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  1. Not starting at any point since 2008 is baffling. We have not drafted a first round OL since then. We have only drafted 3 OL in the 2nd round since then, two of those were Little and Amini. A lot of stuff the Panthers do is baffling.
  2. Im not saying any of this, Sam has played poorly at times. The coaches said he was being treated as a rookie. Go yell at the coaches, not me.
  3. How exactly are the turnovers being downplayed? Are you downplaying Sam passer rating when Targeting Robby is less than 35? Yet we still have tons of plays with Robby as the #1 option. Are you downplaying that our interior OL is routinely rated in the 20-30s by PFF? How about that our #1 weapon on offense got hurt and the play caller cant adjust? How about the opposing teams knows our routes and formations by the 3rd quarter because Brady does not adjust? I am not downplaying the turnovers, they suck.
  4. Im running from it? You are running from the terrible play calling and OL. I have already said in previous posts in other threads that Darnold has had some bad turnovers. We could replace Darnold with any QB we had a realistic shot at getting and what would our record be? We paid a 2nd for Darnold and he has been as good as any of the 1st round QBs this year that we could have gotten.
  5. He has 1 weapon on offense. Lockup DJ Moore and the Offense cant move, it gets stifled. I dont see any QB that we had a shot at getting doing any better than Darnold has so far. We do not have a top 5 QB and had no shot at a top 5 QB.
  6. Daniel jones has 4 passing tds, 2 rushing tds, 4 ints, and 2 lost fumbles. Are we winning more games with him? This is a terrible take, passer rating is not the end all be all. Sam has 12 total TDs and 8 turnovers. That is a wash.
  7. Much worse. Look at the play from their center, I wish our OL was this nasty.
  8. They are not excuses. Jason Garrett has been calling plays in the NFL for 10 years? Darnold may not be the guy, but he is far from the only problem on this team. QB carousel has to stop at some point or we can continue to trot out turnstiles all along the OL and call predictable plays especially late in games.
  9. I was going to add this in my post, but why bother. The losses are only on Darnold the rest of our team is stellar.
  10. HOF HC vs College guys. Coaching matters in this league, Mac would have god awful numbers trying to force comebacks to lackadaisical WRs. Darnold also has the highest dropped pass % in the league. Its not like Mac is crushing it and has far superior numbers to Darnold.
  11. Even if Mac Jones was great ( he is not) Brady would not change his offense to suit him. The guy has no idea to how to create an offense based on the players he has at his disposal. Mac is with one of the greatest head coaches of all time in NE and he is not being asked to do a whole lot. He still has 7td 6 int and a 2-4 record, those are not great numbers
  12. Are those 2020 numbers for teddy for the whole season? Or the same point that the season is at now?
  13. We have 1 pick in the first and no more picks until round 4. If we pick a QB with our first he damn well better be a franchise QB, not like the bums that came out this season.
  14. The bottom line is we are among the 5 youngest teams in the league. There is no way we are going to overcome injuries to our starting RB, LG, MLB, CB, SS, while also missing other guys like hartsfield, YGM, Erving at times. We are not built for all these injuries and there is no way we could be in the 2nd year of a rebuild.
  15. Burrow got destroyed last year and the Bengals are lucky he has returned to form. Herbert is an outlier. Neither of them had Joe Brady as their OC
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