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  1. The Eagles were #14. They showed the graphic during the game. That’s not one of the worst. They were 31 against the run and like 9 against the pass or something like that.
  2. Our OL is the Achilles heel of the team. Darnold is good enough if he can get even a little time. Not saying he’s great, he still has some overthrows, but I put at least two of today’s throws on him having to rush the throw cuz of the bad line.
  3. The edges kept getting exposed. Overall, the defense is good but needs Horn and Shaq back. Once they realized our guys would keep biting on the inside option they exploited the outside.
  4. We’ve been “decent” at slowing down the run game until the Cowboys? Let’s try “the best” at slowing down the run game.
  5. I don’t think Darnold just forgets how to play for a quarter. There’s other factors at play.
  6. Pollard was rushing for a lot less than Elliot was. He had a big run or two late but most of his runs were shorter than most of Elliot’s. His big runs came when our DL was already worn down.
  7. Imagine if Elliot had been out in the game against us. Would they have rushed for half as much? Unlikely. Would we have won the game? Likely. Getting CMC back healthy is critical. Let him sit against Philly if there’s even a small chance of reinjury and resting another week would help.
  8. The announcers said the same, but I definitely saw his helmet hit the receivers helmet. It wasnt the primary point of contact, that was definitely shoulder to shoulder but through the force of the hit, the helmets also collided, if only somewhat. Ticky tack, but I thought it was the right call
  9. Lotta whiny ass babies thinking the sky is falling because we lost by one score to a legitimately really good team, without our best player and numerous key defensive players were either out or got hobbled during the game. Not to mention that atrocious forward progress call that was a turning point. I won’t even blame that call though, we had enough other factors going against us to be the difference. This is a good team. A playoff team when the shorter term injured guys are back. The sky is not falling. 3-0 was not a mirage.
  10. Jfc we just lost to a team that took the super bowl champs to the wire and should have beat them on the road if not for terrible refs, by only 8 points in their home missing out best player and numerous injuries on defense. We don’t all of a sudden suck.
  11. Good game, the difference was how good their oline is and how bad ours is. And the injuries on defense. We’ll get healthy and get back into form.
  12. I wanna say it looks like the ball is moving when his knee hits, but that might get overturned. I wouldn’t be mad.
  13. It’s Boger. He misspoke as usual. They just moved the Cowboys back 5 yards I believe.
  14. Terry Bradshaw just said Darnold is the best QB in Panthers history..
  15. Said it above, 39. Watched every super bowl since WFT beat the Bills
  16. If you had as much reading comprehension as me you’d realize that I didn’t say nor insinuate that you’d never listened to Eminem or Dre.
  17. Eminem is dropping a new album soon, and his last album was last year. But yea Dre usually takes about a decade between albums and Snoop hasn’t done anything good in forever. I imagine Snoop and Dre’s contributions will be greatest hits from the 90s
  18. That’s a subjective opinion. I like Prince, he was a great artist. Despite most of his stuff not being my style of music, I still liked a lot of it. If I had been born 10 years earlier I’d probably have different musical tastes. We’re a product of our environment. I hadn’t even heard any prince music til I was older and my tastes had already been established. So maybe before trying to act like a little snobby bitch, think about how there is more to the world than your limited experiences.
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