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  1. Just shittin' ya'. I read it and it was a masterpiece. A plethora of feces, yet still impressive.
  2. I respect your total hatred of the Saints. You have remained consistent as long as I have known you here. I expect no less. Keep it up, my friend.
  3. I stopped reading after the second cliché delivered in the rambling diatribe.
  4. As you shouldn't as a loyal fan. I respect that.
  5. I guess you missed he had surgery to correct it and that's why he isn't back.
  6. Oh, and the beautiful Anna Beth married Dustin and the beautiful Mallory had her third daughter. All are fine and healthy.
  7. Nope. I never expect a loss. I've been a fan of my Saints since I was nine years old back in 1967. I can easily take a loss if it occurs. Over the past decade and a half, however, they have been far more rare.
  8. Yup. Lack of protection. Trying to do too much.
  9. The kid is actually quite intelligent. Goofy as hell, but very smart.
  10. Also take into consideration we were missing Michael Thomas and Tre'quan Smith, our top two WR's, starting center, and six of our offensive coaches for the week.
  11. Don't forget that your QB has a worse interception/TD ratio than Winston for his career. Just sayin'.
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