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  1. That's the same issue that tall QBs with bad footwork have. It isn't an issue of size. You could argue his lack of size makes it harder for him to compensate for bad footwork (for example, Cam Newton, whose footwork was atrocious especially early in his career but he made up for it because he was a great athlete) and I would agree with that. But the footwork itself isn't a size problem, in my opinion anyway
  2. I'm still optimistic he can be a good QB. And that if he does fail, I don't think size is the #1 reason why. I'm not saying his small stature helps, but it isn't at the forefront of the issues he has a QB. One of the biggest improvements I would like to see is him being more decisive. Not just as a passer but as a runner. Maybe it was because he was shell-shocked by the midway point, but he took too long to make decisions such as when to escape from the pocket. His footwork also needs to be worked on. Neither of those are size issues. Those are issues QBs of all sizes have.
  3. Minshew isn't good but he's way better than Pickett.
  4. Hey guys, did you know Bryce Young is bad?
  5. I'm biased obviously but I think I would take our roster over the Commanders and Giants. We still suck though.
  6. I can't tell if I under-appreciated Greg Olsen while he was here or just this team has been so garbage in the years since it makes me reminsence about every past Panthers great. But yeah, definitely a reminder to really appreciate what you have when you have it.
  7. What's wrong with having that mentality? He's just expressing how he wants to be known as a great Panthers tight end.
  8. That tweet is hella misleading. He literally says like 20 seconds later, "obviously, I think moving forward, you want Bryce Young."
  9. Okay and? Legette's career likely won't be with just one QB if Bryce doesn't improve.
  10. That's unfair. It might be a different take, but it isn't like he's doing it with zero research. He gives his reasons. It would be different if he was saying something so boldly without backing up why he felt that way. And you just never really know. Great WRs come from every round nowadays. Is it really that outrageous to think Legette could be the best one? Just last year arguably the 2 best rookie WRs were Nacua (5th round) and pre-injury Dell (3rd round). Amon-Ra went 4th and he'd be the best WR in his class if not for Chase.
  11. I was expecting more short jokes
  12. Yep. Gurley tore his ACL around the same time in college and was playing by Week 3 and looked dominant the rest of the season. Not that I expect Brooks to come close to that kind of impact as a rookie. But just giving an example that proves your point. Unless there were any complications with the surgery or recovery process, we should expect him to be at around at least 70-80% by the first week. It should help that he won't be expected to carry the full-load. I see Hubbard/Sanders splitting the majority of the 1st, 2nd, and short-yardage touches for the first half of the season, but Brooks should be the best pass-catcher out of the backfield on day one.
  13. He reminds me of a poor mans Todd Gurley, which is still pretty darn good. He doesn't have Gurley's top-end track speed and Gurley had more of a stronger build to him, but their playstyles and strengths as RBs are about the same.
  14. This is what I'm thinking. Some guys just have IT. I'm starting to get a real good feeling about him.
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