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  1. I’m expecting rushing the passer on the line mixed in with some coverage stunts in blitz packages
  2. No news on darnold aside from he’s good at check downs?
  3. JJ and Ian Thomas are as good as gone. they made their money and will have opportunities elsewhere so it isn’t like it’s a funeral. just too much money for equal production found elsewhere on the roster
  4. Corner is the obvious answer here. The state of affairs at that position here was pretty sad tbh
  5. Just watched it Tepper is getting a ring, that man does not play games
  6. This d-line is gonna cause a lot of problems. Wouldnt be surprised to see another round of signings come the June 1st cuts/Training camp.
  7. I’m sorry you had to do all this work to prove such an obvious point to some people
  8. At the time when the decision was made, yes.
  9. Kyle Allen went 1-4 last year on a team that made the playoffs, and almost beat the buccaneers in the wildcard. The year before he threw for 16 interceptions and had 13 fumbles in 12 games started. So yeah I'd say Bridgwater is significantly better, in that he didnt have 29 turnovers in 12 games. I would say good try but thatd be a stretch.
  10. Teddy is significantly better than Kyle Allen. The panthers were desperate and Teddy was coming off a great showcase in New Orleans, it’s easy to sit here and criticize the decision but hindsight is 20/20. He was brought in to be a stop gap and stymie the bleeding. What I think happened was the coaching staff was holding Teddy to task over the decision making and from there the relationship deteriorated.
  11. *40 million for 2 years. Not a fan of the contract either, but quarterbacks don't come cheap.
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