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  1. Steve beurline. Leads the panthers with most passing yards in a season and did it without superstar supporting cast
  2. Gotta give it up to Andy Dalton he 100% knows who pays his bills and how to talk up a teammate.
  3. I never comment on Youngs size b/c I could care less if he made all the reads and throws but from the twitter videos is crazy how not only is he shorter but his frame is just so small. All the other shorter qbs have all had thicker more muscular frames that were successful. or incredibly fast like Vick
  4. Good for Tepper he has provided an excellent quality product and showed to be a fine outstanding owner. No better way to spend the money. Hopefully he raises ticket prices a ton to help cover the half he paid to renovate the stadium so he can recoup some of the money.
  5. Panthers missed on Stroud but missing on Levis also hurts even more. They could have stayed put drafted Levis without trading away everything. Stroud appears to be probowler every year but Levis showed major glimpses that he would be top ten fairly soon.
  6. Has there ever been a negative report from OTAs like even with how terrible Clausen and Wienke were I cant remember ever reading an article stating they sucked at OTAs I just remember nothing but hype around them.
  7. I agree with the previous poster if they push hard to be a pass happy team 1 to 2 wins if they go opposite and run heavy play defense 3 to 5 wins.
  8. Looking back Matt Moore and Kyle Allen are 2 QBS that showed way more than B Young I still believe given the right opportunity both of them could have been middle of the pack or above average nfl starting qbs. The matt moore vs brett favre game still a great memory.
  9. Cousins deal is 4 year 180 million. I think its questionable to draft a QB at 8th that seems like a reach at 8th instead of getting cousins more help. But if cousins plays his 4 years they will get a year assuming they take the 5th year option to evaluate Penix. I dont have alot of faith in Penix. its not the panthers so just discussing b/c its such a slow time but it has to make cousins a little disgruntled, but 180million will help with that lol.
  10. Its a slow news cycle just was reading a little about the dynamics of the falcons paying a ton for cousins only to use the 8th overall pick on penix instead of someone to help cousins. Really makes no sense to lock cousins in long term and not use the 8th pick to get him more help. Reminded me of something the panthers would do and gave me hope that the falcons are trending down instead of up.
  11. The great thing about Young being horrific last year is he doesnt have to do much at all to improve on his rookie season lol
  12. as bryce stinks it up and rhe announcers talk about how he doesnt have the weopons or coaching to succeed and its really not his fault and he is actually secretly a ton 10 qb masquerading as an undrafted rookie
  13. In the nfc south if we had picked stroud i believe easily playoff team and everyone frank may have gotten coach of the year.
  14. You bring up a good point with youngs very weak arm brady may bring out the best in him with the check down offense.
  15. I thought so when he was here but Robbie left and did nothing and Curtis Samuel was horrible when he left also. I thought Samuel would be a probowler with a good qb.
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