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  1. I assumed his new nickname after that would be Hasta Laviska.
  2. Good question. No way to know. It's entirely possible that keeping Burns here was part of getting Evero. It's also possible it had nothing to do with it. Evero's defense in Denver was pretty good without a dominant pass rusher.
  3. Then there are those of us who genuinely like the guy, think he's a good player, and want him around for a fair price. I'll be happy as a clam if that happens. But I also know how this stuff works and like others have said, by passing on the massive bounty the Rams offered for him, we painted ourselves in a corner with his agent. Oh well. Seems no matter who's in charge, we seem to overpay for certain players.
  4. Nah, drink what you like and fug every snob who claims they aren't a snob.
  5. Nah. It's not necessarily best team in the NFL. It's a team who outperforms anyone's expectations and has almost no injuries, while playing one of the easiest schedules in the league.
  6. You do understand what a "best case scenario" means, right?
  7. Best - 14-3 Worst - 6-11 Likely - 11-6, division winner, 2nd round loss in playoffs to Eagles or 49ers.
  8. Rhule: Balogna with Hellman's mayo Reich: Palmetto Cheese with Duke's. Future Reich: Chateau Briand with Cheerwine.
  9. New staff + rookie QB = rough waters for a while. I don't think we'll lose the first 6, but it wouldn't shock me. The OL will be the most stable and effective group to begin the season and that means our running game should thrive. Everything else is kinda up in the air and while it looks good on paper, we'll just have to wait and see if our hope in this staff is justified.
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