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  1. If only this team could block defenses as well as they block coaches....
  2. Seems like Hill sucks against everyone but us.
  3. Not sure how you can call DPI there when it was closer to OPI. Should have just been no call.
  4. No disincentive to not horsecollar or facemask the crap out of someone at the 1 yard line if you know the other team got a penalty. You end up better off than taking the penalty. Stupid and dangerous rule.
  5. You can't trade picks on draft night, so it's always teams drafting for other teams and then trading players.
  6. How come everyone can see it except the one person who matters?
  7. Had to take the delay because we need all 3 timeouts.
  8. I see we're trying to run the clock down so Tampa doesn't have much time after we punt. Smart.
  9. All in all, I was encouraged. There's a lot to like for the future.
  10. Get all these unlucky bounces out of the way in game 1.
  11. All I could ask for was some exciting chances, and we're getting those.
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