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  1. Hope Brett and Brady decide to play a little faster tonight. Show some hustle/heart!!! Play with speed, be active in the neutral zone...don't let the puck come to you. GO GET IT! LETS GO CANES!
  2. Pooly while his scoring hasn't been there he does have potential. I think he's been playing ok but to be on a line with Stepan/Stas isn't going to give anyone much for scoring opportunities. I think we need more speed on the wing opposite of pooly.
  3. Lol I thought it was pretty lame but I could just be a poor sport
  4. Any idea who will carry the 2nd round for the canes TV wise? I assume BSS doesn't have any of the games?
  5. Love watching the bruins crash and burn yet again! All my family is from the new england area so I heard it ALLL yeeah....LOL couldn't happen to a better group of fans IMO.
  6. I think you go with Raanta at home to start. He got you 3 wins in round 1 and the 2 he ended up losing were on flukes. However, I don't want to be the one making that decision!!
  7. Raanta played lights out. Goal to go 2-1 wasn't his fault...goal to go 3-1 was a 2 on 1 after the canes forgot how to skate. Can't blame Rants.
  8. I'll be there!! Lets go Canes!! Canes have to elevate their shot against Sorokin...he's lights out on the low shot...wish I could say the same about a couple goalies I know LOL. Light the lamp tonight boys! Lets go!
  9. Pooly has created a ton of chances for his lines when he's on. I'd also rather see Stepan or Stastny sit. Islanders run a physical game...he's one of the more physical guys on the team.
  10. Let's go Canes!! My son's first baseball game of the season is tonight at 7 lol so I'll tune in where I can. I will be there Wednesday night! Let's get this first W under the belt!
  11. Rockford up 3-0, Iowa tied 1-1. Both games midway through the 2nd.
  12. Rants for some reason can't perform nearly as well on the road. So I think it will be Anderson.
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