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  1. Well, Nick is on and acting like everything is normal, so they were definitely told not to talk about whatever "it" was.
  2. Julian Council used to be with Bailey when he was in the afternoons, and I agree that he was good. Stan Norfleet was with Wilson for a bit after Parcel left, but now he's with Kyle. Wilson now has Will Palaszczuk on with him. It seems like they're testing out different guys with Wilson to see who works best.
  3. Does anyone know if they had the Hornets game on last night? Usually they do a pregame show too, which I'm guessing didn't happen (if the game even did).
  4. Yeah, I agree that it is probably contract-related. That would explain why everyone is mum.
  5. It can't be "not a big deal" if they're ignoring it - otherwise, somebody would say something. Was there a COVID outbreak in the studio and they had to shut it down for a few days?
  6. None of the on-air personalities have tweeted about it, so perhaps they've been told not to mention whatever is going on.
  7. You knew David Newton would be the one to ask about Watson.
  8. Yeah, I knew this game was over when Payton used a trick play with Jameis to get the ball down the field. He had absolutely no faith in Brees to make that throw.
  9. Stats only matter to a certain degree. Someone copied a Broncos poster talking about how lowly ranked our passing attack is, but you don't keep passing when you have a good rushing attack and are ahead in almost all of your games. That obviously skews the stats. I'm sure most of our opponents would argue that our passing attack is plenty explosive. Similarly, Denver's offensive stats are pretty anemic, but with their defense, they haven't needed it to do much most games. If the game Sunday turns out to be low scoring, they may not need a ton out of it then either. Personally, I t
  10. Are people actually banging seatbacks with their hands or swinging the empty seat in front of them against the seatback? I do the latter, and it certainly makes a ton more noise than banging the seat would. It also doesn't hurt your hand, so no worries there. I don't do this often because normally the seats in front of me are full, but sometimes I get the opportunity to do this late in the game when the stadium has emptied out some. Of course, I'm also yelling as loud as I can when I do this.
  11. Well, we knew it was coming down to this. Lions need to look out for the pick play.
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