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  1. Lol you dont trade away a massive draft haul to replace a winner. We dont need the leftovers of Jimmy Generic or Baker. Their teams spent a crazy amount of resources to replace them, that should be a huge red flag, they both suck.
  2. Yes I do. A lot of NFL guys would have never made it through school without football. There is nothing else they can do and rake in the kind of money they make for the vast majority. Not everyone is getting a cushy 300m announcer job when they retire.
  3. It is a valid concern given the past 2 years the offense was centered around CMC being the #1 option and he missed most of both seasons. I dont want to see a repeat either, maybe you are ok with rolling the dice on him staying healthy, but I hope our offense has a more varied approach this season.
  4. He will be the #2 CB in Philly behind Slay, they could be dangerous.
  5. I dont think any guys on the FA market are great pass catchers and also capable pass blockers or they would already be someone's #1 or #2. If CMC goes down again, Hubbard and Foreman have to step up. I know I dont want to see our RBs getting blown up in pass protection by small ass players like Bradley Roby like last season.
  6. Rhule wanted to get rid of everything that he didnt create and all the team leaders. He was so afraid that guys would not "buy in" to his bullshit. A coach with that weak of a mindset should have been a red flag from the get-go.
  7. Lol I thought this was about Sam Darnold too, came here just to post SOS, Sack of Sh!t, Corral please save our ship. Sam Mills was the man, but Darnold has forever tainted his first name.
  8. Maybe we can get Curtis back from the Commanders, they arent using him anyway....
  9. Mac was also just a game manager, the D and great coaching won them games. Mac in Carolina would have looked as bad or worse than Darnold. He is not anything special and is already at or near his ceiling.
  10. That is probably the best option given Sam and PJ dont really have a skillset to speak of. I guess if we did describe their skillsets, Sam would be the jitter ghost skillset, and PJ would be I played college football at Temple skillset.
  11. Its 2022, everyone has a cell phone.
  12. My desktop is my all in one entertainment center.
  13. I was using a gtx 770 and I could still play any game until games like RE Village and Alan Wake remastered came out, and the 770 was released in 2013. You might make it 10 years with your 3090, or maybe longer...
  14. You guys spent some serious money in your rigs, very nice. Mine is I3-10100f 16gb ram Rtx 3060 ti
  15. The NFL equivalent would be building a team good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to beat anyone once they get there. Then he hauls ass to the next program.
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