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  1. It’s about being a complete team. The packers lost the game on special teams.
  2. Anyone who tries to defend the Matt rhule experience at this point is either related to Matt rhule, knows nothing about football or is a troll. These arguments are so utterly unconvincing that they border on mental illness.
  3. All my PSL seats are going up for sale next year. Hopefully to opposing fans. I hope we lose every game. fug Rhule and Tepper for ruining something that I used to enjoy.
  4. Obviously there are exceptions but there is nothing about this coach that makes me optimistic. There is a fundamental issue with his strategy and preparation for NFL opponents. The bengals also had a franchise QB.
  5. No one trusts a coach, who is 10-23 in two years and has made almost every wrong personnel move at each turn, to select a competent person to be OC. McAdoodoo’s recent track record would indicate this will fail just like everything else associated with this failure of a head coach.
  6. Would anyone actually be surprised that tepper wanted Tomlin fired yet he also licks Matt Rhule’s nuts? Obviously the guy has no clue how to run a team or evaluate football.
  7. They tried hard by respotting the ball on that late 49ers play that should have been a first down.
  8. Tepper is acting like a gigantic pussy. When things were going well for a very brief time in his first season as an owner he was front running like a mother fuger. He was at the bars in London, on the field before the game, hanging out with fans, generally absorbing the spotlight. He's been pretty much MIA since then, except to tell us how much he loved Fatt after he made the hire. What a joke this guy is.
  9. Klint Kubiak just lost his job. He’s young and needs work. This fits the profile of about the only type of candidate who would come to this trash organization right now.
  10. I will be hoping we get our ass kicked in every game next year. I want maximum embarrassment for Tepper. fug that guy and fug rhule.
  11. No one worth their salt will come to this sinking ship. It’s just another reason that tepper needs to man up and pull the plug now. We have four (!) staff positions to fill, including both line coaches. This could not be a bigger mess and I just don’t understand letting Rhule continue to flounder when he’s in over his head in all aspects.
  12. Put on your panties and go somewhere else if you want a different audience.
  13. If he’s like most really rich people, and I suspect he is, then he’s a massive narcissist. Dude is out there front running, loving the attention when he’s on top. When it starts crumbling he runs away and hides because it exposes his inferiority and he doesn’t want to or can’t answer for the mess he created because it will bruise his fragile ego.
  14. It isn’t like the position was ignored. They just made awful decisions trying to address it.
  15. It’s hard to believe that tepper is this disinterested in his 2 billion dollar product.
  16. I will be actively cheering for the team to lose as long as this clown is in charge. Ever since the WFT game that has been my stance. I want it to be as bad as possible. I want tepper to be completely embarrassed by the poo product he is putting out.
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