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  1. Asked some people at work who they thought was a better quarterback, kapaernick or The Golden Calf of Bristol.. some of the responses were mind blowing i got a good laugh out of it
  2. Daniel Jones came back the next week and he was in a lot worse shape than sam
  3. Lol now you know how it’s been talking to you this entire time you’re special man, a special special special needs man
  4. Cooter was a choice cause it’s a funny word and it gets passed the censor i wouldn’t expect the winner of are you dumber than a 3rd grader to understand
  5. A lot better than you doubling down on the weak ass “moms basement” Not to mention this pathetic thread and your more pathetic account
  6. So you’re getting bested by a 3rd grader is what youre saying
  7. If by hot pockets you mean your moms cooter, then probably not
  8. Good one bub. You burns are as hot as your takes
  9. You live here, I’m just stopping by to tell you that you smell
  10. Goin for the back to back poo threads I see
  11. Gotta do what Dallas did to us and run the ball to mitigate their pass rush.. but then again Joe Brady..
  12. Hopefully he’s a head coach somewhere next season
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