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  1. great choice, this guy is starting to get some buzz from the nfl draft network guys, kyle crabbs at least. He thinks hes a preferred over the kid out of miami due to his versatility.
  2. Didnt know that info, thx. Still works for draft leverage i think. Really after the first round, they can extend him if thats the plan.
  3. i just like the idea of waiting until after the draft, so teams still think we might draft a QB.
  4. edit: sorry, didn't know about linking certain sites. My fault. i swear i heard we already did. If no, that's a spicy meatball. Panthers finally trying to keep people guessing on their plans.
  5. Im not sure i buy it but the pff guys argue a high end pass catcher is more valuable than a tackle. Not sure i agree with that. Give me sewell or slater or a couple extra picks.
  6. Rashaun Slater Asanti Samuel Jabril Cox, likely gone by this pick but Jaylen Twyman Tommy Tremble Adrain Ealy A safety - tyree Gillespie would be a steal
  7. We wont take a cb until the 3rd, possibly the 4th, imo.
  8. Ive been contemplating this as well. Insurance for Moton is a lowkey need. Especially if hes seeking that large of a contract.
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