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  1. That's Lindstrom he's abusing. Hardly a bum. Brown starting to do senior year at Auburn stuff. He took about four years to really figure college out. Seems to the timeline is matching up pretty well.
  2. Which chat do you use, the one i was using flat out won't do predictions.
  3. Had no idea the odds were 25%. It's gotta be softened a bit though, since there sample is so large relative to 7 rounds. But still that's surprising.
  4. I'm not getting ill about it. You are right, the odds are very long on any of these guys that aren't kickers or long snappers.
  5. With respect to kung-fu, this is the first udfa I've ever commented on. I've watched a lot of SEC football. This guy looked like a higher level SEC player before he got hurt. That's a guy that can at least stay on the team imo, if he's fully recovered. A pretty mild prediction in my mind. Those that disagree are entitled to their opinion. WDE.
  6. Watched this guy for two years. He was a plus SEC player. Paired well with Derrick Hall. I think he has a real chance to stick on the roster.
  7. Making my way through the pinned megathreads while I shake off a hangover. Cheers to you good sir.
  8. In order to do this message board thing right......I'm right, you're wrong, and......and......you're mom!
  9. Watching the games, but I'm not an expert so not a hill I'm gonna defend that strongly. JMO. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/anthony-richardson-nfl-draft-2023-scouting-report-prospect-profile-nfl-combine-results-pro-comparison-more/
  10. Based on his decisions during games, holding the ball too long or taking off too quickly. Again this is in comparison to the other two top qbs. I think he's a superior prospect to Levis, but only worthy of a top 10 pick, but not number 1.
  11. Maybe. I'm always one of those guys that recognizes that QBs go high. I wouldn't be at all shocked if the qbs go 1,2,3 and then levis goes top 10. It's just the way the game is now. That said, I think ar is a three year project. He may be the best of them all in the end but he needs lots of work. I watched about 6 of his games and see a guy who doesn't process well but is athletically a supreme talent. The other two though have him whipped on accuracy and decision making......for now at least. Those skills typically are harder to learn but I thought the same about the Buffalo qb.
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