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  1. Watched a lot of his snaps and saw every snap he played at Tennessee and I'm not seeing that on tape at all...
  2. Video in question. Starts at 46:33.
  3. Completely a chemistry issue with his new WRs. Threw those passes with ease at Bama.
  4. Corral absolutely needs reps to see what he's got. If he shows something in camp/preseason, you may be able to get OK trade capital for him.
  5. I hear you, but we missed on elite prospects the majority of our drafts since 2011. A few of the names that were there for one/both of our picks over the years to make your stomach turn: Klay Thompson Kawhi Leonard Jimmy Butler Bradley Beal Damian Lillard Khris Middleton CJ McCollum Giannis Antetokounmpo Rudy Gobert Nikola Jokic Devin Booker Pascal Siakam Dejounte Murray Malcolm Brogdon Donovan Mitchell Bam Adebayo John Collins Dillon Brooks Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (instead of trading the pick) Moral of the story, we've been atrocious at talent identification and player development since the inception of the Bobcats. And FO hiring decisions appear to be prolonging that trend, at least until MJ is bought out and we can get rid of all of the yes men in the building.
  6. Nice. Now let's retire that thing after a 15+ season HOF career.
  7. He would be an incredible asset for us. His preparation and knowledge of the LB position and defense would be hugely beneficial. That said, he seems pretty happy with the retired life and I wouldn't blame him for continuing that life in the slightest!
  8. Hanging out at the house with with some pizza and ice cold brewskis. My son is ecstatic about watching it together, and I'm taking advantage of that while I can. Going to be a good night!
  9. With Maye's small sample size, I'd still have to say Young. His processing and feel for the position are incredible, especially for such a young guy. Maye has all of the physical tools, but I think he still has a lot to prove to be a top 5 pick.
  10. ESPN and bigtime sports media is dying. Content creators on YT and streaming platforms are the next wave. Disney knows this and I would assume these moves are to free up capital to invest in modern platforms/programming.
  11. Happy for Cam in anything he pursues, and I definitely want him to retire as a Panther. The joy he brought to the Carolinas and to the franchise were unparalled. That said, I think Cam should hang it up and doesn't need to back anyone up. He should enjoy retirement and the fruits of his labor and spend time with his growing family... That's true happiness anyway.
  12. Without a doubt the mayonnaise incident justifies the hate. There’s just no way to sugarcoat it…
  13. I can't imagine the amount Burrow will command...
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