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  1. pr'd my ****** at 105 (+1) and my push jerk at 120k (+4) Panthers gonna win
  2. in case you were wondering my backsquat is up to 422 pounds
  3. there's things called bumper plates that you can drop even for really heavy squats 5th one i fail
  4. shut up all of you. those are eleiko 5k training plates with what looks like 1.5ks on the ends. that's a 15k bar, so roughly 28k. it's not really impressive. btw here's me easily putting more weight over my head than any of you can deadlift.
  5. Currently 107th in Asia after a WOD that wasn't my best. Plenty of time for me to make top 60. http://games.crossfit.com/judge/14.80720 If anyone wants to watch me power ****** a lot.
  6. question stands you should not be able to squat more than you dead unless you're like a bulgarian weightlifter
  7. how the fug can you squat that much more than your dead?
  8. if you did a set of 6 at 135 then jumped and did the same at 225 that's a really stupid lifting routine you're doing. I know you were probably fuging around but still. Also I had my first crossfit internship at Crossfit Reading, UK today. Didn't really get to do much. Oh well.
  9. when weights get heavy you'll make noise. some people overdue it. i breathe out loudly on every heavy squat on the way up. it's a way to control my breathing. Now yeah deadlift or OLY pre I'm going to make sure everyone in the gym knows but that's obviously not going to happen at PF
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