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  1. Normally I love coming around for the draft, but with the number 1 pick there's too much heat. Can't handle it.
  2. ? I don't follow. Do you mean his height?
  3. He's a low level starting center somewhere. Or a less well paid backup (but with a great cash injection these past few years). Life's still good Pat and good for Panthers. Win win.
  4. Not sure I understand the motive, is the money between #1 and 2 that significant? Cause he's gonna be number 2 this year.
  5. I just think they will pivot out of the pick in that case. still cost some draft capital (trade up with Chicago) or a chance at their pick of the top guys.
  6. hmmm. i disagree, respectfully. I think someone (including us) will most certainly try to draft Stroud at 2. The qb's almost always get over drafted, last year notwithstanding.
  7. I just checked. Man that's.....um....puzzling.
  8. Harbaugh would be a quantum leap from Matt "the bum" Rhule.
  9. Auburn fan here, there were times where he looked unbeatable at Auburn, but times where he was downright awful. The most alarming thing is he would melt down emotionally during his bad games and you knew there was no chance. In his defense he had Gus for a coach, who is awful with qb's. But the guy was emotionally volatile. Just not sure I'd be able to trust him. He's also got some accuracy issues. Think he could be a decent backup, nothing more.
  10. I said when he got drafted that it took him until his senior year before he became dominant in college and thought it would take three to four before he lived up to his potential. Glad to see he's on that track. He was so much better his senior year compared to his junior it's nit funny.
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