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  1. More like 5 reasons not to watch, the 1st being Andy Dalton is starting.
  2. This is what a lot of us were talking about leading up to the draft but everyone thought it was because of his size. I personally called out his average to below average arm strength and running speed to go along with him being too small. Maybe he can get it turned around, not giving up on him yet, but damn 42/71 for 299 yards with 2 TDs and 2 INTs is about as piss poor as it can get. They need to inject some life into this offense and these lame ass play calls are not getting it done.
  3. I was half joking, but seriously I'm already tired of 20+ pass attempts and less than 200 yards passing. Our offense is so uninspiring.
  4. Don't worry he is going to go off next game. 44/57 194 yards
  5. Baker is still ass. His lone TD yesterday was a prayer he put up to Evans in double coverage. We dont have a WR or TE that is going to pull in balls like that. It helps a ton when you have weapons, Their #2 Godwin is better than any WR we have had in years when healthy.
  6. I agree with this, it felt like they were coddling him in that first game, let the kid play!
  7. Are we ok with losing? No Is there anything we can realistically do to make them win? No What do you want us to do with your statement? Go outside BoA and form a picket line?? IDK what the fug fans are supposed to do to make their team win.
  8. Fitt should have been gone with Rhule. Why even consider keeping his yes man around? No real gms were taking this job with Rhule piloting the ship. Ergo, Fitt is as fake as they come.
  9. We are only without a 1st round pick next season, after that we have 1st round picks again thats how it works. We will know by then if Bryce is the guy or if we need to draft another one. Our future isnt doomed for 10 seasons like some of you would have us to believe.
  10. Isnt that what all players have to do to be stars??
  11. Is he going to get 100+ yards and 2 TDs? If not fug him.
  12. I am pretty sure we were told not to do this poo in threads anymore. You poo peoples post all day but get offended if they poo yours. You have already been banned before....
  13. Thats cool, my original post was about Fitt being shown the door with Rhule and co. and I still believe that. He is the weak link of our front office imo. He might doom Reichs time here with his bad drafting and we will need to rid ourselves of both of them, but will probably just fire Fitt and get a new GM. I dont want to go into a cycle of new coach, new gm every other year. They should have been hired in the same cycle, Fitt had done nothing to make keeping him a great move and nobody would have had a problem with letting him go.
  14. All because of Burns? I just dont see it. He is not that great bro. We were fuging losing anyway. This fanbase watched JP, a future HOF, walk for nothing. I am sure we could have gotten over losing a fringe pro bowler. Burns is quickly becoming the edge version of Shaq Thompson.
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