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  1. We felt like Sam plus another player was the best approach. Quotes Bill Parcels: "One person can't do it alone." He believes in Sam. The hit rate on first round quarterbacks isnt real high... so they took Jaycee Horn. They really approached getting Sam Darnold as if they got a first round talent so they didnt have to look elsewhere. Every time they watched film (offense and defense scouts saw), he made some big time plays... There has to be some meat on the bones there. Thought he lookd alot like Matt Stafford. They saw enough shining moments. His former teammates and coaches s
  2. You know what... Im convinced. This kid is different.
  3. The point he made about the salary cap going up and accumulating draft picks seems like a bigger priority than any individual player. Fitt is setting up this team to succeed.
  4. Im having a really tough time choosing a sleeper. But I'm pretty excited to see what Tremble is going to bring to the table. I also think Chuba is going to get some looks at kick return. We havent really had a consistent return specialist since Michael Bates, who was also had track speed. Im really hoping that Keith Taylor Jr can develop into what we need at free safety. He's physical, with good size... good in press but his ball skills are underwhelming.
  5. This read like it deserved to be accompanied with edited visuals and a boss ass soundtrack. You should really look into getting a youtube channel to add to this community.
  6. This is a frivolous pursuit in self injury. If you havent been tracking this when we missed out on every other good player for the past 20 years, dont start now.
  7. Buddy had a 70 yard pick 6 against Perdue. DANCING BEAR.
  8. I read that we have one of the leanest rosters in the league as well. So i guess this a good strategy for that.
  9. Do we like ANYBODY??? Or are we just filling out the roster. Make it make sense
  10. Panthers added a fourth and fifth tomorrow and a fourth next year to give Houston this pick late in the third.
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