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  1. Dougie is a UFA not worth whatever he wants, gave up another blue-liner in Bean with no goalies under contract. Some 'splainin' to do.
  2. We've fostered dogs for local rescues for many years, and I served on the board of a well-respected and established SPCA organization in Virginia. Although it's very rewarding, it has just as much potential to be heart-breaking. Couple of important guidelines we established so as to prevent us from owning everything we've fostered: Establish a maximum amount of time you will keep the animal for the organization. This prevents the animal from getting too attached and prevents you from doing the same. 2 weeks is about tops for us. Use whatever name for the animal is provided by the or
  3. I'm not sure this is all on Waddell. As has been mentioned, maybe Ned took an opportunity that he saw a better future with than here. If Ned was intent on staying in Raleigh and thought this was his best opportunity, his agent would not have played hardball the way he did.
  4. Really? He used the Atlanta Thrashers as an example? I sincerely hope this was an attempt at humor.
  5. I think he might be a stop-gap until something else comes along. I can't see Carolina paying him and Mrazek.
  6. Bernier made $3M in each of the last 3 seasons. No way the Canes will get him for 1/3 of that
  7. I'm not a dad and don't have any kids, but I've been there for a couple deliveries and I can tell you it's a pretty special moment. It was a conscious decision by my wife and I not to have kids and we've never spoken with any regret about it. That being said, at my age and kids are no longer an option, is there any way to induce sex? I mean, if they can do it for labor, why can't they help a bro out?
  8. Young with a lot of cap space to do some free agency shopping. Was hoping the Canes would go with Ned (new contract) and Mrazek (new contract) in net and make a run at Oleksiak or Tarasenko, but that all went to sh!t real quick.
  9. Not really. If Ned got $3M from DET and Bernier was making $3M last year, the Canes are going to pay more for Bernier. He didn't come here for the same money he was making in DET.
  10. Mrazek is once again the #1 goalie. Of course, Bernier is a complete unknown the last 3 seasons posting a 3.03 GAA while in Detroit with one of the worst teams in the NHL in front of him. But, his numbers are also getting worse with age. That being said, what's the diff between him and Reimer? They're the same goalie. Reimer is making $3.5M while Bernier was making $3M, so wtf?
  11. Gardiner needs to step up big with Dougie having one foot out the door. Not gonna lie, I'm a little worried about the blue line right now. Obviously a free agency priority.
  12. I've seen Geekie's name as well. Hope he does well and has a successful career going forward. He was starting to come into his own and was even showing some grit.
  13. Saw last night Seattle is working on a 3-year deal for Driedger (Florida's goalie) at $10.5M. That's a good thing for Carolina because Driedger, a 3rd round pick, has 5 years in the league, he's played in a total of 38 games. For an expansion team, he could very well be the starter for that kind of money, unless there's another unprotected option Seattle may be looking at (Carey Price?). They may go after Price, knowing he's probably going to have surgery and delay his 2021-22 season and they have Driedger as their starter until Price comes back. Not a bad 1-2 if you ask me.
  14. One of his rosters shows Seattle taking Bean, the other shows Mrazek.
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