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  1. Sewell. If he's not available, trade back and grab Darrisaw.
  2. This is what many folks don't get. We get enamored with stats. They tell a truer story in baseball and basketball, but in football, every single play depends on the actions of multiple players. Individual stats in football can be very misleading. They can give us an outline, but we need to be careful about putting too much emphasis on them.
  3. Wins is the only stat I really care about in the end. If we win 10 or more games and make the playoffs, it's a win.
  4. Using fanspeak... 8: R1 P8 OT Penei Sewell - Oregon 39: R2 P7 S Trevon Moehrig - TCU 73: R3 P9 G Trey Smith - Tennessee
  5. Would prefer Mayfield or Eichenberg in the 2nd. Little seems like a bust to me, but what do I know?
  6. I remain cautiously optimistic. I don't understand some of the acquisitions, but I'm willing to reserve judgment until I see how the final product looks on the field.
  7. It may happen. Doesn't mean trading for Darnold was the wrong move, however.
  8. I'm not Verge, and I'm not the only one who ranks Darrisaw above Slater. He'll be gone by 15.
  9. As others have said, would rather use a 6th round pick on a big, power back for change of pace.
  10. Richard Sherman is a very smart guy. I wouldn't take what he says as gospel, but I certainly put a lot more weight on what he says than a bunch of internet "experts." Whether that fit is right with us or not is still to be determined, but again, I'm cautiously optimistic.
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