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  1. They visited with him like 6 times it seems... its clear they worked him extensively and something they saw behind the scenes really clicked. I'd keep an eye on Rattler or even Milton as a late qb too but Leggettes value as a returner and Deebo role will be his role initially.
  2. At this point... PAYTON WILSON... then bpa wr/tight end at 39
  3. If Brock gets to the 20s... it got to be on their mind. He alters both run n pass game instantly!! Plug n play!! Trade Horn if you have to and sign Gilmore.
  4. Yeah I watched the Underdog thing and the Deebo stuff if they have a role is where that comes in... Still have to see how the board falls because somebody will drop that we aren't expecting. Happens every year.
  5. I do know the new Kickoff rules really helped his stock and they do like him but.... If Payton Wilson is there at 33... that'd be my bet to get selected 1st. Dan talking about bringing an identity and building a team vs just for Bryce, lends me to believe that's their guy if there. The other factor, at least 3 guys we aren't expecting will slide within distance. You'd be hard pressed to not move up if Bowers or someone like Rodunze get to the mid 20s. That pick 39 will still hold high wr value.
  6. It's crazy you mentioned him because I had read an article about Bowers and Sanders watching tape on La Porta and a bunch of the same pros an cons match up. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2024/03/01/tight-end-prospects-inspired-by-success-of-detroit-lions-sam-laporta/72803619007/
  7. Brock is legit but multiple reports have Sanders testing well and showing massive upside. Him and Kinnot rind me of Kittle coming out and wouldn't be surprised that he turns out ok. A bunch of times the Texas oline was leaking and he learned to stop on routes early and when the qb would scramble, he'd make himself available. Working your way back to the qb is a skillset that's needed. I wouldn't be opposed but could see multiple scenarios in round 2. I could see olb and center being bpa possibly but we definitely have to get pretty weapons on offense.
  8. Definitely tested well and blocks and catches. I could see him or Sanders turning into Kittle.
  9. The dude is very fluid at that spot and has great size!
  10. Definitely on my mind and being this is a deeper wr than te draft... the drop off from Sanders to the next tight end (Kinnot)ain't too bad but after that we would be reaching. Sanders presents a mismatch from the tight end position and since Gre has left, we definitely feel that void. I'd bet late 2nd all the way to 4th round will present wr starting options.
  11. I understand what you mean but this dude is a bona-fide weapon. Tight End has always been a young qbs beat friend outside of the run game too. I'm not saying we will draft him but I'm pretty sure it's being discussed.
  12. I know its been a ton of talk about different wide receivers in the draft but I think Sanders has potential to be a stud. Apparently there is some interest in the Texas TE. Tight End is and will always be the most important position in a great offense. You have a stud Tight End and the rest of the offense becomes more dynamic. Could he be the pick at 33 or 39? His grade is 2/3rd round with some scouts preferring him over Bowers in this class. https://sports.yahoo.com/panthers-reportedly-bringing-texas-te-174555547.html https://youtu.be/excIVEeZ8_8?si=lrBWHLfKShKX2llF
  13. I feel you but Deions remarks make me think he'd not want his son around Tepper.
  14. Exactly!!! Every year going into round 2 the bpa always has about 5 guys that slid further than expected. This year has a ton of talent to be sitting there. Hard to pass until we see what's there.
  15. If Mitchell is there, he is the no brainer. A route runner with size and speed to do anything on the field. I love a bunch of the wrs but he has went to the front of my list so far.
  16. Mitchell ... Ladd and Leggette all got potential to be ranked just as high than guys going in round 1 outside of Harrison Jr to me. Just depends on if any or all reach their potential. All seem like they are dedicated to to the game too. Mitchell honestly reminds me of a mix of the 2 btw.
  17. So Jamie Robinson, Horn, Wonnum and possibly Clowney... Leggette very well could be the pick in round 2 but I think he may be the 39th pick. 33 I have a feeling will be Chop Robinson or the Clemson corner if they drop that far. 3rd round should be tight end or center. Random thinking but hope we do get Clowney. I think him and Wonnum present a big upgrade from last year!
  18. Bro... this!!! Dude needs to be incorporated in our offense. Every pass that Bryce made to him, he turned it into a positive play!!
  19. You'd think him and Wonnum(both USC alumni)have talked about possibly pairing up and coming back home...
  20. Exactly!!! I like Higgins but this is a wr rich draft and Higgins will command a lil coin in this market. Pair Bryce (who has to show improvement) or a new qb next year with a young wr stud.
  21. 2 2nds this year would honestly be like 2 1st with the positions we need and the depth at wr and oline in that round. We could possibly net 3 starters with our 2nd and 2 more.
  22. Facts!!! Thielen spoke so highly of him and you could tell it was genuine. He saw in himself in him as a dude flying under the radar. I'm sure Canales spotted him while going through the tape. Our offense was so bad and he definitely flashed more than anybody outside of Adam.
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