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  1. What a bump in Kotchetkov’s stats 1 game like this makes, stopping 44 of 44!
  2. That’s gonna raise his stats for sure
  3. Panthers 11 game away win streak ends at PNC woooo!
  4. lol even Kotch jumped into the pile
  5. what was Staal thinking thinking there no reason to be raising his stick
  6. Kotch about to give the fans a heart attack there lol. Simmah down son.
  7. Mrazek pulled soon let’s get an empty netter
  8. Yep gotta play the 3rd like it means something - and it does.
  9. Bedard robbed of a good play by the offside. I like it.
  10. Martin got bored there so he fed Chicago the puck and then blocked it lol
  11. Nor do I, I want the canes to win by a big margin. More goals please.
  12. Nice backhand for Chicago to get on the board. Canes need to play the 3rd like it means something to stop Chicagos momentum at the end of 2.
  13. Necas! The man is on fire lately! Excellent pass by Tony D
  14. MIN 10 CUCKS 7, crazy game. Cucks lead 4-1 at one point, Wild scored 7 goals in the third. Three hat tricks in the game lol.
  15. woah a penalty on the other team a rarity!
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