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  1. After thinking about this pick a lot. I believe Frank's career will come down to one thing. Can he hit the three pointer. It opens up his whole offensive game, as well as, shows his versatility. It will open up he entire court if he can make it. Again if. Kemba and Frank pick and pops could be deadly.
  2. Also Classic nipple shorts disappoint
  3. Good. My parents always punished me by taking away pie, and look how I turned out.
  4. Fully guaranteed wouldn't make sense. We could just Franchise him for 2 years if that was the plan.
  5. Shouldn't SCP be watching film?!!!!??
  6. This has turned into a stupid sideshow. He is a good prospect, but he isnt fuging Lebron James.
  7. I am glad that every fanbase deals with it. There are actually real people who question Bill Belicheck and Pete Carrol
  8. Now this is good criticism. Could easily push back and say, this is like people taking up for Gettleman after the Kelvin pick. I think the point that everyone needs to understand is that EVERY TEAM has a weakness. The teams strongest strengths and the weakest weaknesses win playoff games. Patriots weren't perfect, nor were the Seahawks.
  9. Trick scenario. We never let it get to fourth down. Score on third.
  10. Again. You quote his worst time in the 40. He is essentially a KB clone Probably would have been much higher if he had Winston throwing to him and not Gardner. He traded up cause he had a really high grade on the player and thought he wouldn't be there. I am not necessarily defending DG, but it's hard to negatively judge him at them moment. I know that's not what these forums are for, but I hold you in a much higher esteem than normal posters so it aggravates me that you don't seem to look at the big picture. You seem to be reactionary and pompous. I know how smart you are. And maybe I am just saying this cause I happen to think differently. But maybe you could be more skeptical without being so critical.
  11. Goddamn. Shut the fug up about Oline. Repeat after me. You do not reach for need. fug what you think our needs are. You don't know poo.
  12. For Gett to give up his third means he REALLY wanted Funchess. Props to Igo for the insider info. Dude is getting plugged.
  13. I like you as a poster. But it seems you are being super nit picky. Anyone who isn't on your list. You are negative about. Refusing to see the positives. I understand you have a lot of issue with the FO but you seems to be hyper critical and sometimes it seems forced.
  14. Why do people think that having a great defense doesn't benefit Cam more than having a good players on offense. Last 2 years.... would you rather have Russell Wilson and the Seahawks defense or Andrew Luck and his defense. Depends on if you want Cam to be in Superbowls or Probowls.
  15. Go to Luke's draft night and replace his name with Shaq. Same reaction.
  16. Why won't you guys believe Gettleman when he says he will stick to his board.
  17. Wow. I really must a mis remembered that. Apologies. #worstargumentever
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