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  1. I've seen your post bro you said that poo
  2. You know nothing about football and you're a homer lmao Fitt won't be here any longer than you so you got that covered
  3. You don't know anything about me so you don't know how old I am I remember Clausen and that was still a better move than Sam Darnold now name a good move Fitt has made? I'll fuging wait man
  4. He's wrong lol just like he said Bryce wasn't showing enough ok bro
  5. Scott is better? His draft resume is poo and he has never won a trade lmao a 2nd and 4th for Darnold and guaranteed contract? LMFAOOO a third for henderson?!?! MOVING UP FOR CORAL?!? OK
  6. Lol said the same about Keith Taylor and Shi Smith look where they are
  7. You can keep blindly defending the franchise how's that worked out for you the past 5 years?
  8. Hurney and Gettleman both took us to the Super Bowl don't kid yourself they are way better this clown can't even make the playoffs in the weakest division in NFL history LOL BUM!
  9. So you can't? Gotcha I don't care about other teams I care about the Panthers and he is a terrible GM lol all his moves are horse poo and backfire on us I mean look at this roster after having top 15 picks every year there is no excuse for it to be as bare bones as it is
  10. Name one good trade or draft pick he has had past the 3rd round I'll wait
  11. You're propping him up for moving on from a 7th round receiver who's been on the team for four years? ok
  12. An honest conversation about Fitt needs to be had.. he is the worst drafter in the league he sucks trading as well I think he might be the worst gm in the NFL no wonder he couldn't get a job and had to take the job as a glorified team manager he stinks
  13. All those guys were half his size if that hell it might've been a fellow huddler kid for all we know
  14. I agree Reich ass got run out of town last year with a way better team and he's still doing the same poo smh.
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