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  1. thursday night away games are always tough that being said panthers win, and the defense scores a touchdown what I really want to see is a 3 touchdown 0 turnover game from darnold if we can put some distance between us and the other middle of the pack teams(Ari Phi Min etc) this year then we’re in great shape
  2. MACA Make America Carolina Again
  3. I’m partial to “the finesserer”
  4. He’s definitely better as a SS but I still feel better having him back there. At least we know he won’t miss too many tackles
  5. Reminded me a lot darnolds time there: bad turnovers, being “tough”, flash plays with the game out of hand. Kid does have a cannon though
  6. I like how they keep showing highlights of Micah not making the play
  7. Well he had first hand experience starting late round rookies on defense last year and we all saw how that worked out, so I don’t really blame him
  8. The fletcher situation is hilarious, I love it
  9. Bills fans on Twitter really liked him. Led their team in special teams tackles and is huge. Said he was let go as a result of the numbers
  10. At least Santoso kicks the ball straight
  11. Itll be cheap cause they’re gonna probably cut him at the 53 man roster
  12. Paradis was more of the problem last night. I was getting flash backs to the Atlanta rain game last year. hopefully with proper game planning the o-line will be better
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