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  1. ^^^ This. The Saints have had McCaffrey's number. They get their pressure in the base four man. It's looking like Lattimore will be playing. Man coverage was tight last week and with the addition of Roby it should even be better. But, we'll see.
  2. The small part open to the media. If he was able to play with the chipped bone, he'll most likely play with the chip removed. I know Payton. If he wasn't playing he wouldn't be out there at all.
  3. The surgery was to remove a bone chip. That doesn't seem anymore invasive than having it actually chipped and he played with that. I'd put my money on Lattimore and Roby as starting CB's this Sunday. That said, they also have Desmond Trufant and rookie Paulson Adebo who played great last week against the Packers and also got his first career pick.
  4. Correct. He has not been ruled out. That said, newly acquired Bradley Roby is active for the game. The Saints just traded for him from the Texans as part of their fire sale. He immediately becomes the #2 CB behind Lattimore on the roster.
  5. But at least we aren't the Falcons. Now that is a mess.
  6. Yawn! The Saints had Sam Mills in his prime and he was arguably the fourth best LB on the starting defense. And he was great. Swilling, Johnson, Jackson, and Mills. The Dome Patrol.
  7. The base is there and strong. I see Saints gear everywhere every day and have for as long as I can remember. The Dome Patrol years were both great and frustrating. We had the most dominating defense in league history and no offense. This type of management is what generated the brief and small "bag head" protest of 1980-81. It was not directed toward the players at all. It was directed toward management for not spending the money to legitimately compete. But that is a whole story in itself.
  8. As I mentioned before, my dad was in the Air Force. In the Spring of 1967 we were transferred to Barksdale AFB in Bossier City, Louisiana. I was nine years old. I soon discovered my new state was getting an NFL team that season and I hopped on board and have never waivered. We transferred to SJAFB in my high school years. Went to NCSU for CompSci, but ended up becoming photo editor of the college newspaper and ... I returned to Louisiana in 1980 and the rest is history. My wife and I have been on the waiting list for Saints season tickets since 2006 and finally came up this year. Bought our tickets and haven't got to use one yet.
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