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  1. Id say in no partucular order: OT C LB S
  2. Villanueva was available until very recently. Hell okung is better than anyone we have now.
  3. i don't understand why we aren't bringing in a rental at OT that isn't a straight bum. We have the cap space.
  4. You seem like a good dude, so Im just gonna drop this one and we can talk about other stuff. Cheers.
  5. Dont disagree with the first part, but the second? Man look at the donors to the democrat party. You dont think those rich people will find tax loopholes? Come on. The rich wont ever let their money be fuged with, not by anyone. Certainly not by someone thryve given that much campaign money to.
  6. I hadnt considered the DE, but that could be a sneaky need.
  7. If QB goes well? Id say in draft order (not necessarily order of importance): OT C LB S Itll be the first draft in several years where we cant just go BPA without over drafting specific positions.
  8. Here we go again. What part of "its a joke" dont you get. I think Tebows a phony, but the fact that you are so rustled by it is hilarious.
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