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  1. There's a chance these two could come close to Salt n Pepper at some point.
  2. I think so too. This game should be on Jefferson Pilot like a preseason game and NFL for the rest of the country.
  3. I've tried to get her to sign up. But she said no until it's now too late
  4. She has ATT Uverse so I think that won't work. My main worry is that in the past when I try these sites I have to jump through tons of hoops then I get a list of streams try one and it doesn't work then rinse repeat.
  5. I'm in Raleigh but I thought that was just for the phone not a TV?
  6. She sent me this. Maybe she has gamepass for some reason?
  7. Thanks. Anything else Hulu, other mainstream sites?
  8. I know this has probably been covered and I apologize to everyone for the clutter. My lady friend just texted me and said why don't you come over tonight for football instead of waiting till tomorrow. So now my slightly less big head is clouding the big head. She doesn't have NFL Network but does have a smart TV. Prime is no good right? Best free trial she should sign up for? I did a free trial last year there on my roku to watch the London Game.
  9. 3-0 in 1996 5-0 in 2003 Any other years outside of 15?
  10. The Panthers say you can get it on their phone app. I'm going to a bar because I don't have NFL network.
  11. Not having paid too much attention to PFF what grade is considered elite?
  12. Anything we can do to come out with a win. 3-0 would be really nice.
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