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  1. pepe epstein did not kill himself
  2. that hit at 42 on the sweep is a thing of beauty. belissimo.
  3. he never lived up to his skill but neither did Byron Cowart. some of these are just extremely slow learners but once they learn a system can be very solid players.
  4. we got some big dogs on that line now. gonna mash some fools.
  5. charlie kolar (I'm not sold on our TEs), the Nebraska LB (tweener like Chinn but more on LB side), and/or the LB from LSU- Clarke (who won't play this year but is a starter talent). we could use another NT/DT type to pair with Brown. Maybe the kid from LSU, Neil Farrell.
  6. Cam, he had just won my Tigers a Natty. Man could ask me to wash his car and I wouldn't hesitate.
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