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  1. Hey buddy. This was made by a friend who is in the CG and I thought you might get a kick out of it. Next season is San Diego. If you and the fam can make it out to my location, you guys can ride with us down. cgwhatido.jpg

  2. Thank You & the Same to you!!

  3. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service, my Warfighter Brother....

  4. Sorry my Cell phone died. No power in my hotel room all night killed it. Wish we had been able to meet up. It was a great time my wife & son had a great time. Got your text this morning once I got home (able to plug in my cell to charge my phone LOL)

  5. Ohhhh yeah I will be there.. The wife and I will be sitting in section 119.. row 7 in black 89 Smith jerseys... We should be right behind the goal posts..

  6. No problem man. It was a good experience covering camp, and now, I get to work the analytical side of the game during the season. Will keep posting what I can, but won't spam the board to death (wait, was, that, too, many, commas?)

  7. Glad to see we have some people like you on this site.....thanks!

  8. How long you been in El Paso??

  9. Thanks Mike,need all the help I can get, I hope it will get better after the season starts. And soon I'll have more time on my hands to be on here. It's not easy keeping brain to hand interface with PanthaSans AVI looking back at me.lol

  10. Where have you been hiding?

  11. So have you thawed out yet from winter?

  12. I thought that was what you meant by that, but with all the crazy stuff going on tonight I was not sure.... I got it from a writer for the Washington Times (Washington Redskins Beat reporter) Rich Campbell. I to thought we could have matched that if he was our #1 person to sign...but?

  13. You talking about the reported amount he was given? Yeah, I lol'd that... Because it wasn't that steep IMO, especially if he was our #1 target, that was a reasonable price. I don't think I would've given him 6 years though.

  14. Was that "LOL" at me or the price that was (rumored)?

  15. People sure like to beat on your posts (which I think is just stupid).....Regardless if you have an inside source or not, you do bring out lots of good info. Being that I work like a crazy person your info helps catch me up on some of the things going on that I would not have time to look up or think to look up. Just wanted to say this as I'm sure all the negative post against you must get crazy. Thanks Mike

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