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  1. Word, and people do realize he HAS to do press conferences right lol?
  2. We easily could have won the Super Bowl in 2008 or 2009 if we ditched Delhomme sooner. Well maybe not with Ken Lucas at corner in 2008 but that 2009 defense was fast and nasty.
  3. I hate to say it but you're probably the worst poster here.
  4. I too remember Curtis Samuel's rookie season.
  5. Hammy injuries are such a you-know-what. You just never know when it'll get back to 100% during the season.
  6. I don't think that's fair. He definitely could become as good as Matt Ryan, if New England builds around him the right way. Will he reach that level? Hard to say. But I don't think his ceiling is capped as a non-mobile Alex Smith. Especially since he's starting in a good situation right away, at least from a coaching standpoint. Smith was an unanimous bust until Jim Harbaugh came to San Fran.
  7. Mac Jones is playing about how I would expect Mac Jones to play. He was never nearly as bad as some people on this forum made him out to be. It took me awhile into the draft process to warm up to him, but the more you watched of him, the more you were impressed by his football IQ and accuracy. However, the concerns with Mac Jones weren't his floor. The concerns are his ceiling. And I still wonder just how good he can be. Still a lot more to be proven on his end.
  8. I mean, it's Adam Thielen. One of the best WRs in the game when it comes to securing the ball in tight coverage.
  9. He did as good of a job as any CB can reasonably be expected to do on Justin Jefferson.
  10. We'd be taking on $26m dead cap to move on from him.
  11. I forgot how good we looked in 2018. It is a shame how broken Cam became after that Pittsburgh game.
  12. Lol I love Reddick but he's definitely not Von Miller-good.
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