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  1. The expectation of a number 1 overall QB is that he becomes a top 10 guy. If he can't do that we need to start scouting QBs immediately. No sense in trying to build a team around a bottom 10 QB
  2. He has a lot to work just to be an average starter and I dont see it happening. Lots of blame to go around for last season but Bryce was a big part of that, even in the GB game he was dropping too far back and allowing the pass rush to tee off on him. He cant use the same little quirks that he used in college to overcome his size in the NFL.
  3. Alex Smith is his ceiling imo KC wasnt taking home any rings with him as their QB even with a stacked team around him. That kind of play can get you to the playoffs and thats about it. WC weekend going home.
  4. He gave his all for a couple of seasons, then the Panthers made CMC the highest paid RB in the league and he decided to take vacations with his fiancée during the season while nursing minor injuries. He didnt really want to be here anymore, he tanked his trade value and got the hell out of town. I cant root for guy like that either, but you do you.
  5. This is exactly what some of us have been screaming about. He has to step up in the pocket, you cant drop back into oblivion like this is Madden, not even a pair of all pro OTs could keep him upright when he does this. Easy sacks for the D and its 100% on Young.
  6. 3 Mil dollars from Tepper. The Bitch is worth 20 billion. I am glad they are doing something but this is the equivalent of us rounding up on our order at a restaurant. Can we get a news article ever time we donate our pocket change as well?
  7. I firmly believe if Tepper was our owner at the time, we would have never selected Cam, he would have had dinner with Gabbert and it would have been over. The dude is a curse, everything he chooses is wrong Any idiot could see that the QBs worth taking #1 overall were Anthony Richardson and CJ Stroud. Bryce should not have even been in the conversation because of the severe limitations he puts on a playbook. You can have all the processing in the world but it doesnt matter if you cant make the throw or even see the field.
  8. Some of these guys being mentioned made a grip off the Panthers, I have seen guys like Moton mentioned that has made 54m in his career. I would vote for someone like Josh Norman who has the only all pro season by a CB in panthers history and made less than 3.5m playing for us. Then he was tossed aside like garbage.
  9. Reefer madness! It makes the colored man look at white women and makes Mexicans very insane and violent, this is why its illegal. fuging Clowns. If Big Pharm could sell it in capsule form it would have been legal long ago.
  10. Shouldn't he be somewhere peddling Whopper Jrs.
  11. Tell that to the guys who know for sure we are going to have a good d this season. Our D wasnt good last season either. If Horn goes down with our lack of pass rush we are probably screwed. No one wants to see Dane or Bootie as a #1 CB
  12. Im as down on the team as the next guy right now, but who isnt a injury or two from changing their complete outcome for the season? I know the difference in ours could be 5 wins to 2 wins, but it could be much more devastating for a contending team to have a serious injury to their star players. If we have pass rushers go down we will just have to be a blitz heavy team, we are probably going to suck this season anyway so not like it really matters.
  13. This is what people are failing to realize, you cant take a 3/5/7 step drop and make it a 6/10/14 step drop and still think the OL can create a pocket. All you have to do is run around the tackles and wait for BY to fall/scramble into your open arms, the chances of him stepping up into the pocket are miniscule because he wont be able to see the field in there.
  14. Scared one of the kids will throw it farther than him.
  15. Being shotgun heavy isnt the problem. It was being shotgun heavy and predictable that made teams not respect our offense at all. You dont see teams stack 10 in the box against a shotgun heavy offense if they respect the passing game, that opens up the run game. You damn sure cant run very well in shotgun or pistol formation with that many guys in the box like we seen at times last season.
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