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  1. Dak is not worth the contract he is going to get. Definitely not trading to pay him more than he is worth. Watson or a rookie.
  2. @Verge said Shaq nor Teddy will be with us when the draft arrives. She is usually pretty clued in.
  3. The coaches literally had to tell him that it was his fault, thats how much accountability he has.
  4. The part where he said he has to make the throw was after watching film and getting his ass chewed by the coaches. Beforehand he said DJ was somewhat open. This statement further solidifies the point that he is not a NFL starting QB, guys dont get more open than that in the redzone in the NFL.
  5. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article247488380.html He talks about the play being late, if they play was called down sooner he could have checked into the correct play call which was a run. Basically avoiding how he made a piss poor throw to wide open receiver. "Bridgewater says he tried to get the ball to Moore, who was able to get somewhat open, but it wasn’t the “right look.”
  6. Watson > Wilson Wilson is one of the luckiest guys to ever play in the NFL. I dont care for his backyard style, feast or famine play. He is better than Teddy sure, but he is not a top guy like mahomes and rodgers.
  7. His coaching staff and teammates are also human beings. Once he threw them under the bus I have no problem with anybody going in on Teddy. He is less than the great person he is made out to be.
  8. What I have read of @ellis Material I have enjoyed. What I have seen Teddy do on and off the football field I have not enjoyed.
  9. He is just telling the Truth. If we get Watson, I dont think CMC is part of the deal just based on contract numbers. Who knows we maybe willing to eat the dead cap.
  10. The falcons are 11 million over the cap with 39 players signed. They will be trying to just field a team under the cap.
  11. So who is paying that extra cash? The cap is based off revenue. They cant just pull the money out of thin air. Should they make the richest owners foot the bill?
  12. How? if they cut him they will have 49 million in dead cap.
  13. They could do something like borrow from future years to even it out, but if they do that why have a cap at all? Lets bail all these teams out who assumed the cap would continue to rise every year. That way those teams can continue to add a couple of pieces to try to compete for a super bowl and kick the can down the road awhile longer.
  14. What other guys from that 2015 squad would you want on the team now? I don't even want Shaq for what he is costing us. I don't think any of those guys are out there tearing the league up right now....
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