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  1. God, when it sometimes feels like we have a decent line once every 10 years and when that happens we are able to make a good run for a very short brief period of time no longer than a season or two and then injuries happen, people retire and we lose some decent pieces of that line to free agency or we sign some guys who were once decent but then when they get with us stink it all up. I wish we could be consistent and consistently take the O Line seriously year after year and time period after time period. I like Rhule but some days it feels like the O Line has been the leats most important position to him to address. Not that I could do any better myself and I know this is no easy task but I sure do wish we could get a good collection of guys up front to help this offense consistently fire on all cylinders.
  2. Well at least you got your $20. For what its worth I guess we know he pays his debts off for services rendered.
  3. How did it go? Did you all meet on opposite sides of the wall and which of your parts met?
  4. Yeah thats it! Great game! I had so much fun with that one!
  5. Hey what baseball game is that in your picture? Is that the Nintendo baseball game from wayyyyy back? If so I LOVED that game!
  6. Never heard that one before and made me laugh. Thanks! Its so dumb that its just funny as all hell! Telling this to my kid today for sure!
  7. Serious question....Does anyone wonder if Ked Woodley's fame from this awful song got him laid throughout the Carolinas by any "hot to trot" trailer park sows? He blew up pretty big for a bit and there are groupies for every single scenario I have come to discover.
  8. Maybe im weird but I just looked at posts for years when TheBigKat posted as i did not see a reason for a screen name but I always enjoyed seeing his posts of all his cool stuff. He had a nice house and a cool ass car and other fun stuff. It never bothered me but i saw a ton of jealousy even on day one when he posted some of his stuff. I don't care if he was bragging or not or if he earned it all or had it handed to him. We all get what we have by different means and in different ways. poo, if i could currently afford a 2 million dollar home and a couple $200,000 cars and a bunch of other cool crap I guess i would enjoy as well. BigKat post some more cool stuff. I don't care if you're bragging or not you seem like an okay guy. We have mutual contacts who you have met at games and the dude said you were one hell of a nice guy and were even inviting with some sort of food you were making asking multiple times for him to get some. I don't care what anyone says, that's just decent people in my book. He even said if you had any money you sure as hell didnt act stuck up and high and mighty. I think some people may have a very false perception of you on here. We are all jack asses on here to an extent. Lets face it, its the internet.
  9. Well that's sad and disappointing if that is the case. Don't see how that line may not eventually get Darnold clobbered and back with some of that QB PTSD again.
  10. I was really hoping both would be first year contributors and come into their own this season as rookies but keeping hope alive that they both turn out to be solid for us. That line sure could use some good help.
  11. Man that's a bit if a resume killer if you are in the training field that high up at the NFL level. If whatever the were raiding involved him that could keep him from getting another job because of the bad stigma that would obviously carry.
  12. We all know it was just probably his granddaughter and he was supervising her party festivities to make sure he dance moves remained in line with his bible he belted out there in the media........ He is a good college football coach but does seem like somewhat of a piece of dookie. Not on the level of a rapist Ben Rottenburger or like he would help chop someone's head off at a super bowl then cover it up like a Ray Lewis but still a piece of dookie none the less. I'm not even saying I am without sin and haven't been a piece of crap a time or two in my life as well buthe does seem like controversy follows him for some reason and I doubt he is an always innocent victim in the wrong place at the wrong time in everything he does.
  13. Ehhh we aren't the best, we aren't the worst but it's a start at least!
  14. In my opinion there is no reason to not be at least excited with optimism for his potential. Plenty of players before him have bene involved in trades where they were considered "disgruntled" and even benched then shined for their new teams. Also plenty have fizzled out with new teams but I choose optimism here and hope this is the change of scenery he needs to feel content and use his skills to go out and kick some ass. That deal was too decent to pass up. Arnold was decent for us for sure but was not a Tony Gonzalez in his prime so this one had to be a no brainer to make this deal.
  15. How old is she anyhow? She is probably in her late 50's now correct?
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