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  1. Mays would be the perfect solution but then we'd need Corbett or BC to make all the line calls
  2. Are you sure he had 3? I think 1 or 2
  3. Who was the idiot TE that blew his route?
  4. Sam Darnold. Baker goes down in the Opener and Sam goes 4137 yds. 35td. 3int. 379 yds rushing 3 td. 69.6 completion percentage
  5. He's not a Bucs guy. He does every team. Every division and multiple players all year round.
  6. Any word on joint practice today? Or is it a travel day?
  7. Because they cut the vet LB and kept this guy. Only reason I can see..... Temple
  8. That guy number 52. He was getting destroyed constantly. Rookie from Boston College via transfer from Temple. LB
  9. Then RA needs to get physical. He looks like he's never seen the weight room or a steak.
  10. Lol what dis did Darnold so on Film yesterday to lose his spot?
  11. So the Temple kid who was getting destroyed all game kept his job and a vet got cut.
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