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  1. Sanders and Cam ain't even in the same galaxy. Sanders will have to have a Jayden Daniels-type breakout to go #1. With the team Colorado is trotting out there, I don't see it. The thing he does have going for him is the Big XII next year is not the SEC, but even with that fact, I don't see a nearly 5000 all purpose yard season and Hesiman win in the cards.
  2. The issue is that there aren’t any elite QB prospects next year. I think his leash is longer than a lot of fans realize…
  3. Couldn’t go into the season with our RB room, but trading back up for a RB is head scratching.
  4. I know this is about Legette, but I can't get over what a legend Luke was/is. We were unbelievably fortunate to watch him suit up for the Panthers.
  5. I honestly believe Caleb Williams is a bust.
  6. The sad part is that fans with Photoshop often produce way better looking unis than teams with their massive redesign budgets and marketing firms.
  7. Agree with you here. It's critical that Canales harp on team culture and team building. I believe he will, hence why I'd be comfortable with the pick.
  8. 1000% worth the risk. 1st round talent in the 3rd-4th rounds? Sign me up.
  9. Texans and Broncos updates were turrible. Broncos throwbacks, though, were a thing of beauty. Should be their primaries.
  10. Very deep WR class. I think there are very good players sprinkled among the 4th-5th round ranges as well. Barker from UCF, Thrash from UL, etc.
  11. Tremble and a drafted TE would have good potential. I think this is an underrated TE class. Not as good a last year, no, but I think some steals are going to come out of it. Time will tell…
  12. Good depth. Still need edge help in the draft. Isaac is tempting at the 39 slot. If we went Frazier and Isaac with the first two picks, I would be thrilled.
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