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  1. Lol don’t want to give away any competitive secrets from their 5 win team.
  2. Does Seattle even really have an owner right now? I thought they were in transition. Of course having no owner is better than what we have. Head coach though lol.
  3. This looks like another sub 500 year to me. Rhule has done a pretty terrible job at roster building since he’s been here. Yes we’ve acquired some talent but using an entire draft on defense and getting mostly poo in return was a huge mistake. If your front 7 sucks it doesn’t matter how good your secondary is.
  4. Whenever there is a post with “insider information” from Zod or Verge I just take it for what it’s worth. Which is basically nothing except the entertainment value of a long thread.
  5. Don’t forget four second rounders LOL. Second round in the NBA is equivalent to sixth round in the NFL. We basically gave up a top pick for four 6th round selections and some poo in 2025. Brilliant.
  6. Yeah I’m not saying you were. But then I’d expect people who love low hanging fruit to jump in and start peddling BS theories.
  7. There’s no evidence that any of these are connected like some people are making them out to be. Haskins was drunk and got ran over, Payne was shot, Barber had apparently been dealing with a lot of poo over the last few years (possibly/probably due to head trauma), Swanigan had a lot of demons and had probably gained 150 lbs since leaving the NBA. With Ferguson we will wait and see I guess. All tragedies but the conspiracy theorists are circling like usual.
  8. We have improved the roster and coaching staff and we are getting key guys back from injury. That should be enough to not end the year on a 2-12 streak this season. With that said, major areas we haven’t fixed 1. QB. Those hoping for corral to be a savior are overly optimistic. He’s a third round project that they took a chance on. He might surprise us all but historical odds are highly against that. They can talk up Darnold all they want but he’s still going to make bad decision under pressure and sometimes from a clean pocket. I dont think he can lead a team to the playoffs 2. Head coach. This goes without saying. At least he’s put together a real NFL staff. If he’s coach in name only there might be some hope here. Also the schedule is a bitch on paper this year. Both super bowl participants, the NFC west and the AFC south. Our crossover AFC game is a broncos team that will be significantly improved with Russell Wilson at QB. Games we might expect to win like Detroit and NYG are no given based on past history with this coach. So yes, we should be better on paper and we’ve made some good coaching and personnel moves in the offseason. I still think we are too limited at QB and head coach and the schedule to win more than 7 games. However, given Tepper’s love affair with Rhule that will be enough improvement to keep him for year 4.
  9. Maybe they can win a playoff series between now and 2045.
  10. To be fair he’s played 10 more games than Sam has due to injuries and thrown 4 more INTs. He’s also thrown 92 TDs to Sam’s 54 and led the Browns to their first playoff win in forever. I don’t think he’s a franchise guy but we could do worse if the price is right.
  11. And the hits keep coming. This is really unprecedented. I hope he saves that 230 million because he’s gonna need it. Also at this point I think it’s 50/50 at best for him to ever take a snap for the browns.
  12. The same story/headline from the last six months rehashed over and over.
  13. If Durant and Kyrie Irving don’t like your culture you’re doing something right. The Nets have been so much better with Nash running them lol.
  14. Yeah back in 2018 when we got off to a 6-2 start and the asshole couldn’t find a camera he didn’t like.
  15. Pretty much they’re a trash team without him and all the ref-supported PPs.
  16. Could have 3 on that list but one of them has arms that are too short for his position.
  17. I guess it works on 18/19 year old kids who have little life experience to draw on. To a grown adult he just sounds like a bumbling idiot. It’s surprising to me that a billionaire could get swooned by this but maybe that’s the the problem in the first place.
  18. He couldn’t even handle the guys on WFNZ lol.
  19. It’s true. But all he has to impress is one person. A fat former fry cook who is also a billionaire.
  20. The “it’s just business” crowd will see how this goes down when he comes after Charlotte for a new stadium. I said before this is how billionaires handle their affairs. The bankruptcy is the cherry on top of this whole public mess. It’s a bad look for him. It reminds me of the saying “just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you should do it.” This fiasco should have never gone this far. If Tepper had any balls he would swallow his inferiority complex and his ego and would have made this deal work after he already publicly committed to it and a big ass hole got dug in the ground. Instead it was terminated and now he’s gonna run and file bankruptcy to dissolve the shell company he created to protect his billions. This guy is a disgusting person IMO on top of being an extremely shitty sports team owner. I’d just as soon see the panthers move at this point because they aren’t the franchise that most of us grew up watching.
  21. Just another black eye for the biggest clown in the NFL
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