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  1. I'm old enough to remember the transition from black & white to color TV; the move from AM to FM radio; and the idea that we went to our friends house and talked on a wall-mounted telephone. This message board and another Jeep owner board are the 2 closest things to social media I'm part of. Despite that, my life is still effected on a daily basis by social media. For example, during last night's Hurricanes game, there was an offer to win a free bobblehead, but the only way to enter the contest was on Twitter. Not that I would have entered, but you get it. Also, more small businesses are foregoing a website in favor of using Facebook, and I have probably passed on supporting those small businesses because I can't find any info without FB. Just having a smartphone can be a pain in the ass. If I don't answer a call or text immediately because I left my phone laying somewhere while I was in my shop or working in the yard, you'd think I'd committed a felony. I think what really scares me is how many people actually consider FB, Twitter, and other social media as a legitimate news source. Just yesterday, I was having a casual conversation with someone older than I and we were discussing a vacation rental I use in Nags Head and the gas range it has. He then proceeded to lecture me on how the government is going to ban gas ranges. I listened, while in the back of my mind I'm saying to myself, "Where the fug did you read that and how do you actually think that's going to happen? Is the ATF or some other government law enforcement agency showing up at my front door with tools to remove my gas range? What about my fireplace? What happens to the 250g tank in my backyard?"
  2. Game over. That was lazy, sorry hockey. Give the Canes a chance to put some distance between them and 2nd place and they melt. I'm out.
  3. Who's on the PP? Sure looks like TB.
  4. And immediately gives up a weak 5 hole under the pad again. Does not bode well when the Canes don't score halfway thru the game.
  5. I don't care what anyone thinks- Chatty & Noesen are my top 2 over-achievers this season.
  6. And getting away with murder behind the net. At least 3 times Canes went down behind their own net when being tripped or interfered. 1 blatant stick holding non-call on Maroon when he was literally sitting on the ice holding Staal's blade.
  7. Slavin made a quick stop-turn along the boards and went down awkwardly. Looks okay. Canes need to keep the pressure on in their zone. The opportunities are there.
  8. In 2016 my wife and I rafted the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. Trip of a lifetime. Because it is a National Park, the number of people permitted to raft is limited and only allowed once per year per person. I started planning the trip a year in advance and it was worth every minute of waiting, looking forward and experiencing. Fly to Vegas and we stayed at the Marriott near the convention center. Next morning, we take a bus to Henderson and hop aboard a Cessna 208 Caravan with about 8 other people and fly into the Bar 10 Ranch, an operating ranch established before the park was created and, therefore, grandfathered in to operate as a private business. Dinner, horseback riding, ATVs and we stay overnight there. Next morning it's a helicopter down to the river where you meet and load onto a raft loaded with enough food, camping gear and 2 guides for the next 3 nights and 4 days on the river. You can also take a full 7 days on the river starting further up-river
  9. How soon we forget that Carolina went thru their playoff run last year with their #2 and AHL recall goalie in net when Freddie went down. And, I'm sorry, but Boston doesn't scare me. The Canes played them 3 times this season. The first in November with the AHL recall goalie in net (in Boston) and it took the Bs to get to OT and a win. Second time was in Raleigh and Boston was never in it while Carolina rolled up a 4-1 win. Third game was yesterday, again in Boston and again, it took a SO win by the Bruins. From a point perspective, the season was split 4-4. Last season, Carolina beat Boston in the 1st round.
  10. Boston had an OT and a SO win against the Canes, so they also had 4 points. Remember, an OT or SO turns it into a 3-point game (2 for the winner, 1 for the loser).
  11. Loss is on Andersen. The last 2 goals and 1 of the shootout goals were weak as fug. No #37 and mediocre goaltending will be the demise of the Canes in a short playoff season.
  12. Bruins with 10 shots in the 1st half of the 1st period. On pace for a 60-shot game on Freddie. No way Canes win that.
  13. Look, if I'm being honest, Storm Brew is just not good beer. And I'm no hipster craft beer critic, I just appreciate a good, old fashioned, cold beer on very rare occasions.
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