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  1. At this point we're just doing our due diligence on what to expect from him whenever we face him on Sundays.
  2. Definitely. Let's get an edge rusher, linebacker or maybe one of the top tight ends over reaching for a mid tier receiver. Huge get by our front office.
  3. Didn't realize how many BY haters we had on the board
  4. This just gave me big flashbacks to when Hurney met Derrick Brown at Auburn's pro day. I think Stroud's gonna end up being the guy.
  5. I'm talking moreso about talking with coaches, seeing how they interact with teammates, media, etc.
  6. That too is what Schefty reported. We'll see if the interviews or pro days changes their mind onto Stroud. I've been pounding the table for 2 years for this kid and will be excited if we pick him.
  7. As I'm listening to this interview, I'm excited as hell that we snagged Adam Thielen. He speaks highly of the facilities, players we've brought in so far, and coaching staff. Every day it shows that we made the right choice at head coach.
  8. I just like how the new regime isn't putting everything out there and keeping things under wraps. Did anyone report the Hurst or Sanders or even Bell signings before they were announced?
  9. https://twitter.com/Schultz_Report/status/1636447857765933056?s=20
  10. So what do we do with Corral now?
  11. This is actually a pretty good signing. Heinicke got double what we just gave Dalton and I think is a much better backup. As Joe Person says, he knows his role.
  12. Could we theoretically pick after the pro days and have whoever it is come in/learn the playbook before the draft?
  13. I'm not knocking you, but there's no chance that a front office asks players their thoughts on signings. I'm sure they've had internal discussions amongst themselves on how what role he best suits the team and relayed that to him.
  14. That tells me that it was a Rhule pick. So disappointed that we essentially lost a 3rd round pick for nothing.
  15. We have enough money and can work the cap to sign both of them plus a few more free agent pickups. No need to worry about picking one IMO.
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