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  1. When Matt Rhule was at Temple, he won maybe 1 game his first year. His AD asked him who he was firing and he told the AD no one. We’ll see if that trend continues.
  2. Told you. I guess at least we fought… Honestly I’m a big Brady fan but I think this is his last year.
  3. It's obvious that without CMC we can't do a thing offensively. It's apparent the gameplan offensively has revolved around McCaffrey and without him we can't do poo.
  4. First game I’ve been able to watch in 2 weeks and the first play is a god dam INT. Terrible.
  5. Just remember, Fitterer came from a place that put the emphasis on the secondary and saw a SB come out of it. This man wants to win.
  6. I've been saying this for the last year or so. My boy who I coached with played at Temple when Rhule was an assistant and again his senior year, Rhule's first year as HC. He's got nothing but positive things to say about Matt Rhule and Snow. Once people buy into Rhule they'll understand he's a great fuging coach and people seem to gravitate toward him. Matt Rhule may not always make the best decisions, but he'll always bring the best out of people and that's why he's a successful coach.
  7. Right before Hubbard had a 10+ yard run on the left. Lol.
  8. Chuba Hubbard has been gaining yards when he’s hit in the backfield. Bursting when there’s a seam. Catching out the backfield. I’m very impressed with him.
  9. That is on Jameis. Snow is running a double mug read blitz with Chinn and Shaq. Whichever way the center blocks, the opposite backer blitzes and the other goes out into coverage. We have 6 potential rushers on the line of scrimmage and Jameis has 6 blockers - everyone has to get a hat for a hat. Whether it be half slide, full slide or big on big and get the RB on a linebacker, it doesn't matter. He has to assign him where to block or send the running back on a hot route. This was a great move on Snow. Don't change it up if it's working.
  10. Remember when people said Burns was a bad pick because he was a speed rusher from FSU?
  11. Jesse


    He’s 6’1” and maybe 220. He’s gotta be smart with his body like last night in order to endure an NFL season.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/11/all-22-film-returning-soon-to-game-pass/ I doubt they actually release it.
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