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  1. Dont think he is coming here either way. Saints would never let him go to their division rival and it would suck the amount of draft picks we would have to give to get him anyhow.
  2. I take it with his new contract he wont be tradeable anytime soon?
  3. Does this guy ever take accountability for anything at all? Reminds me of my to the extreme narcissistic ex wife. Hell, he is just like the ugly troll except a male version. Those two could be a match made in heaven. I dare say 99.999% of the fans here in Carolina can all agree we wish this goof ball never took the job either. Seriously, we all argue about tanking or not, which QB to draft, whether Wilks is a good fit as a permanent coach or not etc etc etc but we im sure all actually AGREE on the fact that Matt Rhule is a prick and an idiot as a coach at the NFL level. He was paid very well to perform very BADLY at his job. He should be thankful he got that cash grab here and then moves directly into a new cash grab. What does he honestly have to be pissed about? What a jerk.
  4. I remember years ago like back in 1998 or around that time they used to play the oddest eerie electric violin type solo song each time we kicked off. I thought it was one of the coolest things I had ever heard. Wish I could hear that one again too.
  5. I took it as hik not putting all the blame on the fans but stating a true fact that home field advantage does in fact play a very important role. When you have whine and cheese fans who do only show up when the team is winning I can see how it most definitely could affect that home field advantage. It may not be the ultimate deciding factor but nobody can deny home field advantage with rowdy fans most definitely helps the home team.
  6. Someone gave your post a poo but it's very true and they must be one of the nozzles who do just that as the truth hurts we all know. Here is some pie to make up for that poo.
  7. On the other hand if we were able to aquire Watson the "jack shack and happy massage" industry in Charlotte would have had a boost to it's economy.
  8. He should tell that guy how he really feels and stop holding back being too nice worrying about saying something that may make him look dumb later.
  9. Oh God I must be an idiot for not hoping my team gets their asses kicked week I'm and week out since the first month of the season. Damn me for being such a bad fan that I cheer when we score a touchdown or am disappointed when we throw an interception or get a loss. Damn me for not bitching when we win and being happy when we lose! Damn me for not screaming to tank every season after three games!
  10. Yowzers.....! Sharon Tate says not funny.
  11. I don't care for Russel Wilson as I believe he is a phony but put me in the category that I've never thought Marshawn Lynch was a good dude especially in his youth. Maybe he has grown up some today but when he first came around he was most definitely an asshole who couldn't obey the law.
  12. Are you going off that one video? I live in Columbia and come into contact with the team regularly. He has done nothing as far as team cancer goes. He has behaved himself and been pretty decent since here as far as I know. He seems okay and carries no attitude at all everytime I am around him. Nobody really has any bad to say of him here and he has been a good guy.
  13. Oh God please give it a rest. It gets so old seeing all the bitching when our team wins. For years they bitch when we lose now everytime we win I'm guessing it's the same people bitching non stop. Yes, we will not be able to get any type of a good QB now that we have won a few. The top two guys wanted (Stroud, Young) have zero flaws and are perfect guaranteed hall of famers and now we have no chance at anyone and should just tank the next 15 seasons to satisfy some.
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