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  1. $20 million in dead cap if we cut him loose. He'll be on the team. 2022? He's gone.
  2. This reminds me of an old Shug Jordan story: Shug Jordan began his career working for Bear Bryant as a scout. Shug said the first day of his job, he walked into Bear's office and Bear said, "Let me tell you the kind of guy we want. You know the guy who gets knocked down and stays down?" "We don't want him, right?" asked Shug. "Right. Then there's the guy who gets knocked down and gets back up again." "Do we want him?" Shug asked. "No. But then there's the guy who gets knocked down and gets back up and gets knocked back down and gets up again." Shug nodded. "Okay,
  3. No. Deep CB class in the draft. We'll draft someone. We don't have money for what he would cost. We have no OL.
  4. He's like Michael Scott with roid rage.
  5. That's just sad. Some people never grow up.
  6. Thank God the Saints have $4 million to roll over. That will get them from $100 million to $96 million over the cap. I'm sure they'll somehow be able to sign several good players despite this.
  7. Pretty sure someone on the plane or in the limo/SUV handed him that shirt and said, "Throw this on for the photo shoot in the stadium."
  8. Impressive. Did they drop him from a helicopter directly into the stadium?
  9. So much depends on interviews with the prospects. Tepper and Rhule seem like guys who put a lot of stock in what their guts tell them. If they think one of the prospects they get that gut feeling about fall to us, it's hard to sign Stafford who will likely want more than a 2 year contract. Tough choice, but knowing what I know now, I'm not signing him. That could change, but I'm more likely to take my chance on the draft. Yes, we could do both, but again, I don't want to tie up a ton of money into Stafford without an OL in front of him.
  10. No, no. It will be fun. The Run CMC event will be like Running Man. Run for your life. Fun times.
  11. Tepper disagrees. I'm thinking Tepper will buy Carowinds and tear it down, build a stadium and Panther Park, with fewer rides, but the rides will bear the names of Panther greats...the Kuechly Coaster and Peppers Parachute Drop...stuff like that.
  12. Take a breath. Use punctuation. Enjoy the ride.
  13. Yeah, Texans just traded for David Johnson...why would McCaffrey entice them? They would want picks, picks, and more picks.
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