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  1. Gints 20 Panthers 18 We need a lot of improvement on the Oline to be more competitive. Plus Darnold playing in NY will have terrible flashbacks. Hope we run it over 40 times. I want to believe in this team but that O line. Whew.
  2. Funny you say that. Send them Anderson. From NFL.com Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5 Now that Urban Meyer got his first win, the focus should be on the long-term. Stockpiling picks is a priority to infuse much-needed talent into the roster. With offensive linemen always needed around the league, Jacksonville has two highly paid players who are impending free agents: guard Andrew Norwell and tackle Cam Robinson. It's tricky, as Jacksonville doesn't want to put papier-mâché in front of rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence. But trading one or both linemen who could leave this offseason makes sense for a still-building Jags team.
  3. poo we've seen this before. Backup going to play like a hall of famer.
  4. I am all about some of this for our O line.
  5. Whew somebody in here needs to get back on their meds.
  6. If 14 leads us down for a tie will give him another chance.
  7. Still pathetic. All phases of football. This team is pathetic.
  8. I wonder if i can make Friday, wear jeans to work day.
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