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  1. the o-line is worse from last year and is practically unchanged, this didn't start today
  2. I regret not bullying the Brycers more What did anyone see in this dude?
  3. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/lists/panthers-texans-week-8-2023-pff-grades-bryce-young-adam-thielen-brian-burns/
  4. Looking at that screenshot...this guy might actually be Jerry Richardson
  5. No it was more the thing where he deliberately sabotaged and tanked the team after the leading the owner strike in 2011. Also the league didn't stab him in the back- he voluntarily left in shame
  6. This has always been a poverty franchise, we don't need to act like it wasn't under Richardson. Dude did not give a fug about Charlotte/Carolina and consistently pledged his loyalty to the NFL corporation over anything else.
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