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  1. Why won't the Panthers play Tarik Cohen. He is a veteran that could possibly add some energy to the team's performance. Hard to believe the play book is that deep. Just Sayin
  2. What value has JC Horn brought to the team? Is it time to consider a trade? He has spent more time on IR than on the field. Just Sayin
  3. Maybe "That" WR just graduated, undrafted and hungry to play in the NFL. I think too much attention is given to trading and not recruiting quality. Just Sayin
  4. For the safety of Young, Ikem has to be replaced with someone who has speed and strength Soon!
  5. Don't have a good feeling about this year. Too many coaches with no results. Players who don't seem to want to be here. Half of starters on the bench. A lot of undeserved checks being written. Best players sent to help other teams be successful. Again, I say "Maybe next year."
  6. Frankly the defense or lack of, did not provide the help Bryce will need for the regular season. #89 needs coaching. #80 need reviewed to determine if replacement is needed.
  7. If the hype is true, hope we trade up for Anthony Richardson.
  9. Mr. Tepper Mr. Fitterer Coach Reich As a Fans I am pleading with you to give us a Franchise QB and not rejects from other teams to lead the Panthers to a winning season. Some of the current players (Corners) need to review last year's tape and explain why more effort wasn't put forth. If that was the best, it wasn't good enough. "KEEP POUNDING"
  10. Rumor has it Dan Quinn could be the next coach for the Panthers. We need a leader who can teach Football 101 to some of the current starters. If he can do it PLEASE make it SOOOOOOOON!!!!!
  11. Coach Rhule said- "Mayfield was playing good" Did I miss the "real game"?
  12. Absolutely Play "The Player". Welcome to Carolina Mr. Shenault
  13. QB Kenny Pickett would be a great asset to the team.
  14. Give me ONE SOLID reason Why the Panthers would pass on getting a Quality QB.
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