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  1. After that press conference, 100% checked out. He simply has no clue.
  2. After this season, I'm surprised rhule can tie his shoes.
  3. If it gets to the point where Rhule isn't the coach (yes we already there) it's a poo season again and it's gonna be a clean house. That interim hc could turn into permanent... only draw I see here for anyone
  4. That's an insult to checkers.
  5. If not it's pretty damn close. As much as everyone disliked Fox and Rivera, they could both coach circles around Rhule while blindfolded and with only a 3 page play binder.
  6. Rhule has full control of the roster and final say on decisions. It was talked about a lot when he signed
  7. He deserves to pick his coach and run an organization properly.
  8. If Rhule is the coach, I see 7 for sure losses. But if he's still the coach I won't care or watch.
  9. When Sam got playing time, it was to get him ready to finish the season as the starter. Wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Cam again either.
  10. Predictable route combinations, plus not being able to block on passing plays = qb problems no matter who the QB is.
  11. I'm legit starting to think that they only brought Cam to back to try and help with getting Watson and/or to be Rhules scapegoat for the season. He's legit blaming Cam for everything.
  12. Been complaining about this myself, he's getting no calls this year at all. It's crazy and ridiculous
  13. Also another note, OU boosters are willing to pay for Rhule's buyout if it brings Brady.
  14. He's gonna get a raise and be paid like a head coach. 4m or so a year and he will stay.
  15. Ou boards seem to be hearing that Rhule, Brady and Snow will be going to OU as the HC, OC and DC. Would be insane because Rhule would legit take his whole staff.
  16. I always thought it was a combination of Hurney and Brady plus cam wanting a new contract extension
  17. They tried to sign him to a 2 year deal, so it's possible he gets one of those next year.
  18. Word is he was part of the minority group pushing to get Tomlin fired.
  19. Raleigh has actually caught up to Charlotte, only about 50k difference between the two areas. Charlotte fell a spot to 22nd and Raleigh jumped to 24th on recent TV market size. Add them together like the NFL apparently does and it's top 10 in the country I believe.
  20. Person is as connected to a team and its front office as a reporter can get. If he doesn't know what's going on, no one does.
  21. I'll say yes. 2 first, 2 2nds, 2-3 picks between round 3-5. Anderson on offense and either Burns on defense. So 6 picks and 2 starters.
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