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  1. I remember going to see him play in High School at North Davidson....I hope it works in our favor...
  2. 3 of the 4 have outstanding defenses to be fair though....I'm not sure of KC defense...
  3. Not quit...but i said ill be a Cowboy fan for a year if we mistaken hire their OC
  4. Add the offensive line not blocking as usual to the list....just some bad miscommunication
  5. Smh I'll rather start all the way over then to keep bringing in failed after failed attempt at QBs.....If he can't be had for a 5th or higher pick leave him there...
  6. I understand where you coming from....all we can hope for is the best...I'm just not ready for this good moment to pass because the first time a game doesn't go some fans way...Cam will be the worst QB in Panther history and they should've never signed him
  7. I hate I can't make this a completely different topic...But yall realized we got rid of Teddy B because he couldn't win close games....BUT WE CANT EVEN GET CLOSE TO A CLOSE GAME TO LOSE NOW!!!..I blame the coaches and the fans who actually thought Sam Darnold would be better than Teddy B...and the ones who hate on Cam Newton too...yall garbage too...Cam NEVERRRRRRRR played this bad and yall act like he was trash....
  8. Nobody should be safe after the bye week...they are all trash...what was that 3 straight sacks in a row on 3rd down?!?!?
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