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  1. Nobody said life was fair for everyone at all. Fact of the matter is that athletics and entertainment drive the world in many aspects hence you have athletes and entertainers at the very top of their chosen craft compensated dollars the likes of which the average person will never be able to comprehend beyond if they won the lottery. It is just reality. Fact is though athletesat the very top may be way overcompensated for what they do but the amount of work out in is immense. Who are you to judge what "real" work is and is not? If you sir had it in you to train 8 hours a day in the scorching h
  2. What guy isn't a horny dumb ass at one time or another in his life? I like cracking Watson jokes as well but I guess when it comes down to it males make dumb decisions when it comes to the potential for some ass. This is coming from the idea of course that I don't believe he actually raped anyone or forced himself upon anyione. Did he whip his wwsel out and probably do some stupid stuff with it in front of legit massage therapists? Yep I think so and he was an idiot but if he could keep from doing anything stupid again and stay out of trouble after his suspension if the price tag was much lowe
  3. He never hurt anyone other than himself and ran his mouth some about his former employer and coworkers but we have all done something similar to that. I hope he has success and finds happiness in his journey. Not going to call him poo or garbage as it isn't my place to judge the dude. We all have made mistakes or slacked off at times in our lives when we wish we had not. I hope the guy grew some mentally and has a good rest of his career. I can't somehow hate him like doke do I guess. It's just unfortunate it didn't work out here with him as he had a load of potential.
  4. Was there ever any real doubt this would all be concluded with a settlement? They should have just skipped to this part and gotten it over with. If he actually did anything wrong hopefully he learned next time he needs a massage with a happy ending to just go one of those shady neon sign light on legit jack shacks to keep things simple.
  5. I hear you on what you're saying and most definitely partially agree except for the political stuff you just popped off your keyboard. Shootings happen every day in inner cities across America but somehow CNN misses those. Does it not fit the narrative perhaps?
  6. Personal opinion I guess but neither gives a poo. One did it for more celebrity and something to brag about with his buddies at the golf course while the other has done it for 40 something years and used his position to progress his own sorry ass family and himself but you do you and vote for who you prefer. Thats the beauty in this country, you can vote as you please. My thinking on these two is pick which turd you would like to be hit in the face with. Either way they both get a chuckle and we get poo on our faces.
  7. I ONCE IN THE PAST liked this guy is all i guess i can say regarding Teddy. Kinda funny to lame others when he was the one tossing ints in the redzone and throwing it for 3 yards on 4th and 8.
  8. Except you would need to take out the one character flaw of sucker punching teammates and cutting your positional teammates throats to the point that no rookies any longer prosper or develop. If you could take away that trait most definitely.
  9. Nothing wrong with parts of the green new deal for sure but other aspects are worry-some. This second clown in office is just a yes man and no better than the first clown if you want to start getting all political. Screw both of those losers. Neither one of them give a damn about you or I no matter what your political party's chosen propaganda news station tells you.
  10. Any chance of Tepper buying the house next door to Kraft and opening a massage parlor/jack shack to tempt his old wrinkled tubby perverted ass for blackmail?
  11. Just get a good bowl of plain oatmeal in a couple times a day and it should be clean sailing in their colons
  12. Charlotte could be a great place for an MLB team potentially I'm guessing. From Oakland to Charlotte would be one huge change for a team that's for sure. What's the overall consensus on baseball in Charlotte? Was the minor league team popular? Weren't they the Charlotte Knights? Are they still around?
  13. oh uphill battle I would have to agree. I hope he does flash. Maybe I'm biased but I think he could contribute and be some sort of a help to this team in the future. I'm not saying hall of famer here but I feel like he could potentially be some form of a okay maker. He is a good guy so I hope luck combined with work put in yields him some good results in camp this year.
  14. I forgot on here you can't have any information without actually being the person or being their dad to a couple dip-shits
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