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  1. If they can't find a deal for a trade back, they might could very well take AR at #1. Just saying.
  2. I heard it's was Richardson and the trade down was for the Texans and Colts so they could go get him since most think they like Stroud and Young. :shrugs:
  3. Svech wanted to play in the playoffs, you could tell just by him waiting and what he told Don. Hate to see if and hopefully he comes back stronger
  4. This has been a crazy ass week for free agency. All the restructuring, signings plus the trade for #1 being done recently. Yeeesh but it's exciting which is refreshing after the last three years
  5. If he stays healthy, he's a 1000 yard receiver.. big if but hopefully he can be healthy wherever he signs
  6. The current red flags being made public are what has been on team boards for a while. It was one of the flags I was talking about after his warrant was issued.
  7. Every deal that fitt has done is either a o e year or two year out deal.
  8. First year cap hit probably similar to the other deals they've done, around 3 to 3.5m
  9. Still think it's AR, I'd personally take Stroud but with Dalton now in as a bridge qb, I see them going for the home run swing and taking AR. What better prospect for a team with a vet QB, and former QB's all over the staff. Also means I could see them moving to 4 on draft day for a 2023 2nd, 3rd and future first.
  10. Incentives for starting games, likely considered nltbe. Probably some other stat or playoff based incentives as well.
  11. Think it's set up to really be a one year deal, guaranteed money from signing bonus and first year salary low. Cap hit probably 6m or so. Leaving the Panthers with around 19m in cap, so 7m to work with after rookies are considered.
  12. No, don't think so as rap reporting it as well.
  13. 12m for rookies, #1 pick is nearly 8m itself.
  14. Need 12m for rookies, so gives the team about 16m left over after that counting Shaq deal
  15. He's saying he turned down a 133m fully guaranteed deal from the Ravens and reports are coming out that he also turned down a deal that had an aav over 50m. He's going to end up playing on the franchise tag in Baltimore. Lol
  16. Tuttle will be the 3-4 nose, mcall will back him up I imagine. Then you've got Brown on one end and YGM on the other as starters. Edge you've got Burns and a bunch of ? marks that could make a huge impact in the new defense. Ilb seems set with shaq and Chinn. Just need depth at corner and on dl from draft and FA unless you can get a good vet for cheap. Offense needs help though at TE, WR and RB. I think they've done a lot to improve the middle of the defense today
  17. That's not counting rookies. I expect them to target, wr, de/te and rb in the draft if they can't bring Forman back on a good deal. Got to get a cb and either de or te somewhere in fa. I'd expect they get a younger raw free agent Edge rusher in FA to pair with Burns on the outside and get a cheaper vet to fill out the other 3-4 end.
  18. The rookie qb is starting and a vet will be signed as a backup. Corral will be stashed on PS or out right cut after preseason is finished.
  19. With the details of the deals today being out, counting the deal with Thompson (which i have saving the team 8m in cap space, could be even more than that actually). Panthers should still have 20m in cap space left.
  20. Imagine the chaos on this board if the Panthers actually took Anderson first overall. Yeesh
  21. To give up that much capital to move to #1 and then release you would be willing to trade down tells me that you aren't taking someone who's gonna go 1 or 2 on most boards. I think it's AR.
  22. It's not just about weight, it's also about playing style and other factors as well.
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