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  1. This is honestly a fantastic article. I really enjoy Donte Jackson, I'm glad he's on our team.
  2. Were they an ample 17 years?
  3. I did this in Madden, dropped Teddy and picked up Rivers, it was cool, but I think that's the only world it's gonna happen in. I think Darnold can be better than Rivers
  4. I can't find much I don't like, compared to the previous honestly.
  5. I like how he pushes the d lineman away in order to make sure he will be out of reach.
  6. This guy spent more money then I've probably had in the past couple years
  7. Why's it gotta be on the record? Also, for the record, Idgaf, just pick somebody so we can move on to the threads of why the pick was the best pick ever in draft history, and why the person we picked is a bust.
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