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  1. When I was younger and more optimistic, I used to think "diamond in the rough." Now? I don't see any way in hell that this dude makes the team.
  2. So, it's who you know, but not what you know... I'm kidding. You've been a good Huddler FWIW. Hopefully that's inclusive of your mod responsibilities. I haven't been paying enough attention to judge. I do appreciate your insights though.
  3. Honestly, I have no problems with being fixated on a player. If the FO is on board, which it sounds like it was, at least for now, then I don't see the problem. Every FO in this league develops a preference or preferences during draft season. I think that you're assuming that there were better options analytically, but X could easily be deemed the best of those options depending upon one's perspective. They loved him for specific reasons. Now, they must put their plan in action.
  4. Damn, all that gear. My son just gave me a hoodie and a heavy sweatshirt for Father's Day...I'd be good as long as they stay in the Carolinas. Yeah, that's my first thought, so bite me, and get off my grass.
  5. What happened to Kurb? It'd be cool if y'all could at least fix some things. I'm still unable to get into my original account because the system will not send a recovery password. From time to time, I just go and put different passwords in hoping that I'll hit. It's frustrating as hell because I signed out by mistake. Hell, I don't even know if I remember the password to this alt. It's a waste of server space.
  6. Damn, I even forgot the Olympics were this year. Shows how much live TV I actually watch. Thanks, I plan to enjoy... especially track and field. For anyone that doesn't like Sha'Carri, bite me!
  7. But I wouldn't call Brooks your quintessential project; he's a talented back that needs to convalescence in order to get on the field. Playing RB is honestly one of the easiest positions to learn relative to some others (even linemen). It's even easier if you already have good fundamentals as it pertains to blocking (which Brooks has displayed). I don't see Brooks as a project as much as I see him as a gamble due to his injury, and he isn't even a big gamble if NFL doctors are correct about their prognosis.
  8. No, I'm just waiting to see what we have this year without making assumptions. Any Panthers fan, if not NFL fan, knows that you don't truly know what you have until some point after the season begins. Add in the development necessary at some positions, and it could take a few years. It wasn't so long ago that people were calling Brown a bust. I'm waiting to see what happens. That being said, if Bryce doesn't get his act together a lack of clarity will probably be cast upon many.
  9. Not really. You're just making assumptions, but I get it. Until there is some actual improvement, lots of Panthers fans are going to be negative about everything, and all moves will be wrong...until they aren't.
  10. I disagree. No one is going out of their way to draft an RB in the first round unless they are a first round talent. There have been multiple drafts where no back was taken at all in the first round. Teams don't draft an RB in the first round because they're hard up for a an RB, weak class or not, they draft RBs in the first round because they believe that the RB is a game-changing back who generally can play all three downs if necessary without a second thought. Now you can argue that Brooks is not that guy, but many believe that he is. Before he suffered the injury, he was on a first round trajectory, and that's nowhere near a hot take.
  11. Just like Clowney said, the team feeds off of the energy of the QB. The fact that Bryce is soft-spoken doesn't bother me, but he has to be saying, first, something that materially matters, and, second, in a manner---soft spoken or not---that inspires his teammates.
  12. I mean, it's easy to discount the prevailing thought that if healthy Brooks was probably going to go in the first round. We took a chance, only inasmuch as he had an Injury, but with his prognosis judged to be pretty positive, we may have acquired a first round talent---thay is, a game-changing three-down back in the second round. As questionable as our talent is at the position, I have no issue with it. We aren't developing into a powerhouse in one season, so we can afford to take a chance.
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