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  1. I love the Panthers and would love to take this little guy to his first Panthers game!
  2. I've already got my tickets but does the $35 for the tailgate include food and beer/liquor?  Also, how do I pay you?  I've got 6 people who want to go.  Looking forward to the Music City Takeover!  

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    2. RoaringRiot


      I thought I emailed you all the details - did you not get them? If you're able to swing by our hotel today from 1-4 we can give you them then. Or yes you can grab them at the tailgate tomorrow. 

    3. mbmasu32


      Can't find an email but I will grab them tomorrow at the tailgate.  I'm not headed to Nashville until this evening.  Looking forward to it!

    4. mbmasu32


      my email is [email protected] if there is anything you need to send over before tomorrow

  3. Are you planning a tailgate for the Titans game?  I know you put together one for the home games but I would love to be part of the tailgate if you are planning one for the titans game.

    1. RoaringRiot


      Yes. Everyone is welcome to come and BYOB. Or for $35/person we can provide everything. The $35 must be paid in advance because we're not bringing in extra food/drinks. We'll be in lot P.

      Go Panthers 

  4. Be on the lookout for the HBO After Dark Series......
  5. Looks like it's official. From TG's Instagram page.
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