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  1. What about Randy if we strike out on clowney?
  2. When are we going to get a TE?
  3. If we gave him 150 million you would have been mad so they did the best thing could do since it wasn’t working . Plus Morgan wasn’t the one who made the choice to keep burns instead of trading him to The rams…. Not much you can do If a player hurt their value but you make countless attempts to work out a deal and they just want more than you are willing to pay….. I hated to see him go but it was needed if he wouldn’t sign a contract with us for a reasonable amount instead of being hell bent on 30 million a year ..No matter what the panthers do y’all will never be happy.
  4. How do you figure? Miles was the best RB on the market also we don’t have a QB. Look the guaranteed money basically the same money we just have a longer deal 1/9 or 3/13
  5. He making big money i’ll pass rather get Hopkins if we playing big money
  6. It’s not about the money it’s fact you can play with an established QB or play with super bowl . Our situation is not great right now because Free agent don’t know who will be throwing them the ball and if they are signing a one year deal what’s is the incentive to sign here over KC or a contender the money is probably going to be the same everywhere same goes for thielen
  7. Your mom said she liked it…. has a lot of character
  8. It’s funny y’all feel this way but clearly the panther went to his workout because they see him as an option remember they are trying to replace DJ at least with signing Odell you can structure the contract so it doesn’t hurt you as much…. Instead of trading for a wideout and giving my draft capital.
  9. Sign Odell and Landry….. by signing both you might be able to get them a more affordable rate, so they can play together…
  10. What Is the Difference Between an Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag? The most common type of franchise tag is the non-exclusive one, which means that NFL players can still negotiate with other teams following the application of the tag. Meanwhile, the exclusive franchise tag prevents players from negotiating with other teams. If the negotiations on a non-exclusive tag lead to a contract offer, then the team applying the franchise tag would have a first right of refusal in terms of matching the offer. If the team applying the tag declines to match the offer sheet, the team proposing the offer would send two first-round NFL draft picks in return for signing the player.
  11. If the Raven franchise tag him and we offer a contract and he accepts and they don’t match…. we only owe them 2 firsts picks? I mean the contract would be crazy but 2 first isn’t bad for a MVP.
  12. Panthers offered Darnold and a 4th for Jimmy and a 5th …. Sf turned it down saying that even thought that would get some cap relief they feel Jimmy value is more in line with 2nd. The Panthers were not willing to add any future picks in the deal…. And also the browns were the team that offered the 2nds for Jimmy G initially when Watson turned them down….with the understanding that the 49ers would take Baker also since it was clear he wanted out. And the 49ers decided not accept the trade because the Browns with not pay any of Bakers contract. The deal was truly dead once Watson came back around picked the browns.
  13. Most of the first year money was paid it signing bonus and verly charged to the first this years cap. when you use workout bonuses and stuff it does count towards the cap because there is chance they dont get them even thought that are likely they will.
  14. Panthers are discussing a trade with the Packers for Jordan Love. Panthers are offering a 4th this year and 3rd next year. Packers want a 2nd next year only… what do y’all think? Jordan love has quietly requested a trade because he knows he will not get a chance to start to in GB after Rodgers extension. I know y’all want sources but at this I can’t say because of how they got the info.
  15. He just wanted to use us for leverage..... just wanted to tell ATL and NO that we were willing to do it so they would. If he said I will come to Charlotte we would have done it. But we now letting him just use us like that.
  16. I think he is perfect LB for what we need as a 3rd linebacker who can cover and our GM knows him well from Seattle. Should come cheap at this point. What y'all think? He is a FA , so we wouldn't have to give up anything for him.
  17. Panthers wanted Trey Lance in the first if they were going to take a QB. Also they had Kellen Mond ranked higher than Justin Fields after working with him in the senior bowl ,he was going to be the our first pick day 2 if not picked by the Vikings once that happened it started the whole trading down game because then it was about getting Sam weapons and protection because at the point they had to be all in. I hear this from a source who is close to one of the members in the war room. Also he said the bears was the only team close to offering what the Panthers wanted for the 8th but moving to back to the 20th would have had us picking a decent player but maybe not a player that could come in and have same projected impact as horn.....a lot of it makes sense but again maybe we may never exactly know how it went down.
  18. Is there anyone left for us to get, or any one from the d league who blocks shots or anything? just asking...,,,
  19. I loved BIZ but the problem was never defense we needed scoring punch and we getting ready for next year with all the cap we are going to have no telling what might might happen.
  20. we gave up a protected 2nd rounder for lamb.....
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