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  1. Sam Darnold’s grandfather’s was named dick hammer.. there’s absolutely no chance this kids anything other than a smashing success
  2. Just like Herbert wasn’t a “leader” cause he was an “introvert” darrisaws tape has him decleating people with one arm
  3. I wouldn’t hate trading back and taking darrisaw
  4. I think everyone here was able to pick up that you’re not happy with the trade. You’ve only been crying about it for 9 hours
  5. If this fuger can play the panthers are in really good shape given the draft capital and cap we have/will have
  6. Teddy swap with a full draft and the ability to trade down sounds nice
  7. Why would we take lance when fields has as good an arm, better intermediate route passer, just as good if not better athlete. If Fields had that Alabama team this wouldn’t even be a conversation. If the panthers land Justin at #8 I’m dancin
  8. Hard to see Washington and Denver passing up on a QB though
  9. It’d be very hard to be upset with fields at 8 Aside from that trading down and filling out the roster then trading for a qb later on(darnold or “someone else”) would be a good plan of attack as well imo
  10. Sam Howell would be at best the third ranked Qb in this draft probably lower
  11. Accurate short middle and long Doesn’t have a cannon arm, or freaky athleticism but can play QB Not too crazy to think about If Kyle Trask and Mac Jones swapped teams how do you think teams would be evaluating the two
  12. Lol did you watch the pro days, rolling left 60 yard bomb on the money to the opposite hash off one foot and that’s one of many throws he made that no one else was hitting
  13. Lol ok bub, Wilson is probably the most talented qb in this draft. Just got off work so I’m saying that without watching him throw today
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