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  1. The Ladd McConkey to Cooper Kupp comp is so bad. Kupp has two inches and 20 lbs on McConkey. McConkey has a 9.4 RAS compared to Kupp’s 5.0.
  2. Canales knows his poo. The approach he has is key in maturing Bryce as a QB.
  3. "We can't continue to keep giving draft capital away for players." Thank you Dan Morgan. We've traded away 2021 sixth-round pick 2022 second-round and fourth rock pick 2023 first round swap, second, and third-round pick 2024 first overall pick 2025 second round pick DJ Moore fug Matt Rhule and Scott Fitterer for hamstringing this franchise time and time again.
  4. Do I get pie for embedding the tweet?
  5. Pickett’s hands are smaller than mine and I’m pushing 5’10”. The Steelers really bungled that pick
  6. At least Cam Jordan can take solace in knowing that - in part to his own contract - that his team is not able to sign any free agents that will make them perennial playoff contenders for the rest of his career.
  7. Chase Young literally was jogging on touchdown runs during the NFCCG. He obviously doesn’t care about football, but rather what football brings to him.
  8. He had a helluva year under McDonald and we desperately need another outside backer. I'd much rather have Clowney than Chase Young.
  9. Tee Higgins for Brian Burns and a 3rd round pick who says no?
  10. Canales previously spoke on a podcast last season that it took a bit of time for the line in Tampa Bay to improve from their duo heavy scheme under Brady to a mid zone heavy scheme. So no, we will not be a primary gap scheme.
  11. We're going to model our football operations after the 49ers Canales is expected to bring in coaches Tracy Smith from Tampa and Nate Carroll from Seattle
  12. Mike McDaniel in Miami had only one year of experience in San Fran and he turned out fine. Let's wait and see before we judge the man.
  13. On one hand I understand where they're coming from. On the other hand, they signed the contract.
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