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  1. All I know is if I were the HC, I'd be watching the run plays where Seattle used the TE's in the backfield. That is a more modern concept in the run game that Frank is lacking. He is relying on our line which has a rookie and a series of cast offs at guard to road grade and have the HB slip in a hole on either the A or B gap 90% of the time he is running the ball. If you are going to keep Thomas, Gio, and Tremble active on gamedays you need to use them. Shoot, they aren't catching the ball. Heck I don't think Ian Thomas remembers how to do that, at least put them in position to make effective blocks. Everyone is all hyped about passing the ball, but look at SF, Mia, Cleveland, and Buffalo. All of those teams are running the ball effectively. If you called up Tarik or kept Blacksheer active on game days the Panthers could have a very good backfield by committee with Sanders, Chuba, and Black/Choen. Chuba was out carried by Viska, but Chuba also had more receiving targets than Viska too! Frank needs to stop playing F*ck it and Chuck it. Obviously the current strength of our team is not in the WR corps. Run the freaking ball with creativity to open up the passing game. Get out of the spread and work in play-action along with the RPO. He needs to be the HC and not the OC. It is too much for one person to handle effectively in the modern NFL. Let Brown call the shots and provide feedback and direction like a true head coach should do. This team is running the gauntlet with injuries, but is better than the product they are putting out on the field. If they are able to establish the run against the Vikings they can beat them. The Vikings defense gave up well over 100 yds to the Cardinals running and were absolutely gashed by the Eagles. If we establish the run, we keep the Viking offense off of the field. Plain and simple. Who's going to cover Jefferson and Hockensen? That is the only hope for a W.
  2. If Tom Brady is considered the "master of the QB sneak" I don't see any reason Bryce can't do the same. Heck look who is in 2nd place, the QB who Bryce is most often compared to. https://operations.nfl.com/gameday/analytics/stats-articles/tom-brady-master-of-the-qb-sneak/
  3. I remember last year KC started out looking like trash and cleaned it up. At the risk of placing my foot in my mouth, I don't see them rallying this year. Andy Reid is going to have to provide some serious smoke and mirrors.
  4. That's because the Colts and Texans are playing each other. Wait until we play both those teams. Then you can fully state who was the better pick. I think AR15 is going to have a few good years, maybe even special, but Bryce may be the better long term option.
  5. I wouldn't be against getting HR for a conditional 7th rounder, however, with AT19 on the team his role on the team would be as a back up or show that signing AT19 was a mistake, which I feel it wasn't if AT19 is used properly. I think the big challenge for the panthers is to develop Ihmir Smith-Marsette into something usable on offense. The dude ran a 4.42 40 yard dash. That shows he has enough speed to take the top off a defense, or at least take one defender out of the equation. I think once he is fully up to speed on the playbook you will see him as a larger part of the game plan. If, by mid season, we have Chark on one side, Mingo on the other, AT19 in the slot and using Marsette as our other speed guy in 4 or 5 wide sets, our offense will look much better. TMJ is built to be a bog over the middle/goal line/sideline catch guy. He isn't going to be a deep threat. Unless he gets in better shape and learns a more defined route tree he isn't a game changer.
  6. At least he's not employing the same social media strategy as Kai Jones.
  7. We still have one extra roster spot, I see someone getting elevated and Corral being offered a practice squad spot. If her doesn't take it, his NFL career is essentially over. No one is claiming him on waivers after week one.... I could see him trying to latch on Arizona's practice squad and his career will be over by the end of the season.
  8. I picked up both him and CMC in mine. I need some panther magic
  9. You need to add Hurst to that equation..... From what I saw of Mingo in the pre-season, I'm pretty confident for him to go 6 catches for 70-80 yards. He'll likely do more damage over the middle where Atlanta is weak. If Terell will be on one of the X or Y receivers we still have access to the other side of the field and the middle. If you have a solid TE (Hurst), well above average RB (Sanders), and a mid/dependable WR on the other side covered by a collection of JAG's, I'm not too worried about our offense. Our line needs to hold Grady Jarret in check. I am not scared of a 38 year old DE, a nobody DE, and the ghost of Bud Dupree. Their coverage at CB and nickel outside of Terell is trash. Jessie Bates is a very good safety, but I don't see his as a game changer without other working parts around him. Our biggest concern should be; can we stop the run enough so Atlanta doesn't have total control of the clock. If we can avoid 3rd and short or large chunk runs at inopportune times, we should be good. If we can keep the TOP even(ish) and score at least 21 pts I see us coming up with a W.
  10. This team is coached at a level that surpasses the three other teams in our division. Bryce is more polished than Ritter. Even without Burns, our defense is, at worst, even. We have better pass coverage and better linebackers. If TMJ or Chark play, we have an advantage in the receiving game. Offensive line play is at worst a slight advantage to Atlanta. I imagine this being a close game, but anything outside of a win would be a legitimate disappointment.
  11. In Madden I traded Burns for Bosa because of his contract demands. This AI is telling the future. All seriousness, I don't think Burns sits out the Atlanta game. If money is that important, he's not giving up nearly a million dollar game check at a less than 6% tax rate. He really has no incentive to sit out and control the narrative that he is a team first player. The only way I see him sitting out is if there is ZERO movement from the original tender in the contract talks. The Crosby deal is not really a good option for comparison. Only 50% of that contract is guaranteed. Burns will be looking at something north of TJ Watts deal. Watt signed his deal in 2021. If you increased Crosby's deal for inflation and you are looking at $27.5 million per year average. If you offer Burns 4 years, 115 Million, 80million guaranteed that is fair market price and doable. This will allow Burns to go for an extension after year 3 or become a trade commodity the last year of his deal. BEFORE BRYCE NEEDS TO RE-UP!!!!!! If Burns is looking north of 30 million per season, that amount which is fully guaranteed needs to be altered to protect against injury or decline. I would not guarantee more than Watt was given.
  12. If I am one of the front office personnel here is what I am thinking..... For the Haynes spot, either we elevate Leota or I am signing Isiah Thomas off the Browns practice squad. I'm leaning towards the Thomas signing. If we sign a player off the practice squad we need to roster him for 3 weeks. That gives Thomas a try out and we protect Leota from possible waivers on good showings. The second roster spot that is open I'm still holding out for a big body at NT. Maybe Chris Wormly?
  13. Give me Book or Kellen Mond
  14. By the way, I'm really not trying to be too douchey.... I have the day off, a sleeping kid, and drank about a pot of coffee. If I'm bored and I tend to be more opinionated.
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