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  1. Exactly!! It makes me think they waiting on someone because why else would it go this far into the draft.
  2. I agree he started out slow. I think his situation was the usual Clifford stigma before he actually got a chance. His timing was off bc Orlando went out and signed Carter and practically had to play him at 5. Minutes under the new regime showed he was a very solid player but they botched his development early on and now he peaking but doesn't fit them. Bamba will thrive at his next stop if he gets burn and a team that believes in him.
  3. I definitely have the same logic!! I agree entirely!!! The bonus is he spaces the floor too, so the offense wouldn't get crowded in the paint. Pick n Roll and Pick and Pop would be critical.
  4. With the Magic getting the 1st pick, MO is likely to leave. With all the big men that's available, this is the one I'd love to take a shot on. Still young and will have a true point guard to help. He fits the timeline of the other players. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.talkbasket.net/144963-mo-bamba-is-likely-to-leave-orlando-in-free-agency%3famp=1
  5. Looks Like Mitch is here to stay a lil longer. This guy turned Graham(2nd rounder) into the 15th pick in this draft and dug us out of Cho mess. He has definitely has been a bonus to the Hornets!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/33946746/charlotte-hornets-gm-mitch-kupchak-signs-multiyear-contract-extension%3fplatform=amp
  6. Looking at cost and his ability to plug n play now... he has to be at the top of the board. No offense to Nick or any other center. I like Kai but he needs time and may be better suited as the 4 man.
  7. Mark checked in at 7 2 in shoes .... definitely who we should be looking at....
  8. Most definitely. Gobert name comes up but Ayton makes sense age wise. Only way Gobert makes sense, is to allow Kai to develop for 3 years and let him take over. If we get Ayton, you Groom Kai as the 4 spot.
  9. I could definitely see that scenario too or he could go elsewhere and flame put and get put even further back. I've seen both scenarios, so no telling but I'm sure any talks with Mike have had to be linked to an successor. I'd imagine his assistants at each stop have been mentioned. If you look around the league, it's not a bunch of positions open honestly.
  10. Definitely and another guy who name keeps coming up in coaching cycles.
  11. Bc it'd be with the promise to take over the reigns. Ham worked with Mike in Los Angeles and both were hired by Mitch. Give him the label Asst Head Coach and etc.
  12. With Listening to Rhule give the long explanation about Sean Payton rumors, it's definitely something being discussed. I'm sure he has talked with Fitterer and I think they are on the same page at the moment. At some point I'm sure they weren't on the same page but it sounds like they both looking at a vet to bring in. If anything, I could see Darnold getting the boot if they could get it done.
  13. I think if we can get Ham to come over as Defensive specialist coach or another vet d minded coach to pair, we would be ok.
  14. Cade Mays getting love from Greg btw!!!
  15. Possible they are still holding out hopes. I'd bet that Deshaun won't play but if somehow Baker makes his way on this team, the talk will go wild for weeks before the season. I'm rooting for the rookie but no telling how the QB spot shakes out.
  16. I think it's Kai n Thor.... but I feel you!!
  17. No problem bro!! Him and Simms got a followup on the interview today btw.
  18. I think he could too and it's gonna be interesting to see how the wr room shakes out in those regards.
  19. If this was a Rhule interview, I would believe that. Scott has been pretty transparent in his thought process. I haven't seen him walk much back like Rhule has.
  20. I think the biggest component helping Matt is Ben bringing in a new scheme. This dude cosigned off on Matt and more than likely Taylor the offense to his strengths. Ben knows that if he nails it with Matt, his odds of eventually getting another gig goes way up. Is easier to get more credibility watching a rookie progress over 2 years, than a 4 year QB reclamation project.
  21. These names are on my list. Most everyone in here seems to want to see Marshall take the next step. Nixon and Hoskins improvement is also vital.
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