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  1. Why do you think it sounds that way? I got the impression that Rhule and Fitterer weren't all that interested in Fields. Regardless, I actually think we should have drafted Justin Fields. LIS, I loved him as a prospect, so nothing I am saying is reflective of my personal opinion of him. I would have loved to double-dip. At the same time, too many people are coming to conclusions based on something we simply don't know. It is like they haven't watched the NFL for more than 2 years. This happens ALL the time. A "great" prospect "falls out of nowhere," every fanbase gets mad at
  2. Lol come on dude. I've always shown you respect on this forum and have said several times how highly I think of your posts/opinions. So why resort to insulting me? I understand what opportunity cost is. But if we take Fields and he fails, then how exactly does that work out in our favor? Yeah, of course if Fields turns into this amazing franchise QB, we missed out and sure, your "opportunity cost" argument applies. But if he lasts 3-4 years as a starter before the Bears give up on him, then exactly what opportunity was lost? Once again, this is why the debate is flawed. Because
  3. Yes, it is a QB league, but you can't throw darts at the position blindly. If you don't like a prospect, then why take him? That is the problem with this debate. You are saying they should have taken Fields presumably because you think he will succeed. They did not take Fields because, presumably, they do not think he is likely to succeed. You could be right. They could be right. But we won't know until football is played. Which is why IMO it is foolish (not calling you foolish - you're an amazing poster) to call it a bad pick because nobody really knows. I sound like
  4. The thing is, I'm not even saying I think Darnold will work out. I just think it is ridiculous how quick people want to call a pick bad or say we mortgaged our future before football is played. Ya'll do realize WAY better prospects than Justin Fields have done terribly in the NFL, right? It isn't like anything I'm saying is outlandish. I'm just asking for a wait-and-see approach. If we, like other teams, don't think Fields can be a franchise QB, then we made the choice we feel is best for us. We'd be in a WAY worse spot if we took Fields 8 and he and Darnold both flopped.
  5. This is horrendous logic though. I'm sorry dude but it is. You don't know how Fields is going to turn out. What if we drafted Fields and he busted? That puts us in an even worse situation, because now we wasted draft capital on 2 QBs who didn't work out. That has the same likelihood as him being a franchise QB. And again, this isn't me arguing against Fields. I liked Fields, if not loved him as a prospect, and would gladly have welcomed him here. But you are flat-out, 100% exaggerating when you say we mortgaged your future. I literally just gave you an example of a team who did ex
  6. I don't think he did though. A lot of people felt before the draft that the quality of DBs dropped off immensely after the 1st round, especially compared to OL and WR (so for example, if you needed both a CB and a WR, it makes more sense to go CB in the 1st and WR in the 2nd). Probably a big reason why you saw 5 drafted in the 1st round. Also why the Saints were trying to trade up, because they knew they would miss out on one. Horn went about where he should have gone (top 15).
  7. Come on man. That is a MASSIVE exaggeration. Dolphins used a 2nd round pick on Josh Rosen in 2019, and he barely played for them. And yet they went 10-6 last year. And I'd argue we are in a much better position entering 2019 than the Dolphins were, considering everyone and their momma predicted them to finish with the league's worst record that season. I get you aren't a fan of Darnold. But to say we mortgaged our immediate future? Nah. If he sucks it will be a bummer to not have that 2nd round pick next year but it is far from mortgaging the future, especially when you conside
  8. Yeah this defense, on paper, looks amazing. No excuses for Phil Snow this year (not saying that as a slight against him because I think he did very well last year given what he had to work with, but now I think this defense needs to at least finish in the top-16).
  9. And if Fields and Jones end up being busts? Look, I get what you are saying and I'm not saying any of this directed at you, just in general because it is a common theme on this site lately. But the draft is a crapshoot. There are so many ways this could play out. 1) Horn busts, Darnold succeeds, Fields succeeds 2) Horn succeeds, Darnold busts, Fields busts 3) Horn succeeds, Darnold busts, Fields busts 4) Horn busts, Darnold succeeds, Fields busts So on and so forth. It isn't like we're the only team that passed on Fields. And look, I LIKE Fields, but I a
  10. People complain that our DBs suck every year... complain when we spend a 1st round pick on improving it. Jaycee Horn is a damn good player. I slightly prefer Surtain but ya'll hating on this pick overrating
  11. If they want to give us a future 1st, then I'm all ears. Otherwise, hell no. EDIT - Actually, nah. Not even a future 1st, considering the Bears could definitely make the playoffs. Not sure a 20th overall pick this year and another 20s pick next year would be worth giving up the 8th overall pick.
  12. Quentin Nelson just got his picked up. Lots of good players still haven't had theirs picked up. I read a lot of NFL teams were moving their feet slow on it because this is the 1st offseason where the 5th-year option, if you pick it up, will be guaranteed no matter what. It used to be guaranteed only in the event of injury. So I think behind the scenes we were probably trying to see if we could reach a long-term contract beforehand.
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