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  1. His short arms don't matter when he front squats 500 for reps.
  2. This is true. Men need meat. Especially men in strength and combat sports. Football definitely is both.
  3. It's hard to intercept passes in the dirt.
  4. The Jets have a ring. We have zero. They are a better franchise. 1 Superbowl and 49 losing seasons in a row is better than 50 winning seasons in a row and 0 Superbowls.
  5. No absolutely not. Kids and innocents are off limits.
  6. There's a few things out there. If someone killed or molested my kids they'd never see the courtroom for example.
  7. I have not read the thread. Brett Farve Jake Steve Young Kurt Warner Lesser extent Jim Kelly Warren Moon Best I can do at stoplight.
  8. Why do you always just post a link? Put cliff notes if you're starting a thread.
  9. Lmao DAPP. I'm going to steal that from you on my other forums. Thank you for making me laugh.
  10. I'd rather have Mond than Trask.
  11. Nope. Lots of guys especially those from spread option offenses and one read offenses get the same regardless of color.
  12. I'm so glad we developed some culture this year. We can enjoy it while watching Fields play for Atlanta for the next 12 years.
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