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  1. I’d have thought the black helmets would have helped
  2. gamecock fans love this 'sec' argument yet it never seems to help them on the field.
  3. There is a difference when the GM of the year, who consistently is graded C- by the media for his drafts, creates a world-beater team out of said drafts. Then, you know, tampa.
  4. You are going by generic media boards that do not take into consideration team-specific systems. GMan's board is based on value as a panther, and you should never think about what other boards have just get your guy at your value.
  5. What do you do fill it with cream and sugar? It's weak and tasteless.
  6. Dunkin dark is decent. Their regular is Brown-25 with water
  7. It's games like this I'll go read the opponents game thread :)
  8. So panthers were just trolling Giants in 1st q :). Fans now exiting
  9. Cam threw five tds to five different receivers. Man is on fire
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