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  1. honestly if you execute on offense you can almost tell the other team whats going to happen. there was a high school team in NC that had 7 plays in their playbook and won state several times and were constantly in the playoffs.
  2. Such a frightening moment for a parent. I've been through some of them myself a few times. You just feel helpless and want to trade places with your baby.
  3. The original USFL had tons of stud players. That was a great league. I remember getting to meet one of my all time favorite running backs Larry Csonka at Memorial Stadium. Charlotte was up for a potential expansion team. I think I was 10 or 12. It was a great time watching that exhibition game.
  4. Whoever made that video needs to do something about that God awful music. Worst thing to ever happen to music is that stupid fake hi hat roll sound.
  5. I'm not railing on him he's still my 3rd favorite rusher. I'm just saying he could've been the greatest to ever live.
  6. With his physical gifts he should have made us forget Deacon Jones and Bruce Smith were ever born. Peppers also didn't have a mean streak. He could have been so much more.
  7. Yes you want your 5's ideally to be 275 plus and run 4.68 or less with a 5yd split of .5 to .6 seconds. Although Peppers underperformed imo.
  8. The point is they are both liabilities against the run and also aren't dominant pass rushers. I like Burns he's ok but he has a long way to go to be a Lamar Lathon or Kevin Greene. Salt n Pepper was dominant and that should be the expectation of our pass rush.
  9. They are both way too small. I'd rather have Chase Young and Myles Garrett.
  10. I'll settle for 335 touches. Sweetness averaged about that probably. I want him maximized.
  11. Over the past 3 years we have been pretty bad especially on defense. If we are getting off the field on 3rd. If we are creating turnovers it will lead to more possessions. If we become more dominant on offense then we will punt and kick less which again leads to more total plays.
  12. They don't? 25 plus 8 is 33 20 plus 14 is 34 18 plus 15 is 33. Seems to add up fine.
  13. 20 runs and 14 passing targets a game are well within reason. Or 25 runs and 8 targets. 33 to 44 touches. I don't want my best back in history only running the ball 12 to 15 times a game. That's literally throwing points away.
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