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  1. Now get the ball back, take a knee, and get outta Dodge.
  2. What were the refs thinking with that false start? That's a 10-yard call right there.
  3. Yeah, I just saw that too. It's like the kicker gods just have a non-stop vendetta against us.
  4. Needed to get it below the 2:00 warning no matter what happens here. That was huge.
  5. Better angle a little farther back. Playing chess on that one.
  6. Their kicker might as well punt. Hasn't gotten any other work other than than the second half kickoff.
  7. They are going to luck into some points eventually. Gotta get doing something on offense.
  8. Their guy is punting 66-yarders and ours is punting 18-yarders. We need that to change.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure how you can give them the ball when they never...got the ball.
  10. Sounds like it. Everyone needs to blow up WSOC over this.
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