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  1. I will say this about Bryce, I have never questioned his game or passion for the game. This man, at 5'9 180 had refrigerator sized humans slam into him constantly for an entire season and not only did he never complain, he appears to have hit the gym and gotten BETTER instead of letting what was a disastrous rookie season destroy his mental. I would have taken by 10 million dollars and quit Andrew Luck type beat.
  2. I felt the same about this year. We were supposed to be in contention for a division title in the terrible NFC South. We ended up with the 'first pick'. Had they actually had the pick they would have taken Caleb Williams, so I don't even see the point of sticking with Bryce another year, other than the sunk cost fallacy.
  3. If this is true that would mean he is at least a top 20 QB, and a massive upgrade over Bryce who isn't even the best QB on this roster.
  4. We sure Spencer Rattler wouldn't beat out Bryce in a fair competition for the starting job?
  5. Why do 32 NFL teams bother showing up to watch these guys run the 40 then? If we can just disregard it when it doesn't fit a narrative we have about a player?
  6. Slow? He ran a faster 40 than Ladd (Who I also like minus the size)
  7. Tez Walker would be a first round pick in most drafts. Getting him in the 3rd after taking a TE and pass rusher in the 2nd would be amazing
  8. 3rd tier no. Everybody said he was overpaid though.
  9. I don't care how good free agency signings look on paper in March, and I won't care when the reports come out in training camp about how fast X rookie is 'picking up the playbook'.
  10. About 90% of front offices and star players if jailtime was an actual consequence of tampering
  11. Virtually everyone in the NFL has 'great college tape'. It means nothing that he threw a long TD in college. We are yet to see him do it at the NFL level, nevermind consistently. I doubt we ever will.
  12. I don't see how a pass catching RB Bryce can check down to wouldn't be a key ingredient to a turn away. Miles Sanders and Chuba Hubbard are JAGs. The rushing attack sucks and a big reason DEs could pen their ears back nearly every play.
  13. Am I crazy to think a (healthy) Mike Williams makes this team a fringe division contender? That would be three solid vet receivers on the team. Morgan was patched up the O-line. I don't think losing Burns will matter in the long run, and they can use the 2 seconds on either a RB or pass rusher or both and if (huge if) Bryce turns into a competent QB next year the season might not be a disaster.
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