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  1. RW thinks way too highly of himself to ever sign on any team for cheap, much less the current worst team in the NFL. I don't want him anyway, he is a total diva.
  2. How many impact players have we added since Brown? Herbert hasnt won poo yet, hasnt even been the best QB from his draft, hell you could put him as the 3rd best qb from his draft. He has been better than our QBs but he hasnt been a world beater. Teddy also gave us our best QB play post Cam but that isnt saying a whole lot and it still was a dumb ass move. The correct play was to ride Grier to the #1 pick but they screwed that up.
  3. The Burns ship has sailed I doubt we get anything for him.
  4. I would rather do nothing, but we all know that isnt the tepper way. We should just draft our guys resign luvu and brown and let Bryce sink or swim. Get a real QB in 25.
  5. Jones and DB on the same line would be sick. We already know Bryce isnt the guy some of you are just afraid to admit it.
  6. No worse than the rest of our QB room, unfortunately hes not better than them either.
  7. Mahomes vs Purdy its a no brainer. If their teams were switched the 49ers win in a blowout.
  8. We keep saying this about every position it seems... At some point you have to love the one your with and put a team together. Piniero cant even make a 50 yarder in a regular season game.
  9. He did 75%run 25% pass we got blown out in several games he coached and he choked with the playoffs on the line. Hardly a fantastic job. He was average at best.
  10. His style of football as a HC is not built for today's NFL. We don't have a play caller like the 9ers have. Wilks did an average job as HC with an average roster, nothing special. We could do worse and we did,but we can also much better.
  11. This is the right way, we arent winning poo next season anyone who tells you otherwise needs to stop huffing glue.
  12. I think you have to tag Burns, no way I would pay him more than 21m after that half assed effort he turned in.
  13. fug that, go out a run a modern offense and Bryce either sinks or swims. We could have ran that 1985 power run bullshit with Darnold or PJ Walker and got knocked out in the first round.
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