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  1. Really like the dude, hope he has success and like what I hear from him.
  2. It's not really that asinine. Besides the person saying "to me" which yknow, means in their opinion or experience or whatever, I think it's really easy to see that advertisements have needed a new trick for a while now.
  3. This place has really gone down hill fast.
  4. Some people don't ever leave their bubble, or look out of it, or ask anyone whats happening outside of it
  5. I agree, you can see it in how he jukes when he has a chance to avoid the sack, his instincts are good and he knows where he needs to put his body. I'm excited to watch him play, I don't expect anything super flashy but we've had flashy before and I was still nervous on 3rd downs.
  6. tuned it on late, but nice to see a 1 - 0 lead, LFG!
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