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  1. We do have multiple guys on the coaching staff who have been pegged for a HC job. Evero, Brown, hell even Caldwell. I do think with a bad enough record and/or we don't see the necessary improvement from the offense by season's end, that Reich could be fired. However I don't think Tepper would go out of house. I think he would try to keep the staff we have in tact because another huge coaching turnover would be a lot for the players. I could see one of those guys getting the job, although I'm sure many here would hate it. But I think that is more likely than Reich being fired and us bringing in an outside coach. I do think it is worth considering the amount of turnover we have had this offseason, both with coaches and players (particularly on the offense). It really shouldn't be this much of a surprise the offense looks this bad early in the season, but I understand that most fans don't have a lot of patience. How many teams have gotten an entirely new coaching staff, new QB, new RB, new WRs, and a new TE, and looked fine to start the next year? And due to injuries on the OL, we have guys starting who weren't last year (Zavala for one). I'm not saying the coaches have been perfect but I do think we need to wait until the end of the season before we start talking about firing someone or who is or isn't a bust.
  2. You are underestimating what adrenaline can do then. Tony Romo finished a game with broken ribs and a collapsed lung. We just saw Gardner-Johnson finish a game with a torn pec. Most NFL players are absolutely tough enough to play through an injury that ends up being serious enough to sit them out.
  3. I can understand why fans don't want to see their team tank. I just don't understand why those fans hate on the ones who do want to see their team tank. At the end of the day the cream will rise to the top but it was frustrating seeing this team win games for really no reason last year. We wouldn't have had to lose DJ Moore or a future 1st round pick.
  4. He really can't. There is a reason Minnesota chose to move on from him. He's not getting separation like he was 3 years ago. Thielen would be decent as a #2, but we need one of Chark, Marshall, or Mingo to step up. It really needs to be Chark, too soon to ask that out of Mingo.
  5. Mike Evans would be a great pick-up. He's not as young as Higgins, but he's showing this year he's still one of the league's best and he's stayed healthy throughout his career. Aiyuk would be a good trade target.
  6. And yet, Lawrence only threw for 118 yards in his 2nd game. So you either agree the amount of yards matter or you don't. You posted a stat to try and dunk on Young and I gave a response using the same standard. Never once did I say Young was as good as Lawrence. I simply was responding to your criticism of how he threw for so little yards. You are just moving goal-posts at this point. And I like how you keep trying to paint me as this person full of positivity, when I have stated multiple times that I accept Young could be a bust. How about this. I will admit I'm wrong when you admit that bringing up yards thrown was foolish.
  7. Bro, you are the one who brought up Young barely throwing for 100 yards in the first place.
  8. Then we are coming away with different takes from the games we are watching. And that is okay. I think he has demonstrated the potential to be a great playmaker between his elusiveness in the pocket and his ability and willingness to make off-platform throws.
  9. Echo chamber? My man, I have stated multiple times that I understand if people have a different opinion than myself. You commented on how Young barely threw for 100 yards. I brought up Lawrence as a comparison because he too also barely threw for 100 yards, was a No. 1 pick, and played in a bad offense. I'm not sure why you keep painting that as some wild, nonsensical comparison. Never once have I said that I think Young is as good as Lawrence, because I don't. The point was judging someone on how many yards they threw in their 2nd NFL game is dumb as hell. Any other comparisons I have made was strictly based on his arm strength. And what else is dumb as hell is comparing him to Jimmy Clausen. Clausen went in the 2nd round for a reason. But you keep making that comparison. It sure paints you as the intelligent one alright.
  10. And the thing is, I could be wrong. Bryce could suck. He could be a bust. Sometimes people are wrong about the prospects they are confident in. And I accept that people will watch him play and come away with a different evaluation. It is football. It happens. It isn't as black and white as say, evaluating a basketball player. But I'm going to keep believing in Young because I wholeheartedly believe he's got the talent and skill-set to be a playmaker at the position.
  11. :58 is definitely not a floater. But clearly we have a different definition on what a floater is and looks like, so fair enough.
  12. You compared him to Jimmy Clausen. So I would agree, this was never an intelligent conversation.
  13. See I don't think so. Yeah he puts a lot of touch on his throws, but he has been pretty aggressive. Guys just aren't getting open. But he's absolutely shown a willingness to try to fit it into tight windows. Look at 1:07 in the same video. Again another throw where he's rolling out to his left and tries to make a throw off base, this time into double coverage. Bad decision? Yeah, but I don't think he lacks faith in his arm. He has missed some throws but I'm not going to question his accuracy just yet. It takes some time for a lot of these guys. Luck completed 54% of his passes as a rookie and he threw plenty of clunkers too. And I'm sure some will accuse me of "aimlessly throwing names out there," but I do think it is important to maintain context. You suggested earlier that you felt before the draft his arm was on par with those guys. I don't think you should let 2 weeks change your opinion just yet. Have I been blown away by Young? No, but I also feel super confident in my evaluation of him that I won't throw that out of the window because of 2 weeks.
  14. You criticized Young for barely eclipsing 100 passing yards. I responded by saying Lawrence, a fellow No. 1 pick who had a terrible offense around him as a rookie, also barely threw for 100 yards in his 2nd game. Not sure how that is "aimlessly throwing out names." It seems like you just don't know what you are talking about.
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