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  1. Can we prevent neg repped trolls from making threads please?
  2. I don’t foresee Fitt and Rhule taking a defensive player in the first round after spending all picks on defense in 2020. Secondly, like others have mentioned, Parsons stock is going down. From a positional value standpoint and the fact that we now have Shaq, Perryman, and Riddick, he doesn’t really fit.
  3. You’re talking about Parsons or Sewell?
  4. There are some issues (leaning, arm length, etc) but I feel like they’re just nitpicking at that point. The kid may not be Joe Thomas but I think he’s going to be a stud.
  5. He's just a troll who just spouts poo off for clicks at this point. If one of the top 4 QBs drops to 8 do we attempt to trade back or do we have an open QB competition?
  6. Patriots? Broncos? I’m not sure who else moves up to 4 to snag a QB.
  7. What are the power ball numbers for this week?
  8. The only time a WR (basically what Pitts is projected to play) in the top 10 is if they have a Julio Jones/Calvin Johnson trajectory. Otherwise you can find those guys in rounds 2-4. Top 10 picks should be: QB; get to the QB; protect the QB.
  9. Scout the player not the helmet
  10. Any chance we can put "David Newton" into the filter as Darren Newhouse?
  11. Gotta get to Brady somehow
  12. Here’s what makes ME laugh: their 35ish old QB will account for almost $50M in cap in ‘22, they just lost 5)384 starting safeties, only have one decent CB and one good defensive lineman in Jarrett.
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