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  1. I was stationed in the UK during the mad cow thing. I still can't give blood because of it.
  2. This is the only one I kept from when I was collecting. Skybox holographic from the year the Panthers were announced. I have a Panthers Pog my kids gave me, when I don't remember.
  3. Here are my 3. Lzzy, Mini Schnauzer, Cotton, pomeranian mix, and Rocket, my Basset Hound. Because someone mentioned cat, my daughters fat lazy cat...
  4. That's cool. I was in the 332nd Air Expeditionary Group while deployed in Iraq with the A10s from the 23rd Fighter Group before Pope AFB closed.
  5. I was in Kuwait sitting in the flight line chow hall watching the game. I was a casual steelers fan before Carolina, but since I am from here I figured it would be ok to jump on the Panther bandwagon.
  6. I am not a football historian, but I believe Steve Young, Bret Favre, and Curt Warner are 3 hall of fame qb who found success with their second or third teams. Carson Palmer, and Drew Brees were not the definitive franchise qb until their second stop, our own Jake may kind of fit in that category as well. Currently Tanahill, (not sure on spelling) is playing much better with his second team. I don't know if Sam is the answer, but there have been several qb who have been successful after leaving their first team.
  7. Are y'all complaining about the 2 or 3 people who followed Sam over after many obnoxious Cam fans followed him here and left as soon as he did?
  8. Thats good to know. We live in the country outside Fayetteville and I avoid going into the more questionable areas after dark. Sounds like he should be ok as long as he stays smart and keeps his eyes open.
  9. Thanks. He is staying on campus and is taking his car. He is 22 and has a good head on his shoulders, but like all parents I will worry a little. I will be sure to tell him to stay aware of his surroundings around campus. He went to NCSU for a year, but I am from the Raleigh area and knew the areas to avoid.
  10. Thanks for the info. I am retired Air Force and he hasn't lived around any big cities. The roughest place he has been exposed to is where we live now,, Fayetteville. We pretty much know where to avoid around here.
  11. Sorry about the off topic thread. I know many of you are in Charlotte or from the area. I am not very familiar with the city. What are the areas he should avoid and what areas are fairly safe? What is a reasonably priced place close to campus to grab dinner before we leave him and head home? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hang in there, I had my left shoulder joint roto rootered a few years ago. Easily the most pain I have ever been in. Had to have help tucking my shirts in and therapy was a bitch. Took a year to finally get back to normal and it was almost worth it. Back to limited movement after 10 years...
  13. I actually read quite a bit on the Ben and Kobe cases. I was curious how they were handled and if I would agree with the results. Ben's case I believe the same thing the judge said, 2 parties were extremely intoxicated and both made decisions they both were in no condition to make. The Kobe case was a lot more gray and I couldn't really form an opinion. I would have needed to see nonverbal cues to determine who was being truthful.
  14. Very pretty rottie. I had one several years ago, trained in voice and silent hand commands.
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