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  1. Tepper loves Bryce Young but wants his 5'9 190 lb Quarterback to be tackled on turf. We're not out of the woods yet folks.
  2. I literally do not care. Panthers gonna open a can on that candy ass.
  3. So you want all of the things huh.
  4. Quality. This is what I suspected. My first suspicion is that Chinn is also available as trade bait for moving back into the first of to sweeten things for Houston to move up and give us #12. But I'm trying to stop thinking in such toxic ways.
  5. Somebody who understands the 3-4 scheme explain to me what this means for Jeremy Chinn without using Chap GPT.
  6. Makes all the sense in the world. There are people in this fan base who are addicted to feeling horrible about this team. But I have to admit that this staff and the moves we're making have me feeling...
  7. Its a reset for everyone. New coaching regime. New QB. Great cap situation. DJ was good, but his productivity can be replaced and we didnt do him any favors with the QB carousel. Our QB is going to have a solid line and legit running game, and a stingy defense. Its the best thing you can do for a rookie QB. We can address WR by bringing out the checkbook. We're gonna get our guy. We can finally stop worrying about QB for the next 10 years at least.
  8. Its definitely not. We're going to say that we like both CJ and Bryce. But Josh McCown and Reich both prefer CJ overall. CJ's bodytype, his leadership and faith are all big factors in moving up to get him. We want to keep Houston engaged so that maybe we can entice them to move up to take Bryce at 1 and maybe possibly get some draft capital back. It's CJ and it would be the right move.
  9. Hate? Absolutely not. What we love is our team.... A team that has struggled at the QB since Cam left. But his tape is his tape. Everybody keeps talking about Josh Allen as if this happens all the time. Josh Allen is literally the only Josh Allen. What I saw from Will Levis as a decision maker is what makes me shy away from him. There's also the common theme that certain QB's get hyped up and let an organization down tremendously... like Sam Darnold or Zach Wilson. Hendon Hooker was better and Anthony Richardson is just a generational athlete. I've got Will Levis behind Hendon.
  10. Close if its a duplicate thread. I didnt see it when I logged in.
  11. I like Anthony Richardson. But I'm super realistic about him. Tape dont lie. Crazy athletic... but didnt throw the ball enough for us to know anything about him. I wouldn't trade up for him. If he falls to 9 and I have a veteran QB AND Matt Corral, I take him. If I'm gonna be critical of Will Levis' tape, I gotta be honest about AR15. The comparisons to Cam Newton have to stop. Cam threw the ball much more in college was ready to assume starting QB responsibilities week one.
  12. The greater your accomplishments the more known your shortcomings will be. RIP Big Cat. Thanks for giving us something to call our own. #KeepPounding
  13. We met with 5 Quarterbacks today. 1, 2, 3, 4, FIF!
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