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  1. This team gives off 2016 vibes. fuging hell we suck. Where the fug AHO? The guy is non existent. I fear rod is going to have to change us to have a chance. We fuging suck.
  2. Koochie is worse than Ned. Hot take
  3. Put in Freddie. Jesus Christ we suck
  4. This poo is over. Koochie sucks. Anderson sucks. This team is out first round. fire Waddell.
  5. Should Waddell be fired if we flame out early in the playoffs?
  6. God good Koochie. This one is over already.
  7. But Hopkins is a proven pros pro that is still all pro level. 2nd round pics at WR have never worked for us. I’d trade a 2nd for Nuke right fuging now.
  8. I was thinking this. Ever since KK started getting more physical, his points and goals have increased. KK could be our secret weapon if he keeps getting better.
  9. Pressure to win and management. Should have sat him until the playoffs.
  10. Big one is Maple town. This is the first game the canes haven’t been favored in a long time. When Slavin was out. 7-7. When aho was out 8-8. Without 37….let’s see. big game. Let’s win another for the Svech.
  11. My gut tells me 2-2 on that trip. My heart tells me 3-1. My Caniac brain says fugem all 4-0 baybay!
  12. Devils lose in OT! We now are up a point with 2 games in hand.
  13. Yep. Probably having a completely different conversation right now.
  14. I disagree. As a boarderline redneck myself. Ric flair is a Carolina treasure. Woooooooo!
  15. Baker was the absolute worst qb Ive ever seen minus pickles. Tampa can lick both 2 day old non showered balls after 8 miles a day of running.
  16. I’d I would I could. But at least we got people talking!
  17. KK is on fire right now. If his play keeps up he could become what he was drafted to be.
  18. That’s how you do it!!! Team hockey and a win vs a good team.
  19. Go get Hopkins and sign Theien and we will actually have a good WR corps!
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