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  1. CMC may need to step up in this area too. He is the leader on offense, he needs to assert himself.
  2. "If you can play one group and do a number of different things, it gives you a huge advantage." That quote alone tells you what he's about. I know Tom Brady is good, but I wanna see Snow mindfug him into throwing one of his famous tantrums.
  3. Yikes, I think that's my bad. I think I highlighted that particular statement in the quoted post you responded to. Sorry about that.
  4. He doesn't have to be better than Fields for it to have been the right choice, he just has to not be significantly worse. Remember, the equation is: Darnold + Horn > Fields.
  5. Okay, after googling, Minshew has 2 years left on his rookie contract. He's going nowhere unless he makes a stink.
  6. They'll keep him at least for one more year. I think he has one year left on his rookie contract...can't remember. He's cheap and a really good backup. No reason for them to unload him unless we offer a higher pick than I think we should.
  7. You misunderstand. It's not anger, it's contempt.
  8. This is absolutely factually incorrect. There are only so many touches to go around in a game. CMC absolutely drops Robbie's touches. To suggest otherwise is to suggest Brady is a numbskull.
  9. And this is definitely a good thing. When your third option is better than some teams' first and many teams' second, you're not doing too badly.
  10. He's getting his ass pushed off a fence by a teenaged girl.
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