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  1. Thank god the Patriots are using their real logo.
  2. Tell that to a hot chick and report back to me.
  3. I wouldn't invest even a 2nd on Levis. He's a huge project
  4. I never argued 6 and under. I'm saying young is closer to 5'8 than 5'11 There's no way the guy is 5'11
  5. A clickbait article? I wouldn't call 6 foot even short. 5'11 Russ is getting short. Below 5'11 is short. The shortest QB to make the Hall is 6' If Young was 6' I'd love him. But it's a risk. A huge risk.
  6. Doug was no elite superstar. You are coming up with extremely small sample sizes to argue why height doesn't matter. It does.
  7. That's a stupid argument. You know damn well Kyler was being gassed up here and nationally as the next big deal. We are seeing otherwise and I just posted an actual example of his teammates and himself doubting his ability to see the middle of the field from the pocket. That's the issue. Being able to see the entire field physically not mentally like other guys.
  8. Size is? Racist? Height matters at the QB position. It's a serious obstacle. If it wasn't then there wouldn't be so few guys that have been able to pull it off. If you are short you are short.
  9. Not true. Kyler Murray knows he himself is too short.
  10. Penix very well could be the best in this class.
  11. How the hell is Stanford your rival? Shouldn't UCLA be your rival?
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