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  1. The one thing we have to wonder... they are now about to have dinner with 2 physical specimen( Levis and Richardson) soon. I wonder will they start to look at the fact that Stroud is the combination of all 3 in ways. Stroud is the only prospect that has the smarts and accuracy like Young and not as big but closer to the size of the other 2. I think that could very well be a deciding factor. Your investment has to hold up. If Myles Garrett comes around the corner and hit Stroud, the chances of him bouncing back would be ok. If he does that to Young, it could destroy him and now here we are looking at another investment scenario.
  2. Most definitely bro!!! I can honestly say I'm good with whichever route they go!! We haven't had this many component offensive minds on a staff ever. I truly believe they will be beneficial to any of the Qbs being mentioned!!
  3. The way I'm seeing it... Size is playing a factor and I'd bet you got 40 pct saying Stroud and 40 pct saying Richardson and the 20 pct saying Young. Who knows but this is going to be interesting starting with these pro days!!!
  4. Common sense says the Texans don't want to deal with Stroud bc the agent he has represented Watson... so if Houston really wants Young... this would cause the ultimate scenario to transpire where we could drop 1 spot and take Stroud and gain a pick or 2.
  5. Sometimes the agents really overplay their hand! I liked him but to me Sanders is a more complete back. Now If we have Foreman and Sanders.... thats nasty
  6. The problem that could arise for Chicago is that they may not net as much capital if they move to 2 and then we just trade to the 3 with the Cards. It'd be a gamble because I'm sure to trade to 2 won't net them that much in return from Houston.
  7. You have to take a risk at some point! Each year they say the next group of qbs are going to be better but by the time the media pundits and draft gurus nitpick, you are left with only 2 guys with hype usually. It never failed it seems. If Frank and crew see they guy THEY want and agree on it... go get him...
  8. I feel the same. Year after year we spend capital on scrubs or we just play it safe. Could of moved up a couple spots and got Herbert. It's time for them to pinpoint and stop gambling on outcast and develop our own. I'm for certain veterans but we can't continue to play these games with the Qb spot. Especially now that we have our 1st Offensive minded coach.
  9. If he went to the Jets and then Indy and Vegas traded for Rodgers, the Qb market for us looks a whole let better for options.
  10. It would require a bunch of digging from our front office. It's more going on from both sides that none of us know. Ed Reed spoke on the fact that Baltimore has a great front office but feels Lamar needs a change of scenery because he feels slighted. Some speculate that he really didn't want as much as drawn up and just wanted out no matter what. I'll say this tho, with Wilson and Watson contracts last offseason and their performances after... Any team trading for him has valid reasons to negotiate a better contract.
  11. Fields has his question marks but that was some good stats to compare. I will say... playing in Chicago with that wind(weather) will also neglect any Qb stats in Chicago. I still rank it as the worst spot for a Qb to play. You will scale the playback back on days of horrid wind but with not a bunch of talent... horrible combination!!
  12. A big part of me thinks this is Carolina returning the favor that happened with them coming in and driving up the Watson stuff. I'm pretty sure the more we drive his price up, the less the Saints have to spend. Who knows but interested to see how this shakes out.
  13. I like Burns but sometimes I wonder because he gets missing. Look at Reddick, he seems to always be hitting home. Barno showed potential that last game but I wonder what the new DC thinks. Denver lost Von Miller and traded Chubb and still found a way to get home. I wonder are they thinking about every scenario. If Scott says in on Every deal .... and we traded McCaffrey, then anything is possible. They may think they can get someone like Yannick for half the price.
  14. I think a bug component to that is the Qb carousel in free agency/trade. If Vegas gets Aaron and Saints get Carr. Then Jimmy G wherever he lands (hearing Indy) things could get interesting.
  15. Yannick is the guy we should target! I agree with everything else too!
  16. As good as Evero could be, I don't want him. If we do good this year, he will most likely jet the next year and raid our staff. I'd rather find a guy that's a good coordinator and will remain more than a year. Tired of the high turnover.
  17. Idk why I thought they had pick 10 but it goes to the Eagles. Got ya!!
  18. Being that the Saints love to troll us... we better trade up for a top pick if we want someone asap.... they now have ammunition to go get a qb too!!
  19. That's why I said use Chinn as the ss(like Kam) that's closer to the line of scrimmage and going out to find the Free Safety(like Earl Thomas) he wants!
  20. Scott said he wants a ball hawk safety... so putting Chinn in the Kam Chancellor role and going after a TRUE ball hawk safety would be huge.
  21. It's misinformation season for sure but this could also be those that have studied our scouting habits. These scouts can easily look at contingent numbers and assume. I'm pretty sure that we have invested plenty of time prior to Reich on this crop of qbs.
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