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  1. 24-7 and I'm still nervous as fug, I guess last week's effect is still going.
  2. Please please please DO NOT SLOW DOWN even if we are 50-0
  3. When Cam doesn't have weapons, he creates his weapons.
  4. My stomach is such a mess right now, please Panthers win tonight.
  5. What happens if they go to OT? our game gets delayed?
  6. Why can't we freaking finish a game early??? Yeah we will win, but this team can't expect to win a Super Bowl by letting people come back in games. Rivera keeps saying we can't do this anymore, and yet they do it.
  7. PU will make a post about how bitching about the Seahwaks was just part of his plan, just like when douche Arians said the lost against Seattle was part of his plan.
  8. We need to give them a quick 3 and out , and score at least 3 points to demoralize them.
  9. They faced mediocre teams, this is the 1st PPG team showing them how "good" their defense is.
  10. If you are the Seattle Seahawks losing by 24 is great...... this fuging media lol
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