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  1. I hope he finds a good gig somewhere as he does deserve another shot. He came in and cleaned up the absolute ruins Matt Rhule left. I have to say it one more time because I dislike him as a coach so much but MATT RHULE SUCKS.
  2. I really wasn't big on Reich and didn't know much about him so I have no idea what to think here. Hope he is our Andy Reid or turns out to be. He should at bare minimum know how to develop a QB since he was one at a high level.
  3. You sir are a beacon of positivity and hope in a weary world!
  4. Ummmm, anybody think he could have an Andy Reid type thing happen here in Carolina after he was fired in Indy? I don't know what to think of this hire in all honesty as I dont know much about him. Some of you guys got me on the Shane Steichen wagon so I was hoping he would get the nod from us. Does he have the Andy Reid ability or smarts to come here and do what Reid did in Kansas City? I have no idea so I thought I would ask someone who knows more about him than me.
  5. Wow, after reading yours I do believe it all makes sense to me as well. Somehow my money is on you being at least 90% correct here.
  6. Jeff Saturday is probably STILL a better head coach than that buffoon narcissistic ego inflated micromanaging idiot we had in charge (Rhule)
  7. I just dont personally see it. Watching all Cams games and then now many of Fields to me Fields does not look like he has what Cam did to me. If I were picking between the two I would take Cam every single time with no second thoughts. Maybe im biased but I would not have drafted Fields where we did Horn. If I did not take Horn, i would have taken another player who turned out very well in retrospect. I guess what im saying is I dont feel if you take Justin Fields and swap him with Jalen Hurts in Philly that he could do what Hurts has done with that roster. I think Fields is good enough to be a QB in the NFL but I dont think he is this god some people around here make him out to be and claim we should have drafted after the fact when its all over.
  8. Oh boy, if you want to adjust an attitude. I hear Cameron Jordan can be an asshole too. Maybe adjust his? Ray Lewis in his prime could be seen as an asshole, you should have probably challenged him too. If youre into wanting to beat up famous athletes I hear Mike Tyson had some attitude in his day. Maybe you could have taken on a 21 year old prime Tyson? Speaking of Tysons, Tyson Fury is an odd one, perhaps you want to fight him as well? Lots of attitudes out there, why take on what may be the weakest of them all? If im paying to see a pros vs Joes beat down I want to see a pro that can actually defend himself and do some serious damage himself on my tv screen not see someone beat up the ghost of Screech from saved by the bell.
  9. Where is it written Justin Fields is the franchise changing amazing QB a few believe he is. I have seen some of his game sand he is a GREAT runner and mediocre-half way decent passer. If we had drafted him ourselves I would have been disappointed. Also Horn's being so injury prone are two injuries any other player would have had if they were in that same scenario. I understand it if he was laying out of every practice for BS reasons like a sore finger nail but the dude has had some bad luck so far. Does it mean every season will be this way? Cant say for sure but I personally doubt it. When Horn is playing CB he is WORLDS above better than Justin Fields is at his QB position. I dont understand some peoples obsession saying we should have drafted Fields. The most important thing a QB does is THROW the football and he is not even that great at it so far. Cam was 100 times the QB Fields is and I want another Cam at QB, not a Fields who runs great and often looks like he just wasnt meant to throw the football in the NFL. I agree Fit has been bad in some situations and he has made some decent decisions in others. I would probably give him another year to see what he does before brining down the axe on him. Lets see what he can do as far as results from players on the field with an actual real NFL head coach leading our players and not the numb skull narcissist in over his head blame casting excuse making process propaganda spinning loser we had at coach. Im not saying Fit is a god or anything but he at least deserves a season alongside an actual NFL head coach with a functional brain. Im biased and pretty much think Mat Rhule was the worlds worst coach the NFL has ever seen not to mention the biggest whiny bitch back stabbing piss willy after the fact of being fired scourned lover ever. Lets see what Fit can do with someone who isnt a piece of dog poo.
  10. I agree but I don't know anyone else other than Wilks or The jerk Payton to go with. Reich proved he is head coach material for awhile as well so I guess him too. I realize Steichen has a great roster but I almost feel like maybe he is worth taking a chance on. Who do you like?
  11. At this point I would make Steichen my number one target. I would talk with Wilks again as well just because of his loyalty to us this season and I would probably speak to Payton on more time just because he has had success somewhere else (even though I can't stand that pill head).
  12. I have been impressed with Steichen as well and am now feeling he would be worth taking a chance on. We took a chance with Rhule and it turned out awful but Steichen has pro experience with success and could be the piece of the puzzle we need of we can combine him with a very solid QB
  13. Oh I didn't even realize you were a moderator until I saw you lock the old thread. I didn't realize you were because you are not a douche rocket like some other ones. You now my my vote for head super moderator president of the board of moderators guy.
  14. I will take AR. I don't believe we would have to trade up for him either so we keep most all of our draft picks we have this year. I will also take Levi's as I can see potential in him as well as long as we have a good coach in place who has a speciality of developing QB's as far as both of them goes. For me that makes Shane Steichen become very valuable and my number one candidate.
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