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  1. I've only picked against us twice this season and both times I've been wrong
  2. I think yeah, you can say it's vanilla, but the impression I get is that the fundamentals have improved, which are the things you would still see in vanilla play calling I assume. Like mentioning getting to the line quickly after a big play, even if its preseason game 1 that should still be the automatic reaction the players have after making a big play. Things like that are what I'm happy to see. You get those fundamentals instilled in the players and when it's regular season time you can adapt and overcome easier.
  3. I've hit the stage of just being numb to whatever Panthers news I see, I don't want us to be trash next season, but that's just what I feel is going to happen. I'll gladly eat a giant plate of something with the same intention as crow (I like crows too much).
  4. I don't even live in the state and I'm embarrassed
  5. I've kept my mouth shut through most of this, but Rhule is one of those guys that talks to you with his mouth full of food, spitting slobber and pieces of corn and poo all over you while you try to sit there and be nice at first but eventually you gotta just get up and shove your whole plate in his face. What a fuging absolute moron. Tepper still sittin there gettin food spit at em thinkin thats how people eat. Matt Rhule is scum, literal piece of dog poo that I scrape off on the concrete because I don't want the grass to look bad. I hope he fugin reads this too, you've had two years coach, prove me wrong. Prove to me and all of us that you aren't one of the biggest smiley glad handed assholes that this org has had as a coach, because honestly, if you were my employee, I would have fired you way earlier no matter how much money I owed you because you are a fuging bum. If your players have bought in to your "Coach Rhule gonna turn this around" then they're even bigger idiots than you are. I loved this organization, key word "loved" I used to be proud to be a Panthers fan, even in the dark days. These days are pitch black.
  6. Just google it mate, itll find the answer, dont be scared of the technology just learn something.
  7. Him and Phil switched tablets yesterday or some poo.
  8. I need like $500 and I could get a train down from Maine and a decent seat. I'm goin to buy some scratchers boys.
  9. I am so jealous of anyone who gets to go to the game. I would lose my mind if I could be there.
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