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  1. Totally misread the poll. I'm conflicted. I think highly of both. I'm leaning towards CJ Stroud though. I feel like the floor with him is so high. However I do think Young's elite playmaking ability could put him over the top in the NFL. Personally as of right now I'm hoping we draft Stroud.
  2. Sorry man. We can feel free to agree to disagree. But I am beyond confident that Anthony Richardson is not going #1 overall. He would be the least pedigreed #1 pick at the QB position of all-time. He had a great combine and I like the kid, but it just isn't happening. But again, neither of us will likely know the true answer of how heavily he's been considered until after the draft. So if you really believe he has a chance to go #1, then fair enough. But personally I think it would be the most shocking QB #1 selection in NFL history. I seriously, seriously, seriously doubt it happens and think this is just the usual draft-talk we get before the draft happens where a prospect is overvalued in where he might go.
  3. Trading a good WR and a great RB isn't unprecedented. Hell talented receivers get traded every year it seems like. Taking a CB in the first round isn't unprecedented. Anthony Richardson would be the least accomplished #1 overall pick at the QB position and it wouldn't even be close. He would be an absolutely unprecedented selection given his college production or lack thereof. Comparing the situations is ridiculous. Anthony Richardson is not going #1. I would put money on that not happening. Even JaMarcus Russell had more college production than him. And this isn't me hating on AR - I like him a lot and would have loved him at #9. But we sit and compare him to other QBs who have went 1 in history? It just isn't going to happen. Teams aren't taking him over multi-year starters. The exceptions are when that year is so damn good ala Newton or Burrow, and Richardson's season obviously wasn't that. I'm sure you'll keep insisting there is a chance though, because "panthers organization bad." And obviously neither of us will never know for sure how strongly he's been considered until after the draft. But I feel extremely confident that Anthony Richardson, a 1-year starter who threw for 17 TDs, is not going #1 overall in the draft just because he had a great combine. It is just chatter, the type of chatter you hear before the draft every year where people keep propping up guys that have no chance of going as high as people are saying. Hell people were convinced Justin Fields was going top 3 and he fell to 11. Do I think Richardson falls to the teens? Maybe, maybe not, but he absolutely isn't going #1 overall. That is insane talk.
  4. I'll definitely have a smile on my face the day David Newton gets replaced.
  5. Wow, how did I not realize Marvin Harrison Jr is 6'4? Dude is about to destroy the league
  6. We aren’t in a position to give up any more assets.
  7. If we get a franchise QB? Yes 100%
  8. This isn’t that strong of an FA class.
  9. If a team knew a QB would be, at his absolute worst, as good as Dak Prescott, he would go #1 overall every single year.
  10. Brissett makes the most sense to me. He's worked with Reich before and has shown in the past he understands his role on the team, which is perfect to pair with a rookie QB. Not to mention if the rookie isn't ready to start right away, Brissett is a capable starter. Not great but serviceable.
  11. I'm not a big fan of re-signing Foreman. Not totally against it because I get it, but I don't think he's anything special and I would rather have a more explosive lead back. Not to mention he's not much of a threat in the passing game. Will be interesting to see the numbers.
  12. This makes the most sense for the Bears IMO. But if I'm the Texans, I would have to be 100% convinced the difference between Young and Stroud warrants giving up what they would probably have to to secure #1.
  13. He just names the teams that don’t have starters, not that he’s heard the Panthers actually have any interest.
  14. Why do people keep saying this as if Richardson wasn't hyped and talked about before the combine?
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