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  1. If there is one narrative that has been proved wrong its the one that Bryce is going to get hurt because of his size. Bryce is small, not fragile. With the way this coaching staff and oline have failed to protect him, he shouldve been hurt or knocked out by now. Somehow, the dude shows both mental and toughness that keeps him from getting hurt. The problem is that he doesnt have the speed, size or arm strength to bail him out when things go wrong.
  2. He shouldnt have been the number #1 pick. Doesnt mean he wont be successful. Doesnt mean we wont eventually get it right. But we should not have mortgaged our future for him. It feels like he throws the ball away.... alot. I am however pleasantly surprised that given his size that he has been pretty wise with the hits he takes and getting rid of the football. So I'm not down on him. But what we gave up for him.... We're not seeing it.
  3. Yea Im pulling for the meltdown. Im there folks. Dont try to save me. I want Tepper to sell this team. It starts there.
  4. The answer is easy. If we're 0-6 by the break, fire Fitterer and Frank Reich. Trade Brian Burns and try to become a respectable franchise. Give Evero the keys and let Thomas Brown run the offense.
  5. Dont be terrified of the inevitable. Just know that some of us knew and thought that he could be the guy for us. Doesnt mean Bryce wont be good. We definitely want him to be. Just means that the narrative around Bryce being worlds better than him was cap.
  6. I havent seen anything from our defense so far that leads me to believe that we can stop the run or generate a legit pass rush without Brian Burns. And we dont know if Brian Burns is playing. Frank Reich historically starts slow, DJ Chark is out and we really dont know what to expect from Miles Sanders. Its an L folks.
  7. Yea folks. Bryce is THAT important.
  8. I remember that Chris Simms said that Matt Corral was the best QB to come out of his class. Granted that class hasnt been exactly world beating.... But just remember that these guys live in a world where the goal is to get the most attention by saying what will get clicks immediately. I think Chris Simms means what he's saying... but if you kept track of how often he is wrong, you'd watch him much less.
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