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  1. Today could be the last day or tomorrow possibly too or any of the other 363 days after that as well......
  2. I sure hope they are pulling the trigger. Im tired of hearing about Baker. Hopefully somebody pulls the trigger and grabs Jimmy G out away from us as well. We need to just roll with what we have and see how it goes.
  3. Nah but there's a possibility it could be tomorrow or the next day or possibly the next after that or the next one maybe.
  4. If the O-line plays well, and the QB's play well due to good O-line play we could have a decent team for once. Really not sure how our team will do thsi season. I don't feel as if Rhule is the answer at all but if certain players gel and play well it could affect others across the team and end up making us have a pretty good season. I just hope young players develop and it is a good year for low injuries to really see what these guys have in them.
  5. Hoping it's new. I'm so tired of Baker and Jimmy G talk. Almost as tired of them as I was Deshaun Watson talk. Don't want any of them. We should just roll with who we have.
  6. I worry my cell phone camera or someone that I have been on a video business meeting with sees me picking my nose hours later as I check emails and dig for gold.
  7. Yeah I wish he would have a change of heart. I think he would make a hell of a good coach.
  8. I really prefer spring water to distilled or purified. Spring water has such a more enjoyable flavor to the pallet in my opinion. Just goes down smoother I believe.
  9. That's the drawback of saying no and holding ground I think. New owner wants new stadium and wants city to pay, city says nope so new owner threatens leaving. It's like a catch 22 there. Some side is going to lose and usually if anyone loses it will be the fans who line the packets of all involved in some way shape or form. I guess the ultimate loss for us as fans would be to lose the entire team to another city which is always a risk if that hard line no is drawn in the sand.
  10. Somebody talk that dude into coaching and let's have him take over as head coach when Rhule shits the bed this year again.
  11. Or single dingle berries on message board power trips under the impression that they are more intelligent than they actually are.
  12. Haha that's just nasty! I will keep that in mind. Also a helpful tidbit for your eye health is to never look up Two Girls One Cup on anything at all EVER.
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