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  1. 5 different QBs with Rhule so far all with basically the same results. This offense gives you a better chance of turning the ball over than it does scoring points. Rhule wants to win games while scoring around 12-15 ppg and that does not work in the NFL. He thinks if he keeps building the D it will become elite and the O can just go 3 and out for 95% of the game and dont turn the ball over.
  2. We could have prime Peyton Manning and our offense would give him mechanical issues. We have a McAdoo offense with Rhule wrinkles throughout it, the poo is garbage.
  3. Those guys are just doing it wrong, all you have to do is grab Brady in the 6th and then win 6 super bowls. Or you can sign a FA from your local food lion and turn him into Kurt Warner.
  4. It wouldnt matter, our coaches have no clue as to what they are doing. We cannot build a successful gameplan with Snow at DC and McShitShit at OC. This was always going to be a failed season from the moment Tepper decided to keep his favorite turd instead of flushing the toilet.
  5. Someone should ask Rhule about this, since he says we are rushing for 6+ ypc, how do we keep ending up in 3rd and 9+ yards to go situations? The whole group is a bunch of idiots and retread losers. And No i Do not want to hear from any of these coaches fanboys that they are not bad coaches, if any of these morons were not bad coaches they would be employed on another team , not with Matt Rhules group of losers.
  6. Buffalo does not have a good RB, it is one of their weak spots, but Allen becomes their RB when needed, they just better hope it dosent build up on him like it did with us and Cam.
  7. This bitch acts like people are getting into the games for free ( well homes game might be damn near free pretty soon ) Nobody wants to spend 100s of dollars to watch amateur hour at the Apollo.
  8. This drive was built different, Did McAdoodoo or Fhule call these plays?
  9. I am thinking that Rhule has a big say in what kinds of plays we run. Our offense has looked basically the same under 3 different OCs the only common factor is Matt Rhule. Its like we are running a high school/small college scheme in the NFL. It is incredibly easy to diagnose and shutdown. Same routes and concepts all game, he might be using the coach madden suggestions to run his O.
  10. That assumption is what I have problems with. His raw passing numbers have never been better than Darnolds, in fact they have been worse, but he has been in a better position than Sam throughtout his career. They are the same type of QB, streaks of looking great surrounded by tons of terrible play. Baker could win 10--11 games in the right situation, like if he was traded to the 49ers, for us we will be lucky to win our annual 5.
  11. People are hating on him because he was taken at a very high draft spot but has not produced any game changing plays. Derrick Brown 2.0 so far. Just another on the list of Rhules crappy draft failures. One hit in 3 seasons and that is Chinn who they want to play 20- yards off the LoS so he cant make plays.
  12. Another idiot team that thought a leftover QB was going to lift them to the super bowl. Matt Ryan is garbage. Teams trying to take shortcuts with mediocre QBs never works out.
  13. Baker could have beaten the same teams Sam beat last year. They are the same type of QB. Trash.
  14. Everyone seen it but Tepper, this groups concepts didnt work from Day 1, they havent changed anything of substance, but were hoping for different results. It also does not help that we have sucked ass in the draft since Rhule was hired.
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