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  1. Mostly watched the Braves huge come back win against the Mets winning on a walkoff home run on the 10th. But did tune in on the Vegas-Panthers game and saw the OT winner. If Panthers take game 4 at home sheetz gonna be on!
  2. Key 2023 Off-season Dates for the Canes https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/key-2023-offseason-dates-for-the-carolina-hurricanes/c-344658270
  3. Waddell has said Canes need to get a little heavier. Yet we just signed signed our 5’8” 175 lb draft pic haha. He can skate and score though.
  4. Anyone saying Freddie “chokes” when the game is on the line hasn’t looked at his playoff stats against other goalies. Of goalies with at least 4 games in the playoffs Freddie ranks: #2 of 21 goalies in Goals Against Average at 1.83 #6 of 21 goalies in save percentage at 0.927 Two of the games vs panthers we lost at the end of the game 5 on 4 panthers PP. Freddie was solid in the playoffs and I hope to see him back. You just aren’t going to bring up a rookie who plays better and if a goalie is going to be available at the trade that’s better then fine, look at his stats and let’s talk. https://www.quanthockey.com/nhl/seasons/nhl-goalies-playoff-stats.html
  5. Interesting article on the Athletic about the Hurricanes off-season https://theathletic.com/4552857/2023/05/25/carolina-hurricanes-offseason-contracts/?amp=1
  6. When Svechnikov had surgery mid-march, it was estimated 6-9 months to heal. Taking the 9 month period, Svech could be back early January, maybe sooner. Never know about these things though. Not sure about the prospects of Pacioreti returning.
  7. I really think we need another scorer and another Martinook only, I would hate to see a major retool.
  8. At least I have Braves baseball to carry me into Panthers football and in to the Canes next season.
  9. With Svechnikov and Pacioretti we would have won this series handily. Without them we got what Waddell didn’t pay for at the TDL. Proud the boys made it this far.
  10. Two games in a row the refs handed panthers a penalty on the Canes at the end of the game while ignoring panther dirty trash to go uncalled all game. Im done with this trash, hope Vegas beats Florida and the refs cause that’s what they’ll have to do.
  11. frustrating ending. See ya next season.
  12. goalie interference fug these refs how do the always call a penalty on the canes at the end of the game and ignore panthers trash all game
  13. Pretty sure he’s still playing wounded
  14. BS that wasn’t a follow through on aho he looked as he swung back fuggin dirty
  15. Bad luck. That’s my one complaint about burnsey, as good as he is he often doesn’t look ahead before hee fires that rocket and it gets blocked 10 ft in front of him
  16. I didn’t see the hit on Slavin, Bennett right? Clean hit or dirty?
  17. I can’t stomach the TNT desk jockeys again so not tuning in until the game starts. Listening to 99.9 The Fan pregame, Maniscalco is on.
  18. Conversely then, it will be Bobs fault if we win tonight? haha If. we win I’m gonna credit the Canes.
  19. Fine with me, if we win panther fans can’t use that as an excuse.
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