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  1. On one hand that sucks for any player to be hurt. On another.. we haven’t beaten the Aints since 2016 if I’m not mistake.
  2. Hmmm. Tepper was in Pittsburgh all those years they've had Roethlisberger and he's still in the league. So I won't be surprised if we continue to keep Watson on our radar.
  3. Aaron Donald is a legit Hall of Fame player already. You can't have expectations that high.
  4. The thing is we don’t necessarily need him to have sacks. Sure he’ll get them, but causing havoc up front will help Burns immensely and it showed this past year. As long as he continues to stay healthy he’s going to be a dude this year.
  5. Just a reminder that when healthy, he almost carried us to a win versus the reigning Super Bowl champs.
  6. Bingo. I tried to sign up for it, but couldn't since I live in an area where we have Dish.
  7. I’d shell out $400 a year to just stream all the games without signing up for directTV. I spend way more. Money going to sports bars every Sunday to watch the game ffs. Whoever gets the Sunday Ticket is definitely going to allow streaming since it’s how most people watch things anyways. Plus, Amazon and NBC have been doing it successfully for a few years now.
  8. From my understanding, getting on the transplant list and transplant priority take into account various factors. Surgery is always the last option since so many complications may arise, but obviously in TJs case it’s the only option.
  9. I know the head field guy cried about this. I hope our new stadium, when it inevitably comes, has a grass field.
  10. The NFL came out with. Memo that warned of this and the NFLPA continued to advise players not to work out in person. While I feel bad for the guy, the NFL is within their rights to void his $$$.
  11. This dude is a dog. He's going to do well in our offense.
  12. DT? I’ve heard all week that this is the weakest DL class in years. Hard pass on DL. We’ve also used our last two first round picks on the defensive line. No linebacker or safety in this draft is worth picking at 8 either. It’s gotta be OT, CB, or trade back.
  13. I stopped reading at “low budget option offense”. I’ve seen quite a few clinics and watched film on YouTube of what they do and I can tell you it’s far from an option offense.
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