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  1. nah we're good. we'll continue the slow building process. Trust the process.
  2. I'm not playing on it so I don't give a poo. Just put a good product on it.
  3. can't wait to hand it off to him at the goal line and have him run behind Moore. We can call the play flubber the whale.
  4. lol. I ain't gonna poo your post but, oh wee man. What a take.
  5. 1st preseason game. 1st pass incomplete. Huddle: I told you he sucks. Get that bum out of here. Some of ya'll on crack.
  6. I miss the undersized div III oline pick. who'd we get?
  7. This is my favorite pick. I mean.....looks at name......uh, never mind.
  8. we gonna have 200 players show up for camp
  9. making up for the last 10 years it seems
  10. you forgot the 15 r-6 picks. well it felt like it anyway.
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