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  1. For Watson? That would be highway robbery. Texans would never accept that. Well maybe if Bill O'Brien returns
  2. The more I watch Justin Fields, the more I like him. Oddly enough... he reminds me a lot of Deshaun Watson coming out of Clemson. I'd say the same concerns I have about Fields, I had about Watson, in that the biggest thing for them was just learning how to go through progressions better and some of the technical aspects of the position. Fields' footwork is a little inconsistent too, don't remember Watson's much in college but Fields has a tendency of not keeping his footwork precise as he goes through the throw. However, he's a playmaker and he's aggressive. My two favorite traits abo
  3. Yes, Mac Jones is mechanically sound. But he plays for Alabama. And yes, I get it. It is the player, not the team, that matters the most. And I'm usually in full agreement of not holding it against the player for the team he played for. But this is Alabama we're talking about. They are so much better than the next college football team, it is ridiculous. Think about this: Ohio State is littered with talent. They are/were arguably the 2nd most talented team in college last year. They slapped Clemson. And guess what Bama did to them? They clapped them. It wasn't even competit
  4. Was he beat out? Or did Payton just have a hard-on for Hill? I'm a lot higher on Jameis than others, I'll admit. Yes, his turnovers are a problem, but 30 INTs is almost certainly an aberration even by his standards. I think with good coaching and effective run game to take the load off of him he could easily be a Pro Bowl quality QB. And I'd EASILY take him over Teddy. I agree with you though it would have to be a cheap deal. But I do have confidence it could work out.
  5. This is a pretty trash take. Panthers could try their hardest and yet it is possible Watson isn't traded or if he is, we're out-bidded. It is possible the Panthers are outbidded for the #3 or #4 overall pick in a trade-up and we're stuck at #8. Lot of things to happen. If you are gonna stop caring about the team because they can't get a QB this offseason, then that is lousy IMO. It isn't like we're not putting in the effort. Last thing the Panthers need to do is reach for a QB for the sake of doing it. All we can ask from them is to do their best and that is what they are do
  6. I'd much rather stick with Bridgewater than waste money and time on another mediocre QB. Same thing applies with the draft. I don't want this team taking a QB for the sake of taking one. I really really don't want us to draft a QB if it isn't Lawrence/Fields/Wilson. Lance MAYBEEE I'd come around on but honestly I don't know what anyone sees in him when they watch film. He's just a great athlete but that is it. I would not take him in the 1st round, much less top 10.
  7. Maybe in 2021, but by 2022 I'm 90% sure we would be a contender with Russ. I mean really outside of QB, are we any worse than Seattle outside of safety? And while yes Seattle underwhelmed down the stretch and lost in the first round, they still had a chance. I'd have considered them a contender because they absolutely could of went on a run if things worked out. I'm not saying we'd be the favorites. But assuming our defense continues on a upward trend (which it should given the youth), our offense would be good enough to score on anyone even with a lesser OL.
  8. I don't mind if we don't get a QB this offseason. It'd be preferred but not the end of the world. This team is in a great position in 2022. I'd only be mad if we replaced Teddy with a marginal, 'decent' improvement. If it ain't a franchise QB then stick with Teddy Bridgewater. Same ish with Cam. I 100% understood releasing him. The problem was replacing him with Teddy. Why not just stick with Cam at that point? Same thing here. Don't get rid of Teddy just to replace him with another mediocre QB. You either go after a guy like Watson or someone in the draft who you thin
  9. I see no reason why that can't be Russ though. He's never missed a game and doesn't rely on his mobility to the point where his game will have to change much in the next 3-4 years. Honestly, if ALL we had to do was give up 3 1st round picks? And not give up any other players? I'm easily taking that deal. Easily. That gives us a strong 3-year window at minimum to compete for a championship. Even if you don't think Wilson puts us in that talk this year, in 2022 we'll have so much cap space to make splash moves. Of course I think the Seahawks would want players in return. But th
  10. Lol Trask? May as well keep Teddy.
  11. Not sure how I feel about Justin Fields but if that is all we have to give up to move up to #3 then it is totally worth it.
  12. They could get fined up to $5m for each violation, the league itself could choose to cancel contracts, and they could lose draft picks. And Saints wouldn't be able to anything about it. Not sure about when it has to happen though. Maybe 7 days after the start of the new league year?
  13. Gonna be honest I haven't even considered the cap ramifications lol Wish the NFL had a trade machine like NBA has on ESPN
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