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  1. You don't know me from me the man in the moon. You are a career smart ass on a message board so please don't come at me with anything regarding ethics or judge the kind of parent I am when you haven't the first idea who or what I am. At the end of the day I know what I am when I gaze in the mirror so again take your opinions and shove them as far as you possibly can. Thanks and have a great Friday mr kingfu man!
  2. Oh give me a god damn break I was typing on my phone and didn't care to proofread. Check this one for me to see if I spelled everything okay there Captain Fantastic.
  3. I don't understand why public schools don't focuc more on teaching kids from a young age skills like money management, gardening, car repairs, general home maintenance and machine work, cooking, hell even cleaning, etc.. I think they have a few specialized classes in high schools but nowhere near what they need and should start in first grade all through. Some of the pointless crap my 11 year old brings home is a complete joke in terms of what the work on in school. Teach these kids more real life skills they will actually use and less BS would help in the long run I believe.
  4. Yeah might as well get something out of the guy if he is partially serviceable as a backup depth piece then let him walk when it's time for a new contract.
  5. Bout time to cut Little loose if we can't get any value out of him at all. Is he at least effective as backup type for depth ?
  6. I don't know why but I have a feeling Zylstra will make the team but won't do much if anything at all like last year. Is he fairly injury prone?
  7. I feel same way. I feel like PJ has at least shown some sort of potential to even be a third string QB but Grier has always looked God awful in every single last thing I've ever seen him in. I have a feeling the NFL just isn't a fit for him. I'm sure he is an okay guy and not bashing him but sometimes I guess a solid college career does not always transfer to the NFL.
  8. The place gets out of control due to a number of special needs trolls from the tinder box and their rivals who must make it a constant verbal political cage match on the forums here. For some reason these tools think anything they argue about on a Panthers message board will actually make a difference in the world and instead of ACTUALLY going out and doing something to support their opinions like get involved in their communities to take action and make a difference the whiny punks just come here to go on drunken rants so they can pretend they are woke. I think that's the basic political phil
  9. I think Grier is as good as gone. I don't even think he will be held for practice squad. PJ didn't show much in terms of protecting the football but he did show he could move it down field or the capability of it in his short playing time sample. Grier just looked completely overwhelmed, sounds like he knows he is almost done in that recent interview and also must have not had much confidence from the coaches last year when they had an opportunity to play him but chose PJ to play instead. I'm not sure if Grier even makes the practice squad of another team and potentially isn't beginning his co
  10. You should call Goddell on his cell and let him know where you stand. He will probably hold your opinion high on his list I bet.
  11. By that argument in some situations why can't men be best? Why are women then automatically better? Why the hell does it even matter what sex, or orientation or even race is chosen if it is TRULY an even playing field and nobody is just being chosen because of their sex, race, orientation, etc...?
  12. HBO should ask the chubby filmmaker guy with the smart mouth who is always pretending to be on some BS political mission that posts on here regularly for his input. Maybe he could properly advise them if he can get off one of his micro budgeted BS drunken rants long enough?
  13. I think I kinda like him. Ole Timmy T*ebow too as we all know why he gets so much hate but we arent allowed to say it. It certainly isnt because he is an asshole. As far as Urban goes most hate him because one of his well coached teams probably pounded the piss out of their favorite college teams and ruined their precious college football weekend. He must be doing right as well as T*ebow to get so much hate and chances are they both have way more money and way more fun lives than most who hate them and that's a painful fact that may sting but we all know its true. We all know Timmy T could ban
  14. Im pretty sure you won that contest
  15. I dont think there is a slot for me to vote in out of those choices honestly. I am optimistic every year but also very cautiously. I am positive every year with hope but not overconfident. I think they will most definitely get there to be a playoff team but im not sure if this is the year just yet. Most of it all rests on Darnolds ability and whether he he has any or not. Even with him I am hopeful and optimistic but not extremely confident that anything will look different for him this year than years past. I will admit he has better coaching but can he show what he truly must? I truly d
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