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  1. Chuba is a great running back, but my thinking was we needed a guy like cmc as his backup. Seems like the offense has to shift gears considerably with a different type of runningback, since that player gets so many touches. P.S. of course finding a guy like cmc is easier said than done.
  2. I like how we are trying to upgrade terrible players by bringing more terrible players. Good strategy.
  3. You can see how he makes up for it. Guy is lightning fast matching the DE. His lateral movement is nuts.
  4. It sure as hell wasnt steve emsminger. Guy was coaching high school in alabama.....although he was the passing game coordinator.
  5. Looks like he has tight ankles. Prayers sent.
  6. The kid from Miami - Zion Nelson The kid from Penn State - Rasheed Walker Charles Cross - msstate
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