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  1. Man I can't believe the D could not make just 2 plays.
  2. Lots of time left unfortunately
  3. That's the Death Star Super Laser
  4. At this point in the game that was a stupid play call. Like with Cam you should have given him something where he can just take off if he needs to.
  5. I hope they can resign him. I can be honest about him and still enjoy having him on the team.
  6. Why would I care if he celebrates. The fact is he underperformed for us. He should have been Mahomes, Wilson, Rodgers good.
  7. Our YAC numbers were bad because Cam had bad ball placement. He rarely hit short to medium routes in stride. Recievers constantly had to adjust for him breaking their stride
  8. There are but it's also like pulling for your ex.
  9. Allen is a much better passer than Cam.
  10. I think the only acceptable results would be the Rams or 49s winning the whole thing. F the bills. F the Chiefs.
  11. I don't I hate Steve Youngs cawk gobbling face!!!!
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