusher in TDs in the NFL and made it to the super bowl with Ted Ginn Jr as his #1. He could never play another down and Sam Darnold will never be that.
  2. Y’all care enough that I walk away for a few hours and it’s still the #1 topic…
  3. His first camp?? The man been in the league for 3 years already. Blame the Jets all you want, like we’re some first class organization that has a history of building around QBs LOL. Don’t be mad at me ability to see the storm before the rain hits my head.
  4. I’m patiently sitting out the entire Rhule era which is inclusive of the Sam Darnold experiment.
  5. There’s never been a player who sucked for 3 years for a team and then turned into a good player. It’s not going to happen.
  6. A 7-10 team is who you are. Expecting anything more than that is setting yourself up to be very disappointed.
  7. We have to be the only franchise that hates the best player in our History so damn much. But hey we know what that’s about don’t we. If Cam Newton looked like The Golden Calf of Bristol y’all would be demanding statues be built. Instead y’all hate that players actually want to play with him.
  8. Don’t know what you think about the defense but they aren’t a bad team neither or the Bills. So no that isn’t a bad division.
  9. Y’all are so damn dumb. Cam is New England’s QB. Hard Stop. Y’all forget Cam is still learning the damn offense up there. Hoyer is brought in to continue to help not only Cam in that regard, but Stidham and Jones as well. I know tearing down Cam helps you feel better about this team, but stop it. It’s petty and misinformed.
  10. Not taking Fields changed the trajectory of this Franchise. We’re now 5 years away from being a legit contender when we could have been 2 years away. We’re going to waste the next few years convincing ourselves Sam Darnold can get it done. He can’t.
  11. No he most certainly did not. And that report was misleading click bait. Not a soul from Deshaun’s camp would ever confirm it because it ain’t true. Same way Stafford and other QBs don’t want to come here. And why would they? The only QB we had that was worth a damn we ran out of town.
  12. Will you be at the game? Let’s arrange something
  13. Lol at y’all turning your noses up at Deshaun when he never wanted to play here in the first place. But whatever makes you feel better.
  14. No he didn’t. Started every damn game. He was taken out of games that were already decided and if that’s being benched then a lot of qbs got benched last year.
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