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  1. I like the fights, maybe we have a team with a scrappy attitude this year.
  2. All the quotes from Rhule in here make me want to cry.
  3. No it didn't, not one bit. It happens though and I don't do it professionally so I'm ok with it.
  4. What the ever living hell was that.
  5. Rumors that UNC is currently looking to get out of the GOR.
  6. It's 8m a season for a good glue guy who can play d and shoot 3's. 8m in the NBA is nothing. I'm so confused by that reaction.
  7. I don't want him on the team anymore, can go the *** off now.
  8. If they can't move Terry or Hayward then they won't have a choice but to let him walk. No way you go into lux for the team as currently built
  9. it was the Nuggets first round pick next year not the bucks and from what ive seen its unprotected.
  10. If he curbs back the offense and the running and gunning (it will loose younger players for sure) there's going to be bad defense with that style of play, gotta get more efficient offensively and be able to play a little bit of defense when the game is slowed down.
  11. It was a great day, more Watson news came out and it wasn't linked to the Panthers. That's the big story of the day.
  12. Ryzen 7 5800x 6900xt rog strix lc 32gb cl16 3600 ram Vision 550d mb 2.5tb of gen 4 nvme drives 6 lian li al 120 fans Corsair Capellix aio (240) Lian li dynamic 011 case Dell 32inch 1440p 165hz monitor Alienware keyboard and mouse Astro a50 headset 1 Deadpool venom action figure. It's on a endtable because I play from a recliner in front of the monitor.
  13. 5 years in of the Rhule Era, Peyton becomes free agent coach and signs with the Panthers.... .I really hate dumb rumors because the above is about the soonest this would happen realistically
  14. Team goes 6-11 and Tepper makes no changes coaching wise
  15. If they woulda been successful in trading up earlier before the Colts took Willis, I firmly believe he would've been the pick but the team didn't want to give up much to move.
  16. No but I'm sure they'll say it, which is what I was getting at. Lol
  17. Panthers after drafting qb in late 2nd round/early 3rd round. We had a first round grade on the qb and thought about taking them at 6.
  18. Its also been reported that they aren't interested in Jimmy and don't think he's an upgrade over darnold
  19. I like Willis a lot but he's going to have to sit and I don't think you can trade back and get him past Atlanta at 8. I still have 4 qbs going in the first round, 2 in the top 20 and then 2 more late first by a team trading up out of the 2nd for them. Willis, Pickett, Howell and Corral
  20. It would take a future first to move into the 2nd this year or a highly valuable player
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