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  1. If AD Mitchell and McConkey are there I'd take both with those first two picks
  2. He's been called a party animal. Maybe not a case a day, but 6-12 wouldn't surprise me. He's certainly getting rowdy every weekend if he's got that title.
  3. Statistics would say that's true but unfortunately it seems when teams try this method they still draft based off of older school scout attributes and it somewhat defeats it. I have no stats to back this up.
  4. This man is looking for violence....and I like it.
  5. ?! Means wtf, champ. Sorry if i hurt your heart. Maybe next time, I dunno, don't open the thread.
  6. see my above comment. this is an odd interpretation of a share. seems like projection, maybe see someone about that. unhealthy.
  7. Yeah. I could understand one, in the 4th but two just seemed silly given the needs and the positional value.
  8. Walterfootball.com had us taking a RB in the 3rd and 4th!
  9. Everyone's a critic...... so heres my criticism. I'd rather have Pearsall and/or McConkey but otherwise a damn good draft.
  10. I dont remeber what my opinion of him was but it's not my job to accurately scout qbs. They should have done it because THEY are paid to figure poo out.
  11. sometimes it is, sometimes its not. if Morgan can scout, we're good. If he can't we're cooked, but we'd be cooked either way, trade or otherwise cause the root problem is not pick value, its scouting talent.
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