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  1. This is exactly what I said and tweeted during the game. TMJ actually got hurt during this game and they noted that DJ Moore made a business decision. If receivers keep getting the ball in dangerous places, they're going to get the dropsies. All of these receivers are good. DJ and Robby both had 1000 yard seasons last year. Sam has poor ball placement. He tries to fit the ball in places it shouldnt go and his timing is late instead of throwing people open. Sam also seems to struggle through his progressions and when the pocket breaks down, he loses awareness. Times where he should run, he doesnt and instead of throwing the ball away, he takes risks. He keys in on one receiver and DBs easily read his tendencies.
  2. Its not hard to see that he wasn't blaming the defense. He was trying to say that its a team loss and that everyone has missed opportunities. But coach Rhule does come across as annoyingly passive aggressive. The way he answers questions about the team and personnel are evasive and some stuff is just a flat out lie. Attempting to be "positive about everything" means you end not being honest about anything.
  3. Panthers Town Hall is the best thing on God's green internet. Sheena is legit. Sam Darnold is exactly who he's been... MID.
  4. Feels like we're in an intersting place in the football.... most people dont have great linemen .... but they dont want to get rid of the one's they have. This tells me that over the past few years that the o-line position has not really evolved much. Alot of the way the game is played has changed and the normal body and play types are not what they used to be. I dont know if its poor coaching, development, or what... but greatness on the line is just not out there.
  5. The problem with winning sometimes is that it masks your problems. They did it when Cam was at Quarterback. If we make the playoffs this year behind this trash O-line... Fitt still needs to overhaul this unit.
  6. Im really glad that Sam is not a statue back there. Having a mobile QB is an absolute must these days. Sam is also taking the ball in alot more short yardage than I wouldve expected. He's definitely a baller and I like the attitude he plays with. When he gets out of the pocket, playing backyard football, he's dangerous.
  7. I think this was thoughtful and accurate. If you've watched closely.. even with games where Christian was available... Sam was looking downfield. Sam has also missed a few wide open guys because he keys in on one side of the field. Yes, he doesnt have a lot of time, but alot of those routes are going to get jumped if he keeps this up. I like that he's not automatically trying to dump the ball... but there are alot of instances where the better play is to dump it to your RB... even if its Chuba.
  8. The OLine is so bad... it leads me to believe that we will spend big money ... Bye Donte Jackson
  9. I hope Im wrong but I think this is going to be our first loss. The defense will play well but Sam Darnold has gotten away with putting the ball in danger a few games in a row. I think we pay for it this week. If there is a turnover or a few 3 and outs, we give Dallas a short field, which Dak will take advantage of. I believe in our defense.... but they can't play offense for us. In one week, we lost two starters on both sides of the ball: Jaycee, Juston, Christian and Dan. As excited as we are about Tommy Tremble, losing Dan Arnold means we lose an experienced pass catcher, who could sit in zones. Our Oline was not getting a good push for Christian... much less Chuba. Dallas -24 Carolina - 17
  10. I heard Shrager say that he could see Dallas putting of FORTY points on this defense. I literally laughed out loud.
  11. He really just looked like we flew him in on Red eye after finding out he was traded. But leave it to this fan base to overreact to everything.
  12. This is the perfect scenario for him. He doesnt have to come in and lead. We have enough alpha dogs on this team. Let him be himself and be athletic. He has some serious ball skills.... in my opinion... better ball skills than Jaycee. Look at his tape against Jamaar Chase. His closing speed is special. Sometimes all a guy needs is change of environment. And the Panthers have always had a special locker room.
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