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  1. Don't know if this been shared but I just watched it... The optimism I have for this team...no for myself. As a fan who constantly gets disappointed in their teams decision making when they're bad but when they're making good decisions I find my life to be a little easier for me to make good decisions. Bryce was the best decision this team has made ever and the new philosophy of Offense makes me want to be more proactive instead of reactive. We will win a Superbowl with this kid no doubt
  2. Even as a diehard Young supporter I can't help it......
  3. I'm really loving this pick now, just found out the saints were going pick him at 40
  4. You know what I find so funny looking back at comments, at one point 18% wanted Young and that ended up being CJ test scores
  5. ...I got kicked... O well can't have it all...
  6. If we draft Flowers in the 2nd....I'm 2/2
  7. Oh boy...Bucs already trying kill my boy..smh...bring it on Damn that was a good pick... shyt
  8. Am I wrong but didn't 31 teams pass on him for 2 rds... before he landed HERE My bad 32...I mean we did take Ickey in the 1st...lol
  9. After drafting Young we are guaranteed the playoffs in this weak division... NFC Championship game...I say... How many SBs do we win in the next 5 years... I'm thinking at least 2.
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