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  1. We were in most games without him last year with a significantly worse roster. I think we can make ends meet until he comes back.
  2. Maybe we could just wait for the MRI results instead of having a dick measuring contest over our medical credentials.
  3. Last year he got hurt and we fell to 0-2. I’m sure we’d all rather have that. There’s plenty of time for all this later but stop exaggerating now. This is not the worst you’ve felt after a game if you’ve been a panthers fan longer than 3 weeks. There are so many other candidates that your statement is laughable.
  4. He would be great with this defense. Has to remind him of the early 2010s Seahawks defenses.
  5. Some bad injuries tonight but it’s next man up regardless. We will get CMC back.
  6. Brutal play but darnold has been the man this half.
  7. Look what happens when you give the ball to an actual nfl running back
  8. Lack of depth is about to show up for this team. Remember how bad the backups were in preseason?
  9. Can we see a replay of these supposed offsides penalties?
  10. I’m just gonna go to sleep and come back after the cowboys game. Hopefully CMC is back by then. This is unwatchable and getting worse.
  11. We can thank our shitty punter for giving them the ball at the 40
  12. Jesus Christ. Should have taken the 3 points earlier
  13. I’ve never seen an ineligible man downfield on a punt. Are they just making poo up?
  14. Erickson looks like he’s running in cement shoes.
  15. Just thinking how the saints would have destroyed us on those bootleg and quick hitting plays in the past against a very conservative and soft zone D.
  16. Ass implants make her look like a reverse version of Charlie Weis.
  17. They sounded the same to me. But I’m pretty sure Stockton was also Donald lafell.
  18. I really miss Duck Stockton and his senility fuging up guys names in every way possible.
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