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  1. For the people putting 50 cent gifs, wtf? The thread title was a homage to 2pac and digital undergrounds " I get around" , nothing to do with 50 cent the rapper. Great post OP.
  2. That cant be true?? He only drafts GOATs in the 6th!
  3. I think you actually have to understand what his coverage responsibilities were on each play. On plays where he had coverage help he works to force his WR towards his help. When he was on an island you can see him lock down the WR. I hope has the same drive that his dad had.
  4. No we do not. They will take the highest rated player on their board regardless of position as we seen in the first round. That is why we filled our holes in FA, no matter how you feel about the guys we signed in FA.
  5. Yea sure because he has a flawless record when it comes to the draft. The last QB he selected was Brady in the 6th I guess. Lets forget all of the draft busts he has selected since.
  6. Pretty sure if we picked Surtain he would be saying Horn was the #1 cb.
  7. Mac Jones is out of shape, his arm is weak, and he has been busted for DUI. I did not think it was that hard to understand.
  8. Bill took a weak armed, out of shape guy with off the field concerns. I don't consider that a mind fug
  9. You mean last season when he had one of the worst rosters in the league and still went 7-9?
  10. IF we are picking one of these guys they need to see the field almost immediately. We already have one of these wasted picks on the roster in Grier, hard pass on another.
  11. I have to go with having a bear as a mascot even though we are panthers.
  12. I guess you would have had a problem taking Herbert last year if he was available at our pick. In your little world we will find a 4th round gem at QB that everybody else overlooked.
  13. Jimmy G is severely over rated. He has played one full season and was the weak link on a super bowl team.
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