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  1. It's possible. Darnold hasn't played since last December. And he's missed a lot of practice time due to the injury. And more than anything else... he sucks.
  2. Yeah, people keep saying, "sit at home and take the money," but you have to think about the future too. Matt Rhule is a good college coach, but he isn't THAT good the point where he could sit out for 2-3 years and not hurt himself tremendously. You would be hurting your future earnings because schools won't be as interested 3 years from now and he will be asked endlessly why he didn't seek out a new job. If he says "well I wanted to stay home and take the easy money," a school will think negatively of that. Besides, while it is easy to tell someone to sit at home and do nothing... for the people that say that, have you had a job and then got laid off or quit and just done nothing for a few months? It sucks. It sounds good in theory but it can get boring real fast. At least for me and a lot of people I know. Not to mention it isn't good for your mental health (over-working can be bad too, which is why you have to find a balance). Say what you want about Rhule but he clearly loves coaching and is passionate about it. I'm pretty sure he'd rather work and do what he loves than sit around at home.
  3. Lol nah. That's Jets/Bears. Mike White vs Nathan Peterman This is a close 2nd though
  4. I feel like people are talking BS. Wilks will not be the head coach of the Panthers lmao
  5. Darnold's football IQ is too poor from everything we've seen to ask him to run a hurry-up/no-huddle offense
  6. Panthers since 2018... Cam Newton -> Kyle Allen -> Taylor Heinicke -> Cam Newton -> Kyle Allen -> Will Grier -> Teddy Bridgewater -> PJ Walker -> Teddy Bridgewater -> Sam Darnold -> PJ Walker -> Cam Newton -> Sam Darnold -> Baker Mayfield -> PJ Walker -> Baker Mayfield -> Sam Darnold Darnold has taken over the starting job 3 times in 2 seasons. WE SUCK
  7. Lol still not sure how that motivates him to play better though. Darnold got benched here for a broken Cam Newton, couldn't beat out trash Baker Mayfield, and will probably get benched again for PJ Walker. Hell if anything Darnold got even worse leaving the Jets. So really he has no reason to be paying attention to Wilson/Jets. And I doubt he is anyway, it has no relevance to him.
  8. I'm confused... this motivates Darnold how?
  9. The same people saying Bryce Young can't play in the NFL are probably the same people who said Devonta Smith couldn't hold up against NFL defenses.
  10. My man, you realize Moore's catch percentage was in the 60s his first 2 seasons, right? What #1 WR has Baker had that had a 60-70 catch rate? Darnold? Teddy? Heinicke? Allen?
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