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  1. I think he is perfect LB for what we need as a 3rd linebacker who can cover and our GM knows him well from Seattle. Should come cheap at this point. What y'all think? He is a FA , so we wouldn't have to give up anything for him.
  2. Panthers wanted Trey Lance in the first if they were going to take a QB. Also they had Kellen Mond ranked higher than Justin Fields after working with him in the senior bowl ,he was going to be the our first pick day 2 if not picked by the Vikings once that happened it started the whole trading down game because then it was about getting Sam weapons and protection because at the point they had to be all in. I hear this from a source who is close to one of the members in the war room. Also he said the bears was the only team close to offering what the Panthers wanted for the 8th but moving to b
  3. Is there anyone left for us to get, or any one from the d league who blocks shots or anything? just asking...,,,
  4. I loved BIZ but the problem was never defense we needed scoring punch and we getting ready for next year with all the cap we are going to have no telling what might might happen.
  5. we gave up a protected 2nd rounder for lamb.....
  6. Any hiring or know of somewhere.... I have an up to date resume
  7. Hey Panthers Fans, Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone was hiriing for a buisness or know of anyone hiring. My current role at my job now will be ending soon. I just wanted to know if anyone had anything or knew of anything, I've been applying everywhere, sometimes people know about opening that you can't find just searching the internet. I have a resume if anyone has an leads. Looking in the Charlotte #Keeppounding #PatherNation #JumpBallTwins
  8. Your missing the point he block good for a receiver because of his TE experience.
  9. After really digging we had no choice but to trade because it's all about what you want to do with. A lot of people had him ranked as the #1 or #2 TE in this draft. Which Atlanta might have tried to get him and saints or any team that needed a TE. He is going to pay off for us because he can block like a TE and move like a WR and he knows all the positions. And if he ran anything close to 4.47 that is crazy considering he's 6'5 and 235..... I know he has almost a 40" vert at 6"5 kinda scary....... just sayin.
  10. I was trying to say he got 4 mil.... and I'm sure Nicks got more than the min.... so I rather draft someone.
  11. 4 min a year is vet min for Jennings and I'm sure nick got more than the min also he is not FAST.......
  12. Michael Crabtree visiting the Raiders ...Good career move mike! http://football.realgm.com/wiretap/34729/Michael-Crabtree-To-Visit-Raiders
  13. He is not very bright, which is why no one will commit to him long term...he has all the tools but he has trouble learning concepts and adjusting you just have doing one thing on certain downs.
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