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  1. This has been the claim for years "Next season Shaq is going to breakout". I don't think it is ever going to happen, he is what he is an average LB. He is never going to be a game changer, although he is paid like one.
  2. These are currently in the main forum, lets move them as well Ron Rivera brought Luke Kuechly in to speak to Washington linebackers Eagles cut Jamie Newman
  3. Maybe he can replace Ronde Barber, tired of hearing that biased little poo calling Panthers games.
  4. More of a pull to the side kind?
  5. Horn, Bouye, Melvin, Fox, Perryman, Luvu, Reddick, maybe someone im missing.
  6. Shaq is an average LB. He is not great at covering he has 17 pd and 1 int in 76 games as a starter. He is a decent tackler, but does not have a lot of power, which is showcased with 4 career FF. Shaq is average at all aspects of the game,which makes him average. If he hit the open market there would not be a bidding war. He would probably be looking at a few years of 1 year contracts unless he suddenly has a breakout year, which is unlikely.
  7. Sorry they dont talk all proper, if you cant understand what they are saying you have issues.
  8. No self respecting Panther should do a interview with Talib, fug him.
  9. Why should the OC have a say in who is drafted? Like he said he can tell them who he likes, but when its time to pick that is on Fitt and Rhule. I would rather have a competition for all 90 guys than just to hand guys starting positions because of their names. That is how you build a football team. MoRon never had competition, vets started until they got injured. Thats how Amini was starting over Norwell.
  10. Probably jealous they never had Mono because no one will kiss them.
  11. She is going to follow Jourdan in short order and we will still be stuck with the brain dead David Newton.
  12. It does not seem to be sinking in for some so I was furthering your point. We still have people on here who think Shaq is a "beast" or he is above average. I'm wondering if they are confusing Shaq O'Neal with Shaq Thompson. I don't know how anyone can keep a straight face and call Shaq Thompson a beast.
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