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  1. Didn't blame Hampton for the run game. The online has been... subpar so far this year. Be in pass pro or run blocking
  2. Avg last week was 1.9 at half time. Ended up being 2.8. Tonight it's 2.2 ypc. It's bad and I'm a unc fan.
  3. Laughing face from Google or Samsung. It shows up for me on mobile
  4. I've no idea what's going on in this thread. Let's keep it to football though.
  5. Yea they ejected Holloway for targeting. Had to look it up on espn because I have no video or audio. Lol
  6. Are they saying they are reviewing for targeting? I can't tell my video is almost 100% black screen.
  7. Huzzie was a good pick up for the heels.
  8. There we go defense. That's what I'm talking about
  9. This isn't a great start for UNC. Gotta be able to smoke a mid Pitt team. Defense has got lock it down
  10. Not only that but they went up on aav to 28 before talks broke down about guaranteed money.
  11. I said earlier that he's going to have issues escaping sacks if someone gets a hand on him. That's due to his build being slight, not his athleticism
  12. He's athletic enough for the NFL for sure. That won't be his problem escaping sacks
  13. He's probably always going to have issues escaping sacks if someone gets a hand on him. His build is very slight, doesn't mean he can't be a good qb.
  14. His playbook sucks. His play calling sucks. No nice way to say it
  15. Brees played in 1 game as a rookie. He went 15-27 for 221 yards, 1 td, no int. Think he came in because Flutie was benched or got hurt.
  16. It's not. When I say he sucks, it's not his fault he sucks. It's the play calling, the protection breakdowns, the skill position players all coming together to make a mess of a situation. I'm not sure prime Brady would look good in this offense. Everything around the qb sucks, so the qb is going to suck. Honestly he's the only bright spot on offense right now.
  17. It's hard to make decisions when the wr aren't getting separation on 98% of their routes. Every throw has to be perfect and that is damn near impossible in the NFL. The skill positions have got to help him out
  18. No it moves money forward to the next 4 seasons from the backend of his original deal. His cap numbers the next 4 years hovers around 59-63m.
  19. I'm glad I missed that. I'd probably have thrown up for real. Hope he recovers and can walk with out issues.
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