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  1. I thought it would be as a size coach to teach our new midget QB how to survive in the NFL as a small dude.... Jokes aside Munnerlyn was a beastly dude for his size
  2. Are any of them QBs? I recall some LBs with concussions...... I don't get the infatuation with drafting Doug flutie 2.0, if we pick the guy I will root for him, but im not thrilled about having the smallest starting QB in the league with the #1 pick, if he was a 3rd rounder that would be cool.
  3. He is already a Panther legend in my book. He also has a net worth of 75m, I dont think he has anything left to prove. Go enjoy his life and spend time with his kids. It would be cool to see him hang around the team sometimes like Luke does.
  4. He can still run the ball if he wants to further damage his body. I dont think any team will take him serious as a passer, and i dont see any teams that will switch QBs in the redzone or short yardage on a consistent basis. He just needs to retire a Panther even though this franchise did him 15 different kinds of wrong.
  5. A Basic Hurney draft was grab a RB/LB in the first with very little chance of busting and blow the rest of the picks on local kids, sometimes even trading up for these locals.
  6. Other teams had real HC/OC to develop their franchise QBs we had MoRon and Shula. IT is mighty funny Cam had over 4k passing yards as a rookie under a middling OC in Chudzinski and never topped 4k again because we decided to give him Shula instead of finding a real OC. I guess he just forgot how to pass the ball, it totally wasnt the coaches fault.
  7. This is exactly what it was. When you have a fuging OC that you have to teach the 2min/hurry up offense to that says a lot. Our entire coaching staff was full of morons yet people still around here licking Rons sack and poo. Cam and Luke made Ron, he is garbage as HC but you guys love to slob him down while bashing Cam. gtfoh,
  8. The Bears want a certain type of backup with athletic abilities to suit their offense incase Fields gets hurt, They dont want 2 playbooks for 2 different QBs. Its not like PJ is about to be their starter, he still sucks.
  9. Weed doesnt produce this type of moron. He is on hard drugs.
  10. When he is not, barring a major catastrophe, bump yourself off the site. Dalton was not brought in to be a starter.
  11. We have seen them deal with injuries, but not major concussions like Tua had last season, which absolutely has to do with size and body mass. Tua is a concussion or two away from being forced to retire.
  12. The Jets wants to win more than just Regular season games, Rodgers at least has shown he can win some playoff games, Lamar usually acts injured when playoff time rolls around.
  13. He is built like a shifty slot WR and people want to make him the franchise. I guess we will run pa boot every play so he can see and not get killed on the field.
  14. Yea we clearly should have went for Carr or Jimmy G to waste cap and hinder our #1 picks development while these guys are trying to live out there childhood dreams in their twilight years. gtfoh. Dalton is a fine signing, he has played just as good as carr or Jimmy G in the past and comes a hell of a lot cheaper. He also does not mind being a backup and will start in a pinch if needed.
  15. This should end all Levis talk for good. Stroud is miles ahead of this guy.
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